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Completed petitions

Petition number Petition title
P-05-928 Remove the words which promote the recovery of oil and gas resource from the Welsh National Marine Plan
P-05-921 Earlier notification of council budgets by the Welsh Government #SaveOurServices
P-05-917 No bilingual name for the Senedd
P-05-900 Look into the way parents are being treated by public services
P-05-899 Buses for people not profit
P-05-892 Appoint a Learning Disability Commissioner for Wales
P-05-885 Accessible and Inclusive Public Transport for Citizens with Learning Disabilities in Wales
P-05-878 Shut the Door on Wasted Energy
P-05-875 The Capping of Council Tax Rises in Wales
P-05-874 Ban the sale of goods packaged in single use plastics on Transport for Wales services
P-05-872 Protect school funding or admit to the weakening of service provision
P-05-867 Make the 'Cofiwch Dryweryn' Mural a designated Welsh landmark
P-05-866 Sepsis Public Awareness Campaign - Wales
P-05-858 Fire Sprinklers are for life, not a fast buck!
P-05-855 Small Business Rates Relief Review
P-05-854 Make Learning Disability training mandatory for hospital staff
P-05-852 Introduce a Licence to manage land for game bird shooting in an attempt to end raptor persecution.
P-05-851 Remove time restrictions on the layby to the east of Crickhowell
P-05-850 Protect the Gwent Levels and stop the proposed M4 motorway
P-05-848 Let Welsh Students have the opportunity to choose the best study option for them
P-05-847 Create water fountains in the centre of cities and towns to eliminate plastic waste
P-05-845 End Conflict of Interest in Local Authority Constitution
P-05-844 Immediate review of the Neath Port Talbot LDP
P-05-843 More Third party rights in planning appeals
P-05-842 Give young people a voice when commissioning local services in Wales
P-05-841 Include the alternative 3rd Menai Crossing proposal 'Pont Bendigeidfran' in the formal assessment process
P-05-840 Fair Funding for Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and all other Local Authorities
P-05-838 Support the M4 Relief Road Black Route
P-05-837 Green Energy for the Wellbeing of Future Generations in Wales
P-05-836 Gender Pay Gap Reporting
P-05-834 All Schools Should be Welsh Medium and Teach Welsh History
P-05-833 Improve rail services for Chepstow
P-05-830 Reopen St David’s Medical Centre, Pentwyn Full Time
P-05-827 Roads surrounding Trago Mills/ Cyfartha Retail Park
P-05-824 Newtown Brimmon Oak Bypass
P-05-823 Reduce the speed limit on the A487 in Penparcau
P-05-821 Reintroduce educational support funding for MEAS and the TES to local authorities
P-05-820 Don't take Neath off the main railway-line.
P-05-819 Welsh Place Names - Protection & Promotion Bill
P-05-817 Specialist prosthetics for child amputees
P-05-816 Say ‘NO’ to pheasant shooting on Welsh public land
P-05-813 Ban the USE of LARSEN TRAPS (Multi Corvid Traps)
P-05-811 Stop Using Worker Certification On Welsh Government Projects
P-05-810 Give Welsh Fishing Clubs and Salmon and Sea Trout a Chance
P-05-809 Proposed New Fishing Bylaws and failings of NRW
P-05-808 Welsh should not be compulsory for children with dyslexia and special needs
P-05-802 Protecting Class Sizes in Design and Technology Classrooms and Workshops
P-05-800 Urgent Appeal for a Welsh Veterans Commissioner for the Health & Wellbeing of Wounded, Injured, Sick and Homeless veterans
P-05-799 Change the National Curriculum and teach Welsh history, from a Welsh perspective, in our Primary, Secondary and Sixth form Schools.
P-05-797 Ensure access to the cystic fibrosis medicine, Orkambi, as a matter of urgency
P-05-796 Calling on the Welsh Government to Ban The Use of Wild Animals in Circuses in Wales
P-05-794 Lowering the Voting Age to Sixteen
P-05-793 Hi speed broadband to Llangenny village
P-05-792 Petition to extend the 40mph speed limit in Blaenporth.
