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All open e-petitions are listed in the following table. You can read more information about a petition by clicking on its title.


Please note:

  • Since petitions are public documents your name will be available for inspection on the e-petitions website and may be searchable by internet search engines.
  • For security reasons, an e-mail address can only be used once when signing a single petition.
  • Multiple people cannot use the same e-mail address.
If this causes any inconvenience, or you require any further information, please contact us using the following details:


List of open e-Petitions:

Petition title Petition raised by Can be signed until Signatures
Port Talbot Community Against the Super Prison The Port Talbot Super Prison Protest Group 23/10/2017 1246
Build a Chepstow Bypass to Remove the Bottle Neck from the M48 onto the A48. Jez Becker 31/10/2017 180
Ensuring Equality of Curriculum for Welsh Medium Schools e.g. GCSE Psychology Chris Evans 31/10/2017 651
Dogs on a Lead Paul Scanlon 31/10/2017 2
Suspend Marine Licence 12/45/ML to dump radioactive marine sediments from the Hinkley Point nuclear site into Wales coastal waters off Cardiff Tim Deere-Jones 31/10/2017 6524
Voting rights for all legal residents of Wales Ashlea Harris 31/10/2017 11
Save our Countryside - Revise TAN 1 Cllr Mike Priestley 05/11/2017 479
Review support for asylum seekers accessing further education Gulnar Sohail 24/11/2017 70
Save the Future Generation of Wales Ken Ebihara 27/11/2017 54
Remove the compulsory aspect of Welsh Baccalaureate Katharine Drinkwater 27/11/2017 55
Prescription drug dependence and withdrawal - recognition and support Stevie Lewis 28/11/2017 150
Tackle Rough Sleeping Hanin Abou Salem 28/11/2017 62
Terminate Private Parking Contracts at Welsh Hospitals Nick Harding 01/12/2017 97
Urgent Appeal for a Welsh Veterans Commissioner for the Health & Wellbeing of Wounded, Injured, Sick and Homeless veterans Nicola Hester 13/12/2017 45
Lowering the Voting Age to Sixteen Sgiliau 27/12/2017 69
Causing Nuisance or Disturbance on NHS Premises Claire Thomas 30/12/2017 66
Calling on the Welsh Goverment to Ban The Use of Wild Animals in Circuses in Wales Linda Evelyn Joyce Jones 31/12/2017 1490
Blight on Communities from Unused and Dilapidated Buildings Ralph Cook 01/01/2018 14
Ensure the Availability of a 24 hour ATM in Menai Bridge. Jenice Zhao 01/01/2018 14
Asset Community Value to be made law in Wales Caroll Ann Morris 31/01/2018 5
Change the National Curriculum and teach Welsh history, from a Welsh perspective, in our Primary, Secondary and Sixth form Schools. Elfed Wyn Jones 01/02/2018 3146
Stop the Wales for Africa Programme Darren Smith 01/04/2018 1
All New Builds In Wales To Have Solar Panels Harriet King 01/05/2018 43
All Schools Should be Welsh Medium and Teach Welsh History Ashley Davies 08/09/2018 39
Create a Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) of Wales; Led by a Directly Elected Mayor Professor Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi 01/01/2019 5

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