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Please note: The following list of pages and documents relating to historical committee business is currently incomplete. We are working to restore all relevant information as soon as possible.


If you have a query regarding specific committee related documents that you cannot find, please contact the Assembly using the contact form.


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CC 06-03(agenda)Culture Committee 3379233KB26/03/2003
CC 06-03(min)Culture Committee 9420892KB26/03/2003
CC 06-03(p.1) ACW paperCulture Committee 4608045KB26/03/2003
CC 06-03(p.2) Annex - Iaith Pawb - Allocation of Funding 2003-04Culture Committee 3174431KB26/03/2003
CC 06-03(p.2) Annex 1Culture Committee 145408142KB26/03/2003
CC 06-03(p.2) Annex A2Culture Committee 173056169KB26/03/2003
CC 06-03(p.2) Annex BCulture Committee 1843218KB26/03/2003
CC 06-03(p.2) Minister's Monthly ReportCulture Committee 193536189KB26/03/2003
CC 06-03(p.5) National Botanic Garden PaperCulture Committee 2969629KB26/03/2003
CC 06-03(p.3) National Library of Wales - Quinquennial Review Action PlanCulture Committee 234496229KB26/03/2003
CC 06-03(p.4) SCW - Quinquennial Review - Background PaperCulture Committee 2150421KB26/03/2003
CC 06-03(p.6) Draft Legacy PaperCulture Committee 107520105KB26/03/2003
CC 06-03(p.4) SCW - Quinquennial Review Second Stage ReportCulture Committee 512000500KB26/03/2003
CC 05-03(mins)Culture Committee 6860867KB12/03/2003
CC 05-03 (agenda)Culture Committee 3788837KB12/03/2003
CC 05-03(p.2) Annex BCulture Committee 3686436KB12/03/2003
CC 05-03(p.1) Review of Participation in Sport and Physical Exercise ReportCulture Committee 317440310KB12/03/2003
CC 05-03(p.3) Prof M Wynn Thomas paperCulture Committee 6553664KB12/03/2003
CC 05-03(p.4) Dr Francesca Rhydderch paperCulture Committee 4403243KB12/03/2003
CC 05-03(p.6) Simon Harris paperCulture Committee 2867228KB12/03/2003
CC 05-03(p.5) Prof Hazel Walford Davies PaperCulture Committee 2764827KB12/03/2003
CC 05-03(p.7) Christopher Ryde paperCulture Committee 2867228KB12/03/2003
CC 05-03(p.8) Berwyn Rowlands paperCulture Committee 3686436KB12/03/2003
CC 05-03(p.9) Janek Alexander paperCulture Committee 3891238KB12/03/2003
CC 05-03(p.2) Draft Report on First Four Years 1999-2003Culture Committee 7168070KB12/03/2003
CC 04-03 (agenda)Culture Committee 3686436KB26/02/2003
CC 04-03 (minutes)Culture Committee 102400100KB26/02/2003
CC 04-03(p.1) National Library of WalesCulture Committee 6246461KB26/02/2003
CC 04-03(p.2) MRCS background paperCulture Committee 6758466KB26/02/2003
CC 04-03(p.3) Minister's Monthly ReportCulture Committee 7270471KB26/02/2003
CC 04-03(p.4) - Policy Review Of Participation In Sport And Physical Exercise - 'First Draft' Version Of Draft Committee ReportCulture Committee 155648152KB26/02/2003
CC 04-03(p.3)Annex ACulture Committee 335872328KB26/02/2003
CC 04-03(p.5) Position Paper on Anglo-Welsh CultureCulture Committee 2662426KB26/02/2003
CC 04-03(p.6)Annex ACulture Committee 119808117KB26/02/2003
CC 04-03(p.7) Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of WalesCulture Committee 1536015KB26/02/2003
CC 04-03(p.6) Scoping Study background paperCulture Committee 2252822KB26/02/2003
CC 03-03 agdCulture Committee 2969629KB05/02/2003
CC 03-03 minutesCulture Committee 8294481KB05/02/2003
CC 03-03 p2Culture Committee 482304471KB05/02/2003
CC 03-03 p4Culture Committee 9011288KB05/02/2003
CC 03-03 p1Culture Committee 3788837KB05/02/2003
CC 03-03 p3Culture Committee 7168070KB05/02/2003
CC 01-03 p6Culture Committee 5222451KB22/01/2003
CC 02-03 agdCulture Committee 3072030KB22/01/2003
CC 02-03 p1Culture Committee 1740817KB22/01/2003
CC 02-03 p2Culture Committee 7680075KB22/01/2003
CC 02-03 p1 Annex 1Culture Committee 1843218KB22/01/2003
CC 02-03 minsCulture Committee 8499283KB22/01/2003
CC 02-03 p2 Annex ACulture Committee 399360390KB22/01/2003
CC 02-03 p3Culture Committee 776192758KB22/01/2003

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