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e-Petition: Ban Pavement Parking - Pavement Promise

open quote / dyfyniad agored
I call for the National Assembly of Wales to urge the Welsh Government to impose a ban on pavement parking.

I am campaigning to end pavement parking. It is an increasing issue that impacts on myself and so many others in Wales daily risking their safety. It is a massive issue for those with a disability and those with pushchairs. This is especially difficult when vehicles park on the drop kerbs or tactile paving.

On many occasions the vehicle that is parked on the pavement causes the view of the road to become restricted. This causes the situation to become dangerous for anyone who has to enter the road to pass the vehicle. There is a much higher risk for those who have a visual impairment or wheelchair users to move into the unknown dangers.

Everyone should have the right to independence. However when vehicles park on the pavement this restricts those that are unable to drive and rely on the pavement to travel around their community. This can also lead to isolation and anxiety.

This should be dealt with now so that future generations have the equal chance of independence and safety for all in our communities.
Myself and my son are visually impaired. This issue makes it very difficult for us to access our community safely. I have spoken to many people who also struggle.

Myself and my son created a campaign called Pavement Promise. We want everyone to promise not to park on the pavement.

I feel there should be a specific team to work on this issue. Maybe an online / interactive way for people to pass on information.

I want my son to have as much independence as he can in his future safely. Please help me to keep our communities safe.
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Petition details

Petition Status: Collecting signatures
Petition Start Date: 03/10/2019
Open until midday on: 24/01/2020
Principal Petitioner(s) Rhian Morris


25 most recent signatures

Total signatures: 762

Name Constituency or Area of residence Date
Laurence Clarke Bridgend 18/01/2020
Sian Warlow Bridgend 17/01/2020
Rhian Cox Bridgend 17/01/2020
Laura Richards Bridgend 17/01/2020
Anonymous Cardiff Central 17/01/2020
Diane Windridge Cardiff North 17/01/2020
Gordon Albert Windridge Cardiff South and Penarth 17/01/2020
Rebecca Hutchins Ogmore 16/01/2020
Huw Williams Swansea West 16/01/2020
thomas davies Bridgend 16/01/2020
Simon Williams Bridgend 16/01/2020
Anonymous Bridgend 15/01/2020
Gillian Fouche Ogmore 15/01/2020
Anonymous Pontypridd 15/01/2020
Danielle Garcia Ogmore 15/01/2020
Helen williams Ogmore 15/01/2020
Gary James Ogmore 15/01/2020
Anonymous Bridgend 15/01/2020
Anonymous Caerphilly 14/01/2020
Alun Davies Caerphilly 14/01/2020
Isabella Tudor Aberavon 13/01/2020
Anonymous Carmarthen East and Dinefwr 13/01/2020
Anonymous Newport West 13/01/2020
Kirsty Marie Chappell Ogmore 13/01/2020
Anonymous Perth and Kinross 10/01/2020

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