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Making laws for Wales

Yes to further powers

Following a referendum on the National Assembly for Wales’s legislative powers held on 03 March 2011, the people of Wales voted in favour of granting the National Assembly for Wales further powers for making laws in Wales.

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A Bill is a proposed law. Once a Bill has been passed by the Assembly and given Royal Assent, it becomes an Act of the Assembly. The Assembly is able to pass Acts on any Subject listed in Schedule 7 to the 2006 Act.


Legislative Competence Orders


Prior to March 2011 Legislative Competence Orders were a type of secondary (or ‘subordinate’) legislation which transferred specific powers from Parliament to the Assembly.



Subordinate Legislation


The Assembly scrutinises Subordinate Legislation drawn up by the Welsh Ministers under powers delegated by an Act or Measure of the Assembly or by an Act of Parliament.

Subordinate legislation includes orders, regulations, rules and schemes as well as statutory guidance and local orders.


Progress of Assembly Bills


This section explains how the legislative process in the Assembly works, including information on Bills and Acts and guidance documents such as Schedule 7.​


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