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All open e-petitions are listed in the following table. You can read more information about a petition by clicking on its title.


Please note:

  • Since petitions are public documents your name will be available for inspection on the e-petitions website and may be searchable by internet search engines.
  • For security reasons, an e-mail address can only be used once when signing a single petition.
  • Multiple people cannot use the same e-mail address.
If this causes any inconvenience, or you require any further information, please contact us using the following details:


List of open e-Petitions:

Petition title Petition raised by Can be signed until Signatures
Earlier notification of council budgets by the Welsh Government #SaveOurServices UNISON Neath Port Talbot 18/11/2019 191
Do not implement licensing for show dogs, cats and shown horses Our Dogs 21/11/2019 4232
Make Welsh universities consider the Welsh Baccalaureate as an A Level Bronwen Rosie Clatworthy 22/11/2019 2
School Budgeting for ALN Iwan Williams 29/11/2019 104
Decrease the use of plastic in Welsh Schools Faris Malik 30/11/2019 31
Social Service and Well Being (Wales) Act 2014 Amendments Harry Hayfield 05/12/2019 4
Don't leave Wales behind - teach menstrual wellbeing in schools Jade Morgan 06/12/2019 834
To Provide a Chronic Fatigue Department in Wales Marjorie Ann Lasebikan 11/12/2019 151
Changing Places toilet facilities Llanelli Changing Places Campaign Group 12/12/2019 1254
Remove the words which promote the recovery of oil and gas resource from the Welsh National Marine Plan Susanna Kenyon 20/12/2019 73
Encouraging the use of “Cymru” and “Cymry” when referring to ourselves in Welsh and English Mair Edwards 31/12/2019 124
The Golden Hour when Suffering a Stroke - Ambulance Response Times to be recategorised from Amber back to Red Status Ralph Rees 31/12/2019 23
Petition for Ferryside Surgery Ferryside Village Forum 31/12/2019 115
Sun cream in schools Leigh O'Connor 03/01/2020 119
Limit local bus fares for children (5-16) to max of £1 for a single journey. Natasha Baker 09/01/2020 4
Education On Food Allergies In Schools & Mandatory EPI PEN Training Archie’s Allergies 14/01/2020 69
Ban Goldfish from being given away at funfairs. #OperationGoldfish Holly Rosalie Homer 15/01/2020 462
Council Tax - People are not 'just numbers': Local Authorities failures to exercise discretion in Council Tax cases Angela Richards 19/01/2020 7
Ban Pavement Parking - Pavement Promise Rhian Morris 24/01/2020 215
STOP BOILING CRUSTACEANS ALIVE (lobsters, crabs, crayfish, prawns etc) Cardiff Animal Rights 25/01/2020 350
Offer Bowel Cancer Screening After the Age of 74 Andrew Lye 31/01/2020 53
The Climate Emergency and a National Forest for Wales Coed Cadw - The Woodland Trust in Wales 31/01/2020 2009
Immediate embargo on new dog breeding licences, licence renewals and planning applications until regulations are fit for purpose and enforceable C.A.R.I.A.D. 31/01/2020 1463
Push the government into introducing a separate ward other than maternity ward, for families going through a miscarriage Peter Leigh-Robinson 31/01/2020 0
All Carers Centres in Wales to take Control of all stages of Carers Assessments Richard Mylan 04/02/2020 7
Reduce cancelled operations Claire-Louise Walker 04/02/2020 11
Biodiversity Remit for NRW Initiative for Nature Conservation Cymru (INCC) 14/02/2020 710
Allow mayors in Wales to be directly elected by the people and not the council Connor David Jones 27/02/2020 9
We call on the Welsh Government to take urgent action to secure improvements to the A487 between Gellilydan and Maentwrog Carron Jones 28/02/2020 1365
Make EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) £50 a week instead of £30 Lucy Evans 06/03/2020 6
Regulate solar panel installations Mr G King 12/03/2020 0
CF3 against the Incinerator Andrew Evans 20/03/2020 1633
Land of Our Children: Youth Voices in Wales Andrew Jenkins 20/03/2020 7
Agriculture and Countryside Education for 4-16-year olds in our schools. Osian Hedd Harries 23/03/2020 70
Impose a legal limit on the maximum number of breeding bitches in licensed dog breeding establishments in Wales. Dinah Mulholland 31/03/2020 188
Ban Single Use Plastic Milk Bottles in schools St Aidan's Church in Wales VA School 10/04/2020 264
Lower the age for breast cancer screening in Wales from 50 to 30 Rachel Candy 08/05/2020 32

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