P-05-791 Terminate Private Parking Contracts at Welsh Hospitals
P-05-790 Tackle Rough Sleeping
P-05-789 Review support for asylum seekers accessing further education
P-05-788 Remove the compulsory aspect of Welsh Baccalaureate
P-05-787 Save the Future Generation of Wales
P-05-785 Suspend Marine Licence 12/45/ML to dump radioactive marine sediments from the Hinkley Point nuclear site into Wales coastal waters off Cardiff
P-05-784 Prescription drug dependence and withdrawal - recognition and support
P-05-782 Build a Chepstow Bypass to Remove the Bottle Neck from the M48 onto the A48.
P-05-781 Port Talbot Community Against the Super Prison
P-05-780 Reopen Carno Station
P-05-779 Compulsory scanning of domestic pets for microchips by councils
P-05-777 Application of the Automatic Fire Suppression Systems Legislation within the current Building Regulations for Wales.
P-05-776 To recognize the three hundredth anniversary of Williams Pantycelyn
P-05-773 Don't Fill Landfill!
P-05-772 No to the proposed Iron Ring at Flint Castle
P-05-770 Reopen Crumlin Railway Station
P-05-769 South Wales Major Trauma Centre - Cardiff & Swansea Please
P-05-768 A call for the return of 24 hour Consultant led Obstetrics, Paediatrics and SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit) to Withybush DGH.
P-05-767 A487 Trunk Road Through Tre-Taliesin: Urgent Need for Effective Speed-Calming Measures
P-05-766 Make a Vegan Option Compulsory In Public Canteens
P-05-765 Keeping Current Guidelines for Religious Assemblies
P-05-763 Introduce updated stroke advice - B.E.F.A.S.T. - and help save lives and livelihoods
P-05-762 Move the Welsh Assembly out of Cardiff
P-05-761 Demand Funding from the Welsh Government to Support Autism Spectrum Connections Cymru
P-05-760 Stop Compulsory Welsh Language GCSE
P-05-759 Re-open the Cwmcarn Forest Drive at Easter 2018
P-05-758 Statue to Honour Billy Boston
P-05-757 Remove the Obligation on Schools to Hold Acts of Religious Worship
P-05-756 Live Music Protection in Wales
P-05-755 Call on Welsh Government to make the A48 safe for all road users and pedestrians at Laleston, Broadlands and Merthyr Mawr
P-05-754 Lack of Support for Children with Disabilities at Crisis
P-05-753 Strengthening the Legislative and Regulatory Framework Surrounding Waste Wood Processing Facilities
P-05-752 Building Resilience To Cyber-Bullying In Children
P-05-749 Reinstate Corwen's Mobile Dental Service
P-05-748 School Buses For School Children
P-05-747 TB Testing of Cattle
P-05-746 Free School Transport for All Children in Wales
P-05-745 Increased provision for off road motorsports.
P-05-744 Stop Gazumping; Follow Scotland's Buying Process.
P-05-742 Stop Forsythia Closing!
P-05-741 Natural Resources Wales (Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru) Needs Tighter Restriction
P-05-740 Petition To Protect Our High Street
P-05-739 Save TWF Sercices
P-05-738 Public Petition for the Dinas Powys By-Pass
P-05-737 Save Our Bus
P-05-735 Make the foundation phase more effective for our children, provide more teachers and abolish year 2 Sats.
P-05-734 Ban Letting Agent Fees to Tenants
P-05-733 No Further Actions on Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) In Wales At All
P-05-732 Unacceptable Waiting Times for NHS patients in A & E Wrecsam/Wrexham Maelor Hospital.
P-05-731 Land & Access Lane Sale at Abercwmboi
P-05-730 Local Government Finance and Funding
P-05-729 Removal of M4 Speed Restrictions at the Brynglass Tunnels
P-05-728 Protect Families First Funding
P-05-727 Funding for the Education Workforce Council Registration (EWC) Fee for Learning Support Workers in Schools
P-05-726 Give rate relief to Local Authorities for Leisure and Cultural facilities
P-05-725 Widen the A470 from Pontypridd to Coryton to 3 Lanes
P-05-724 Rights to Primary Health Care in Welsh
P-05-723 Establish Proportional Representation Voting System for Welsh Local Council Elections.
