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e-Petition: Recognition of Parental Alienation

open quote / dyfyniad agored

We call upon the Welsh Assembly to persuade the Welsh Government to protect children and young people in Wales by formally recognising 'Parental Alienation' as a form of emotional abuse of children. We further call upon the Welsh Government to take specific actions to reduce the impact of Parental Alienation on children and their families.

We propose the following action by Welsh Government

• Recognise 'Parental Alienation' as emotional abuse of children with a definition incorporating the one given by the Ministry of Justice (paragraph 1) here )

• Commission and fund mandatory training for professionals including but not limited to Social Work and Cafcass Cymru staff, in recognising Parental Alienation including pathways to protect children from harm.

• Establish and fund a national campaign to inform children and families about Parental Alienation and the harm that it causes.

• Place a duty on Welsh Ministers to act to protect children from abuse and harm where Parental Alienation has been identified.

Parental Alienation has been defined by the Ministry of Justice as:

‘In cases where parents are separated, parental alienation refers to a situation in which one parent (usually the parent with whom the child lives) behaves in a way which creates anxiety in the child, so that it appears the child is opposed to living or spending time with the other parent.’

This definition is taken from the first paragraph of the Government’s response to Mr. Darren Towill’s petition.

CAFCASS in England have already recognised Parental Alienation as an abuse of children. CAFCASS CEO Anthony Douglas stated in an article in the Telegraph online dated 12th Feb 2017 about Parental Alienation that '“It’s undoubtedly a form of neglect or child abuse in terms of the impact it can have". 

close quote / dyfyniad agos


Petition details

Petition Status: Currently being considered by the Committee
Petition Start Date: 14/02/2017
Open until midday on: 25/04/2017


Petition Signatories

Total signatures: 1306

Name Constituency or Area of residence Date
Med Badmus Cardiff South and Penarth 25/04/2017
Anonymous Cardiff South and Penarth 25/04/2017
Raquel Griffiths Pontypridd 25/04/2017
darren parsons Gower 25/04/2017
Rob Pickering Great Harwood, Blackburn 25/04/2017
Patrick Smyth Cambridge 24/04/2017
Anonymous Newcastle upon tyne 24/04/2017
Claire temple County durham 24/04/2017
Aaron Peskey South Dakota, United States 24/04/2017
Anonymous London 24/04/2017
Toni Hayes Essex 24/04/2017
David Glen Beaumont Yorkshire 24/04/2017
Dewi Loveluck Ogmore 22/04/2017
Angela Gorman Cardiff Central 22/04/2017
Christopher Edge Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire 20/04/2017
Paul Anthony Fox Cardiff West 20/04/2017
Mark Redman Pennsylvania, United States 19/04/2017
Kate Thomas Swansea West 19/04/2017
Antony John Craven London 19/04/2017
Ian Maxwell Edinburgh 19/04/2017
Anonymous Warwickshire 19/04/2017
Bob Deacon Brighton 19/04/2017
Asenka Kramer Zagreb 19/04/2017
Michelle Jones United States 18/04/2017
Anonymous London 18/04/2017

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