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Petitions at the Assembly

Current status

The petitions process remains open during the Covid-19 outbreak. However, the Assembly has agreed to focus on critical business at this time and it may be longer than normal until the Petitions Committee can consider petitions. You may therefore wish to contact your Assembly Members to raise urgent issues.

• Do you feel strongly about an issue affecting you or your community?

• Make your voice heard by the National Assembly – set up or sign a petition.

• See how the process works from start to finish

• See our 'how to' page.


Petitioning the Assembly is one of the most direct ways you can raise your concerns. You can petition us to suggest a new policy, different ways of doing things or to change something in Wales.

When you create a petition, you're asking us to look at an issue, problem, or proposal. It must be about something devolved to Wales that the National Assembly or the Welsh Government has the power to change.

When you sign a petition, you're showing your support. You're supporting others who feel the same as you do about the issue. Explore and share, and you're joining together as a community to make something happen.


Read the rules governing the admissibility of petitions.

Read more about how the petitions process works (PDF, 1.84MB)


How to petition the Assembly

What you need to know before starting a petition.

Role of the Petitions Committee

How the Petitions Committee considers petitions.

Closed petitions

View the petitions previously considered by the Committee.


Contact us

The Petitions Committee clerking team can help guide you through the petitions process.
If you need help or further information, contact:

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