P-05-722 Protect Special Educational Needs
P-05-721 Penegoes Speed Limit Petition
P-05-720 Hirwaun and Penderyn Community Council Petition for the Installation of Fibre Optic Broadband
P-05-719 Welsh Assembly Funding of Services
P-05-718 NHS Wales Pay
P-05-717 Establish Statutory Public Rights of Access to Land and Water for Recreational and Other Purposes
P-05-716 Free Train Transport for School Pupils with Arriva Trains Wales
P-05-715 A Ban on the Manufacture, Sale and Use of Snares in Wales
P-05-714 Include a Mynachdy and Talybont Station as Part of the Cardiff Metro Proposal
P-05-713 The Wildlife Warriors
P-05-712 A Welsh Government Department for Europe Would Ensure a Clear, Strategic and Accountable Voice for Wales in Ongoing Negotiations.
P-05-711 Ensure Disabled People’s Housing Adaption Needs Are Aadequately Met
P-05-710 Ensure Disabled People can Access Public Transport as and When They Need it
P-05-709 Circuit of Wales
P-05-708 To Make Mental Health a Part of the National Curriculum
P-05-707 Teachers' Training Must Include Statutory Training in Autism
P-05-706 Keep our Councils Rejuvenated by Introducing a Fixed Term
P-05-705 Encourage Planning Committees to Ensure that Planning Decisions Take Due Regard of the Impact on, or Closure of Local Community Groups and Voluntary Organisations
P-05-704 Bring Back January Exams for AS/A level Students
P-05-703 Proposal to Postpone the Restrictions on Fishing in Welsh Rivers.
P-05-702 EMA Attendance Requirements for Young Adult Carers
P-05-701 Road Safety Improvements Along the A487 Trunk Road between Cardigan and Aberystwyth, to Include Passing Places
P-05-699 A Treatment Fund for Wales - there must be an end to the Healthcare Postcode Lottery
P-05-698 Rename Cardiff Int. Airport to Princess Diana International Airport
P-05-697 45,000 Reasons Wales Needs a Dementia Strategy
P-05-696 The Ghost Train
P-05-695 Introduce compulsory Mental Health education in Secondary Schools
P-05-694 School Times an Hour Later
P-05-693 Give Every Child in Wales the Meningitis B Vaccine for Free
P-05-692 Build an International Mother Languages Monument at Cardiff Bay
P-05-691 A Fair Deal for Forest Rallying in Wales
P-05-690 Resurfacing of the A40 Raglan-Abergavenny Road
P-05-689 Improvements to the railway provision at Kidwelly Carmarthenshire
​P-04-688 TATA Steel Port Talbot Power Plant
P-04-687 Review of Scalloping in Cardigan Bay
P-04-686 Install a Traffic Lights System at Cross Hands Roundabout.
P-04-685 Basic Payment Scheme in Wales - a Fairer, Regional Payment Model Required
P-04-684 We Demand Better more Effective Welsh HMO Planning Laws and a New Use Classes Order
P-04-683 Trees in Towns
P-04-682 Routine Screening for Type 1 Diabetes in Children and Young People
P-04-681 Allow Public Recording of Local Government Meetings In Wales
P-04-679 Remove the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification
P-04-678 Infirm Supports
P-04-677 Equal Access To Welsh Language
P-04-676 Establish a Welsh Language Champion in our Communities in Wales
P-04-675 Cover the Cost of the Bedroom Tax in Wales
P-04-674 Say NO to Dyfed
P-04-673 Call for all Welsh Political Parties to Offer Everything Bilingually
P-04-672 End use of Welsh Language
P-04-671 Legalisation of Assisted Dying
P-04-670 Owain Glyndwr Motion Picture
​P-04-669 Repeal the Rent Smart Wales Legislation
P-04-668 Support Yearly Screening for Ovarian Cancer (CA125 blood test)
P-04-666 Democracy in Local Government
P-04-664 Develop Tynton Farm as a Visitor and Information Centre
P-04-663 Food in Welsh Hospitals
P-04-662 It is Hard to Conceive What Life Would Have Become Without my Support Worker
P-04-661 Prohibit Online Use and Electronic Voting by Assembly Members in the Senedd Chamber
P-04-660 The Additional Pressures on Funding for Education Provision Faced by Sparsely Populated Rural Areas
P-04-659 Pay Student Nurses Their Full Travel Costs
P-04-658 The Brimmon Oak
P-04-657 Charging for Parking and the Relationship to High Streets and Their Success
P-04-656 Establishing a Conscientious Objectors Day in Wales
P-04-655 Demanding our Rights for the Welsh Language in the Private Sector
P-04-653 Ban the Use of Wild Animals in Circuses in Wales
P-04-652 Android and iOS, Welsh in the 21st Century?
