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Legislative Competence Orders

In the third Assembly an Order could be proposed by the Welsh Assembly Government, an Assembly committee, or an Assembly Member. The Assembly procedures relevant to proposed Orders are set out in Standing Order 22.

In the Assembly, proposed Orders were considered under a two-stage process:

  • detailed scrutiny by a committee of AMs;

  • approval of the draft Order in plenary.

Once approved by the Assembly, the Order was sent to the Secretary of State to be laid before both Houses of the UK Parliament and, if approved, made by Her Majesty in Council.

Information on legislation considered in the Third Assembly is available in Legislative Competence Orders and Measures of the Third Assembly

More information on the Legislative Competence Orders which have been approved or rejected by the Assembly, or withdrawn.

Ballots for Member Proposed Orders

During the third Assembly the Presiding Officer held Ballots to determine the name of an Assembly Member who could submit proposals for legislation through a Legislative Competence Order. Ballots for Member Proposed Orders >>

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