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e-Petition: Move the Welsh Assembly out of Cardiff

open quote / dyfyniad agored
We the undersigned call for the National Assembly be moved from Cardiff to Aberystwyth to begin 'rebalancing' the national life and economy of Wales.
Cardiff is prospering, and growing at an exponential rate, while most parts of Wales stagnate, which makes it clear that the current Cardiff/Wales model of economic development does not work for eighty per cent of the country.
Cardiff getting the lion’s share of investment and jobs impacts adversely on the rest of the country, and while this trend was observable in earlier decades it has gained greater momentum and become even more damaging for the national good since the National Assembly for Wales first sat in 1999.
Worse, there is growing evidence of corruption; the kind of corruption that is inevitable when those with political influence and control of the public purse regularly meet, in social and other contexts, those seeking to take advantage of such contacts.
We believe that in the short term the easiest way to remedy this unsustainable and growing imbalance, and the increasing threat of corruption, is to move the Welsh Assembly and its assorted departments and agencies out of Cardiff.
Aberystwyth would be an ideal and central location for the Assembly and its support staff, other agencies could be located around the country, for in the era of the internet and video conferencing civil servants and others do not need to work next door to each other.
The benefits accruing to some of the more neglected parts of Wales would soon make up for the initial costs involved in the relocations. To continue with the current arrangement is to condemn Wales to a future as a city state, with all benefits accruing to Cardiff. This is not the future we want for our country.
close quote / dyfyniad agos


Petition details

Petition Status: Closed by the Committee
Petition Start Date: 01/12/2016
Open until midday on: 31/05/2017


Petition Signatories

Total signatures: 53

Name Constituency or Area of residence Date
Anonymous Caerphilly 12/05/2017
ROY BRITTON Ceredigion 07/05/2017
Kat Watkins Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney 05/05/2017
Gavin James Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney 05/05/2017
Anonymous Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney 05/05/2017
Gwion Williams Ynys Mon 05/05/2017
Adam Cosgrove Torfaen 01/05/2017
Caroline Lester Whitstable 18/04/2017
Tony Williams Ogmore 03/04/2017
Alan Bryant Caerphilly 19/03/2017
Wil Drinan London 07/03/2017
Simon Foster Ogmore 05/03/2017
Rhys Davies Neath 03/03/2017
DAVID ROBERTS Aberavon 03/03/2017
Anonymous Vale of Clwyd 16/02/2017
Paul Rogers Cardiff West 15/02/2017
Hugh Thomas Gower 06/02/2017
Leighton Goss Swansea West 18/01/2017
Anonymous Clwyd South 12/01/2017
Teilo Richard Trimble Ceredigion 08/01/2017
Anonymous Ceredigion 04/01/2017
Anonymous Ceredigion 04/01/2017
Anonymous Ceredigion 03/01/2017
trevor ainsley thomas Neath 30/12/2016
Darren Owen Caerphilly 23/12/2016

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