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The petitions process at the National Assembly for Wales


You have an idea

There’s something you want to change in Wales. You decide to do something about it and make your way to the Assembly website to start a petition.

Get creative

Read up on what petitions we can accept. You can follow our guidance on how to submit.

Now you’re ready to create your own petition!

The petitions team

After you’ve submitted your petition the team will check that we can accept it. What the Assembly can and can’t change isn’t always straightforward. We’re here to support you.


Your petition gets the thumbs up. It’s now live but your idea needs support. Get it out there, show it to the world. 


Things are going well

Your petition is doing splendidly – people are signing and you’ve reached the magic number – 50!

Petitions start at 50

Your petition is now in the spotlight! Because you’ve hit 50 signatures it can now be considered by the Petitions Committee.

How long does it run?

You choose for how long the petition collects signatures – the maximum is 6 months. At the end of its run, your petition will be discussed by the Committee.

Notable petitions

Access to public transport - 97 signatures
The Committee ran an inquiry and held a debate

Type 1 diabetes in children - 2,570 signatures
A report was published and action recommended

Wild animals in circuses - 6,398 signatures
A debate was held and legislation planned

The Committee

The Committee will decide what it can do to help. This could include:

• Running a detailed inquiry
• Writing to the Welsh Government or others
• Asking you to come to a Committee meeting

Come and see us

Before your petition is discussed for the first time, you can hand it in, have a photo with some of the Committee and tell them a bit more about the petition. You don’t have to but it’ll be nice to see you!

So, to sum up

Create your petition

Get 50 (real) people to sign and it can go to the Petitions Committee

The Committee will discuss it and decide what they want to do

Get 5000 signatures and the Committee will consider asking for a debate

Keeping in touch

We’ll keep you in the loop when the Committee is discussing your petition and what happens next.

Our website has a lot of information about your petition, you can track it from there.

Also, you can watch the Committee in person or on

Amazing things can happen

Petitions can be successful in many different ways. They can help to attract attention, prompt an inquiry, hold the Government to account. Petitions won’t always turn out the way we want but can help to raise the issues that matter to you.


Now you know what to do, take the first steps towards making the change you want in Wales.

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