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e-Petition: Reconsider the closure of the Welsh Independent Living Grant and support disabled people to live independently

open quote / dyfyniad agored

I am a recipient of the Welsh Independent Living Grant (WILG) and a disability activist who intends on asking Welsh Government to reconsider their decision to close WILG as of April 2019.

The WILG was introduced to help people who previously claimed from the UK government’s Independent Living Fund (ILF), which closed in 2015. More than 1,500 people are helped by the scheme across Wales. Recipients all have high degree of care an​​d support needs. 

It was due to run until the end of March 2017, but Social Services Minister Rebecca Evans said in November that funding would continue for another year. 

The annual £27m fund will then transfer directly to local authorities during 2018-19 so they can meet the support needs of all former ILF recipients by 31 March 2019.

Why we oppose this decision: 

The Welsh Government said the decision was taken on stakeholder advice. The majority of representatives on the stakeholder group were third sector or citizens. But they didn't want WILG scrapped and the key point is that our advice was not accepted.​

It should also be remembered that closure of WILG is not inevitable as is proved through the formation and success of the Scottish Independent Living Fund; which also works to support the Northern Ireland ILF. 

Furthermore, the hugely popular Labour Party Manifesto outlined plans to set up a national care system to exist independently of local authorities. 

This is exactly the time that the Labour Party should be united on such issues against the Tories. We must question why Welsh Labour are not playing their part in the changing political landscape?

Indeed, eventually it should be our aim to set up an Independent Living Fund for Wales so that no disabled person should have to suffer the same uncertainty and isolation as WILG recipients are now experiencing. We can only begin to believe that true social justice and equality for all is possible if Welsh Labour revisit their WILG decision. 

Welsh Labour will no doubt argue that we should give the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act a chance to succeed.However, this idealistic act needs hefty investment and resources to ensure it is a success – with no sign of any of the necessary improvements to our infrastructure that the success of the Act depends on. This may indeed be the time for a revolutionary change in the way social care is delivered, but such a transformation could take a decade or more and WILG recipients do not deserve to be treated like guinea pigs when their high care and support needs require long-term stability and structure.​

close quote / dyfyniad agos


Petition details

Petition Status: Currently being considered by the Committee
Petition Start Date: 03/07/2017
Open until midday on: 26/09/2017


Petition Signatories

Total signatures: 324

Name Constituency or Area of residence Date
John allen Alyn and Deeside 25/09/2017
Siwan Grug Jones Cardiff West 24/09/2017
Donnalea Morgan Alyn and Deeside 22/09/2017
Stephen foster Cardiff West 22/09/2017
David Smith Newport West 22/09/2017
Mike Steel Bristol 21/09/2017
Mike biggs Alyn and Deeside 21/09/2017
Ann Beddow 46 Edinburgh Road, Broseley, Shropshire. 21/09/2017
Jennifer Saboor Ynys Mon 17/09/2017
Matthew Owen-Turner Ynys Mon 17/09/2017
Leighanne Mapletoft Somerset 17/09/2017
Linda Merritt Aberconwy 17/09/2017
Melody Haven North Carolina 16/09/2017
travis metcalf Louisville 16/09/2017
Lucy Elliott Sunderland 16/09/2017
Chris Jones Ynys Mon 16/09/2017
Hilary Paterson-Jones Ynys Mon 15/09/2017
Lucy Elliott Newcastle upon Tyne 15/09/2017
Sheree bahtic Perthshire Scotland 15/09/2017
Sarah O'Dwyer Cambridgeshire 15/09/2017
Angelica Aguilera United States of America 15/09/2017
Veronica Deschenes Ottawa 15/09/2017
Jonathan Evans Clwyd South 15/09/2017
Willow Holloway Aberconwy 15/09/2017
Anonymous Devon 15/09/2017

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