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Assembly approves new Dignity and Respect Policy


Today, the National Assembly for Wales voted to approve a new Dignity and Respect Policy highlighting the high standards of conduct everyone in contact with AMs, or anyone associated with the Assembly, can and should expect.

The policy and associated guidance was considered by the Assembly as part of the Standards Committee’s ongoing work to create a culture that calls out inappropriate behaviour of all kind. It sets out steps to ensure that everyone feels safe, respected and comfortable when they engage with the National Assembly for Wales, and makes the options for raising concerns or making complaints clear.

The policy has been drafted with input from across the Assembly Commission, Assembly Member Support Staff and the Standards Commissioner, as well as being considered by people outside of the Assembly to provide some external verification.

Leading the debate, the Chair of the Assembly’s Standards of Conduct Committee Jane Bryant AM said: “I am delighted that Members have signed up to the high standards set out in the new policy. In doing so, they have taken responsibility for tackling inappropriate behaviour at the Assembly. Crucially, the policy enhances the support available to those who want to raise concerns or make complaints about behaviour. That is a positive step in the right direction, but there is more to be done. The next step will be the publication of the Standards Committee’s report on enhancing the Assembly’s work on Dignity and Respect which we aim to do before the summer recess.”

The Llywydd, Elin Jones AM said: “Today, we have taken affirmative action to underline our commitment to creating a culture and workplace free from any form of harassment and earns public trust and confidence. Building a new culture involves more than reviewing policies and complaints procedures. We have more work to do and the responsibility for that falls upon all of us – Assembly Members, Commissioners, the Standards Commissioner and our political parties. Inappropriate behaviour has no place in the Assembly - we must ensure that no form of harassment is ever brushed under the carpet and that complaints of any kind are dealt with respectfully and fairly. I am confident that we are moving in the right direction and prioritising dignity and respect at the forefront of our thinking now and in the future.”




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