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e-Petition: Review and change the guidance for attendance awards in Welsh schools

open quote / dyfyniad agored

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to review any guidance it issues on school attendance awards in Wales.

Many children across Wales suffer with chronic illnesses that affect their school attendance. A child may miss school due to the illness itself or due to hospital appointments which they have to attend related to this illness.

Each year attendance awards are given out at school which many of these children miss out on.  Not only is this unfair but it also discriminates against those children.

I would like to propose that the Welsh Government either makes allowances for those children or advises local authorities and schools that attendance awards should not be given.

close quote / dyfyniad agos


Petition details

Petition Status: Collecting signatures
Petition Start Date: 28/11/2017
Open until midday on: 31/03/2018
Principal Petitioner(s) Laura Charles-Price


25 most recent signatures

Total signatures: 119

Name Constituency or Area of residence Date
Nicky martin Gower 21/01/2018
Laura munday Gower 21/01/2018
Hayley Taylor Gower 20/01/2018
Andrew Davies Llanelli 20/01/2018
Steven David Matthews Gower 22/12/2017
Helen Harry Gower 21/12/2017
Anonymous Gower 21/12/2017
Roger Hart Swansea West 21/12/2017
Celia Drew-Jones Gower 21/12/2017
Anonymous Swansea East 21/12/2017
Charlotte Britton Swansea East 21/12/2017
Lisa Parker Swansea West 21/12/2017
Thomas paton Gower 21/12/2017
Anonymous Swansea West 21/12/2017
JANUARY REES Neath 21/12/2017
Julie loosemore Swansea West 21/12/2017
Rachel Sullivan Swansea West 21/12/2017
Louise jones Swansea West 21/12/2017
Adrian Evans Rhondda 21/12/2017
Pamela Thirwell Swansea West 21/12/2017
Clair sutton Swansea East 21/12/2017
Sheara Arran Swansea East 21/12/2017
Lisa Harvey Swansea West 21/12/2017
Stephanie Budski Gower 21/12/2017
Marie Evans Llanelli 21/12/2017

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