P-04-651 To Work to Protect Local Government When Determining the Budgets this Autumn
P-04-650 Scrap Local Government Councillors’ Salaries
P-04-649 Welsh-Medium Education : Garland or Albatross?
P-04-648 Unconventional Oil and Gas Planning Applications.
P-04-647 Change the Adult Ticket Age from 16 to 18.
P-04-646 Petition against Welsh Draft Non-statutory Guidance for Local Authorities on Elective Home Education.
P-04-645 Save Glyncorrwg Flying Start
P-04-644 The Future of Further Education
P-04-643 Save Croeserw Flying Start
P-04-642 Save The Filter - An Established Youth Stop Smoking and Prevention Service.
P-04-641 Owners of Un-developed Land.
P-04-640 Bring Down the Age of Smears to 18
P-04-639 Save Further Education in Powys
P-04-638 Emergency Services - Power of Entry
P-04-637 To Protect the Future of Youth Music in Wales
P-04-636 Statutory Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) for all schools and educational establishments in Wales
P-04-635 James Bond at the Welsh Assembly
P-04-634 End Exclusion in Schools for Children with No Religion
P-04-633 To Raise Awareness of the Poor Broadband in Our Area
P-04-632 Mynyddoedd Pawb
P-04-631 Save our service- Large Animal Rescue in North Wales
P-04-630 Facebook Regulations for Looked after Children
P-04-629 Review and Enforcement of Control of Horses (Wales) Act 2014
P-04-628 To improve access to Education and services in British Sign Language
P-04-627 Improved Commuter Train Services for North Wales Residents
P-04-626 De-Trunk the A487 Road Through Penparcau, Trefechan & Aberystwyth Town Centre
P-04-625 Support for Safe Nursing Staffing Levels (Wales) Bill
P-04-624 That Foster Carers be Permitted to be Registered with More Than One Local Authority
P-04-623 Petition to Improve the Provision of Disabled-friendly Housing in Wales’
P-04-621 Stop Closure of Consultant-led Maternity Unit at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd
P-04-618 Protection of banking services in vulnerable communities
P-04-617 Stop the Wholesale Hiving off of Public Libraries to the Voluntary Sector
P-04-616 Please Prevent Fireworks From Being Sold to the General Public
P-04-615 A Fair Student Loan Payment in the Final Year of Training
P-04-614 Support the Arriva Trains Wales First Class Service
P-04-613 AMs Should Reject Recommendation for a 18% payrise
P-04-612 Nationalised Bottled Water
P-04-610 Reverse the Cuts to Hardship Funds in Universities
P-04-609 Support Small Businesses - Support our High Streets
P-04-608 Inquiry into the Welsh NHS
P-04-607 Call for the Welsh Government to Purchase Garth Celyn
P-04-605 Save the Cwmcarn Forest Drive from Indefinite or Permanent Closure
P-04-604 Regarding the closure of Diabetes Patient Reference Groups and the cancellation of meetings of the Diabetic Planning and Delivery Group in Powys.
P-04-603 Helping Babies Born at 22 Weeks to Survive.
