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Third Assembly (2007 - 2011)


In the third Assembly Measures could be proposed by the Welsh Assembly Government, Assembly Committees, an Assembly Member or the Assembly Commission. The Assembly procedures relevant to Measures are set out in Standing Order 23.

In the third Assembly, there was a four-stage process for the consideration of a proposed Measure:

  • Stage 1 – consideration and agreement of the general principles of the Measure;

  • Stage 2 – detailed consideration of the Measure and any amendments tabled by a committee of Assembly Members;

  • Stage 3 – detailed consideration in plenary of the Measure and any selected amendments;

  • Stage 4 – passing the final text of the Measure.

Information on legislation considered in the Third Assembly is available in Legislative Competence Orders and Measures of the Third Assembly


Ballots for Member Proposed Measures

From time to time, the Presiding Officer held Ballots to determine the name of an Assembly Member who may submit proposals for legislation through an Assembly Measure. Ballots for Member Proposed Measures >>

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