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Member Bill Ballot: How would you change the law?

If you could make a change to the law in Wales, what would it be? Would you create a new law, change an existing one, or get rid of a law you don’t like?

Most laws in Wales are put forward by Welsh Government Ministers. But individual Assembly Members who win a ‘Member Bill ballot’ (a kind of raffle draw) also get the opportunity to introduce a proposed law.

If you have an idea for a change that you would like made to the law in Wales, you can speak to your Assembly Members.

Each Assembly Member can enter one idea in a Member Bill ballot. Their idea can be on anything that they think the Assembly has the legal power to change, except for taxation.

One Member’s idea will then be selected, at random, from the Ballot.

  • The next Member Bill ballot is yet to be announced

The Assembly Member who wins the ballot will then be able to call for other Members to support their idea, through a vote.

If their idea is supported, the Ballot winner will have 13 months in which to develop their proposed law, and present it to the Assembly.

The proposed law can then be scrutinised and amended by other Assembly Members, which can take 9-12 months. If the Assembly passes the proposed law, it could affect the lives of millions of people across Wales.

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