P-04-602 Personalisation of Graves
P-04-601 Proposed Ban on the Use of e-cigarettes in Public Places
P-04-600 Petition to Save General Practice
P-04-599 Impact of Domestic Rating on Self Catering Accommodation
P-04-598 Disability Awareness Training
P-04-597 Protect the future of Funky Dragon, the Children and Young People’s Assembly for Wales
P-04-596 Save Porth Fire Station - SECONDS COST LIVES!
P-04-595 Foresight Pathway
P-04-594 Cilmeri Community Council Appeal for The Prince Llywelyn Monument
P-04-593 Advise schools on visits to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm
P-04-592 Democratically Binding Plebiscites at Local Government Level
P-04-591 Fair Funding for Local Government
P-04-590 Funding for the Cardi Bach Coastal Bus Service
P-04-589 Reduce the Number of Councillors and Executive Members in Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council
P-04-588 Charter for Children and Fathers
P-04-587 A Dedicated Support Team for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.),Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia Sufferers in South East Wales
P-04-586 All NHS Wales staff to be Paid at Least the Hourly Living Wage Rate of £7.65.
P-04-585 Changes to A494/A470 Junction Dolgellau
P-04-584 Wales Planning Bill to Protect Town and Village Greens in Wales.
P-04-583 Ban all Growing and Selling of all GM seeds / Foods and Animal / Fish Feed in Wales
P-04-582 Much Needed Change to the Rules in our Schools with Regards to Head Lice and Nits
P-04-581 Opposition to cuts in provision for learners of English as an Additional Language
P-04-580 Restrictions on Donating Blood
P-04-579 Reinstate funding for Skomer Island's Guillemot monitoring
P-04-578 Noise Mitigation Works on the M4 to the West of Junction 32
P-04-577 Reinstate Funding to the Real Opportunities Project
P-04-575 Call in All Opencast Mining Planning Applications
P-04-574 Bus Services in Burryport
P-04-573 Call on the Welsh Government to Investigate the Residential Leasehold System in Wales.
P-04-572 Grants for Flood Resilience.
P-04-571 Treating Pernicious Anaemia
P-04-570 Inequitable Access to Treatments That Have Not Been Nationally Appraised in NHS Wales
P-04-569 Stop National Tests for Primary School Children
P-04-568 Public Inquiry into ABMU Health Board
P-04-567 A Fair Deal for Welsh Students
P-04-566 Review the School Admissions Code
P-04-565 Revive disused railway lines for leisure
P-04-564 Restoration of Inpatient Beds, Minor Injuries Cover and X-Ray Unit to the Ffestiniog Memorial Hospital
P-04-563 Provision of Services at Pontypridd Fire Station
P-04-562 Caernarfon Heritage Centre
P-04-561 Promotion of Grassroots Rugby in Wales to Encourage Take-Up of the Sport.
P-04-560 Provision of IBD Services in Wales
P-04-559 Secondary School Awareness of Self-Harm
P-04-557 Valuation Tribunal Service
P-04-556 No to Junction 41 closure
P-04-555 Stop the unethical and draconian proposed compulsory microchipping of dogs
P-04-554 An official Welsh Government policy that prohibits non transparent training organisations from working within public bodies.
P-04-553 A full and independent investigation in to the health risks of wireless and mobile phone technologies in Wales including all schools.
P-04-552 Child Protection
P-04-551 Basic First Aid To Be Taught In Schools
P-04-550 Planning Powers
P-04-549 Make ’Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’ the Official Welsh National Anthem
P-04-548 The Reintroduction of Welsh Classes in Rennes
P-04-547 Ban Polystyrene(EPS) Fast Food and Drinks Packaging
P-04-546 Rearing of Animals in Unnatural Conditions
P-04-545 Aneurin Bevan Hospital Procedures
P-04-544 Ban the Shooting of Greenland White-fronted Geese
P-04-543 No Increase to University Tuition Fees
P-04-542 Practical Opportunities for Young People
P-04-541 Support for the Mentrau Iaith (Language Initiatives)
P-04-540 Stop Sexism In Domestic Abuse
P-04-539 Save Cardiff Coal Exchange
P-04-538 Involving lecturers to ensure a Further Education Inspection Framework that is fit for purpose
P-04-537 Planting Trees to Reduce Flooding
P-04-536 Stop Factory Dairy Farming in Wales
P-04-535 Save our Fire Stations
P-04-534 A campaign to secure CARDIGAN HOSPITAL
P-04-533 Environmental Planning for Small Scale Wind Turbine Sites
P-04-532 Improving specialised neuromuscular services in Wales
P-04-531 Renaming Cardiff Airport after Welsh Icon
P-04-530 Bilingual Labelling
P-04-529 A Letting Agents Ombudsman for Wales
P-04-528 All Primary Schools in Wales taught through the medium of Welsh
P-04-527 Campaign for a Special Cancer Drug Fund in Wales
P-04-526 Please Make Senedd TV Accessible to Deaf People
P-04-525 Funding for CREST Awards in Wales
P-04-524 Planning Control and the Welsh Language
P-04-523 Protect the elderly and vulnerable in care homes
P-04-521 Regulating Caravan Sites
P-04-520 Regarding the Cancellation of All Elective Orthopaedic Surgery by Hywel Dda Health Board During the Winter 2013/14
P-04-519 Abolition of Park Homes Sales Commission
P-04-518 Universal Free School Lunches
P-04-517 Stop the Welsh Assembly Government from bringing in the monitoring of electively home educated children under the guise of safeguarding
P-04-516 Make Political Science Compulsory in Education
P-04-515 Increase Funding for Welsh Bus Services
P-04-514 A Welsh clean coal and/or renewable energy power station instead of the proposed Wylfa B nuclear plant at Anglesey
P-04-513 Save the Wrexham/Barmouth X94 bus service
P-04-512 Stop the "Staff reduction proposals" at the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board
P-04-511 Support for children and young people participation standards
P-04-510 Public inquiry into the Breckman case in Carmarthenshire
P-04-509 Save the Welsh National Tennis Centre
P-04-508 Restore the Glandyfi view
P-04-507 A Welsh bill of rights for women and girls: adhering to CEDAW
P-04-506 Free bus pass / concessionary travel for benefit claimants , students and under 18s
P-04-504 A483 Maerdy bridge Road Junction safety
P-04-503 Regeneration of Ton and Pentre
P-04-502 Wellbeing Centre for Wales
P-04-501 Day Centres for the elderly in Wales to be made statutory
P-04-500 Call For Regulation of Animal Welfare Establishments in Wales
P-04-499 Kick Start The Welsh Language Curriculum
P-04-498 To get Wales educated
P-04-495 Stop People Trafficking & Slavery in Wales
P-04-494 Robotic assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy must be made available to men in Wales now
P-04-493 Moratorium on Local Development Plans (LDPs) in potential City Regions
P-04-492 Diagnosis of autism in children
P-04-491 A National Bank of Wales and complementary Welsh currency.
P-04-490 Antiretroviral Medication in Cardiff
P-04-489 A National affordable and priority housing Act of Wales
P-04-488 The right to decide: an end to the compulsory study of Welsh to GCSE
P-04-487 A Welsh Government deposit loan scheme for first time Welsh home buyers.
P-04-485 Abuse of casual contracts in Further Education
P-04-484 EMA for all!
P-04-483 A plain English /Cymraeg clir policy for all Welsh Assembly and Government communications
P-04-482 Public noticeboards across Wales notifying the public of who all their political representatives are
P-04-481 Close the Gap for deaf pupils in Wales
P-04-480 Address Private Sector Student Housing Standards
P-04-479 Tywyn Memorial Hospital X-ray & Minor Injuries Unit Petition
P-04-478 A simple info pack for all the people of Wales explaining how they can stand as candidates
P-04-476 Restructuring in National Museum Wales
P-04-475 Wanted - Buses for Meirionnydd
P-04-474 Support for NHS chaplaincy services
P-04-473 Wind Farm Public Inquiry Financial Support
P-04-472 Make the MTAN law
P-04-471 Mandatory Welsh legislation to ensure Defibrillators in all public places.
P-04-470 Against the nationalisation of Cardiff Airport
P-04-469 Remove the Right-To-Buy Regional Price Cap
P-04-468 Road Safety Concerns A48 Chepstow
P-04-467 January exams
P-04-466 Medical Emergency - Preventing the introduction of a poorer Health Service for North Wales
P-04-465 Save Welsh Milk, its infrastructure & its jobs
P-04-464 Make Wenglish a recognised official language in Wales like Scots is in Scotland!
P-04-463 Reduction of Salt Levels in Food
P-04-462 Ban the flying of Union flags from official Welsh buildings
P-04-461 Save Ponty Paddling Pool
P-04-460 Lives not Airports
P-04-459 A direct rail connection from Cardiff Airport to Cardiff central and west Wales
P-04-458 Keep Further Education in the Public Sector
P-04-457 The Charitable Chaplaincy Campaign
P-04-456 Dementia - This Could Happen to you
P-04-455 Save Prince Phillip Hospital A&E
P-04-454 Call to end Councillor and Assembly Member Dual Role
P-04-453 Improvements at Cardiff Airport
P-04-452 Equal Rights for Tube-fed Youngsters
P-04-451 Save the Royal Glamorgan Hospital Services
P-04-450 Barry & Vale needs a fully functioning hospital.
P-04-449 Bridgend Princess Of Wales - Save Our Services - Stop the Downgrade!
P-04-448 Improve Sexual health services for Western Vale
P-04-447 Campaign for Statue of Henry VII in Pembroke
P-04-446 Business Rate Relief for Welsh Charity Shops
P-04-445 Save our Welsh cats & dogs from death on the roads
P-04-443 Welsh History
P-04-442 Guarantee good support close to home for disabled children and their families
P-04-441 Gwaith i Gymru - Work for Wales
P-04-440 Say NO to Asset Stripping Bronllys Hospital
P-04-439 Ancient veteran and heritage trees of Wales to be given greater protection
P-04-438 Shopping Access
P-04-437 Opposing compulsory registration for home educating children.
P-04-436 Government Expenditure and Revenue Wales
P-04-435 Wales & Border Railways Franchise 2018 to be Operated on a Not-for-Dividend Basis
P-04-434 The Welsh and Somalilanders have common love of poetry
P-04-432 Stop the Army Recruiting in Schools
P-04-431 Against Health Cuts from the Residents of Pembrokeshire
P-04-430 Proposed closure of Tenby Minor Injuries Unit
P-04-429 Re-opening of the Carmarthen to Aberystwyth Train Line
P-04-428 Alternative energy for street lighting
P-04-427 A new Welsh language law for Wales
P-04-426 Introduce a mandatory 40mph speed limit on the A487 at Blaenporth Ceredigion
P-04-425 Team Wales
P-04-424 Retain services at Neath Port Talbot Hospital
P-04-423 Brooklands Nursing Home
P-04-422 Fracking
P-04-421 Oppose Trident moving to Wales
P-04-420 Construct an Owain Glyndŵr Monument
P-04-419 Wind Farm Moratorium
P-04-418 Naming the A470 ’Prif Ffordd Tywysog Owain Glyndwr’
P-04-417 Save Morfa Beach and prevent the closure of Public Footpaths 92 and 93
P-04-416 North-South Rail Services
P-04-415 Support for designation of Highly Protected Marine Conservation Zones
P-04-414 Welsh Jobs
P-04-413 Maternity Services in the Cynon Valley
P-04-412 A Call to Abolish collective worship
P-04-411 Petition Against Marine Conservation Zones in Pembrokeshire
P-04-410 A Permanent Memorial to Wales’s Workers
P-04-409 Welsh names for new trunk roads in Wales
P-04-407 Save Kennard Court Sheltered Accommodation for Older People
P-04-406 Against Proposed MCZ zones in North Wales
P-04-405 Medieval manuscript The Laws of Hywel Dda
P-04-404 Aberporth Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
P-04-403 Saving Plas Cwrt yn Dre/Old Parliament House for the Nation
P-04-402 Council Prayers
P-04-401 The Welsh Language in our Assembly
P-04-400 NICE Quality Standard in Mental Health
P-04-399 Slaughter Practices
P-04-398 Campaign for a Welsh Animal Offenders Register.
P-04-397 Living Wage
P-04-396 Emergency Life Support Skills (ELS) for Wales Schoolchildren
P-04-395 Wales Air Ambulance should receive government funding
P-04-394 Save our Services – Prince Philip Hospital
P-04-393 Llanymynech and Pant Bypass Action Group
P-04-392 Community Transport Petition
P-04-390 Designate Penrhos Holyhead Nature reserve (coastal park) a National reserve
P-04-389 Arts, Agriculture and the Assembly Sheep
P-04-388 Protect collective worship as a legal requirement
P-04-387 Signage and Drainage on the A467
P-04-385 Petition regarding balloon and lantern releases
P-04-384 link to m48 off b4245 Caldicot/Rogiet
P-04-382 Student fares on public transport
P-04-381 Restore North Wales Hospital
P-04-380 Bring back our bus! Petition against the removal of scheduled bus services from east Lampeter, Cwmann & Pencarreg
P-04-379 Armenian Genocide Rememberance Day
P-04-377 Continuation of Concessionary Fares on Community Transport
P-04-376 Reorganise Education in Powys
P-04-375 Stop opt-out organ donation
P-04-374 All dogs to be kept on leads at all times in public places
P-04-373 School Exclusion Zones for Mobile Hot Food Vans
P-04-372 More Ladies Toilets at Entertainment Venues
P-04-371 Reduced Fares on Public Transport for Passengers under 18
P-04-370 Petition for the improvement of Psychic and Intuitive services in Wales
P-04-369 Against the proposed Cardiff to Newport coastal path.
P-04-368 Promote physical activity and health in Further Education colleges
P-04-367 Save our Hospital Services
P-04-365 Protect buildings of note on the Mid Wales Hospital site
P-04-364 Fibre Optic for Rural Area’s
P-04-363 Fishguard Town Centre Improvement Scheme
P-04-362 Ambulance Services in Monmouth
P-04-359 Problems With The NHS For The Deaf
P-04-358 Re-instate Home Support for children with ASD and their families in the Caerphilly County Borough
P-04-357 Allocating social housing in Wales
P-04-356 A Call to Review the Issues Set Out in the 2007 Report on Football in Wales
P-04-355 Cymru not Wales
P-04-354 Public statement of support for Bradley Manning
P-04-353 Anti-hate crime campaign in Wales
P-04-352 Save Roath Steam Laundry
P-04-351 Recall LDP’s
P-04-350 Retain the services of Sporttrain in Rhondda and Cardiff
P-04-349 Welsh-medium Education Bid - Caerphilly
P-04-348 Recycling Targets for Health Boards
P-04-347 Property and Asset Review
P-04-346 Free Childcare for 3-4 Year Olds in Wales
P-04-345 Rail and bus links between Aberystwyth and Carmarthen
P-04-343 Prevent the destruction of amenities on common land
P-04-339 Enforcement of Animal Welfare Standards in the Puppy Farming Industry in South West Wales.
P-04-336 A Welsh-language daily newspaper for Wales
P-04-335 The Establishment of a Welsh Cricket Team
P-04-334 New Renal Unit at Prince Charles Hospital
P-04-333 Stop neglect and abandonment of horses and ponies by enforcement of microchipping laws.
P-04-332 Local Authority Spending Details over £500
P-04-331 Filming and Recording of Council Meetings
P-04-330 A Welsh-language Record in our Assembly
P-04-329 Control of noise nuisance from wind turbines
P-04-328 MCA Modernising Coastguard Proposals
P-04-327 Keep Our Community Hospital
P-04-326 No to Incineration
P-04-325 Funding for people with a learning disability to access mainstream post-16 education
P-04-324 Say No to Tan 8 - Windfarms & High Voltage Power Lines Spoiling our Community
P-04-323 Save our Small Schools from closure
P-04-322 A call to revise Cadw’s hold upon churches in Wales
P-04-321 Arriva Trains Wales services between South West and South East Wales
P-04-320 Social Housing policy

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