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Brexit Negotiations



Blog post: Brexit - a new timeline 

10 May 2019

This blog explains the latest Brexit developments and what they mean for Wales.


Blog post: Brexit day

29 March 2019

This blog post looks at the events leading up to 29 March, the day when the UK was due to leave the EU.


Brexit negotiations monitoring report

25 March 2019

Read our latest update on Brexit developments in Westminster and Wales.  


Blog post: Preparations for a ‘no deal’ Brexit - the latest position

8 January 2019

With preparations increasing for a potential ‘no deal’, this blog looks at the work that the Welsh Government and devolved Welsh public sector have been doing for this scenario.


Blog post: Meaningful votes in Wales and Westminster – the latest

11 December 2018

This article looks at the latest developments in the vote on the Brexit agreement.


Blog post: The political declaration – what this means for Wales

4 December 2018

This blog post takes a detailed look at the contents of the Brexit political declaration.


Plenary debate: Withdrawal agreement and political declaration

4 December 2018

On 4 December, in Plenary, the Assembly voted to reject the Brexit withdrawal agreement and political declaration. This is the transcript of the session. 


Blog post: What the withdrawal agreement means for Wales

30 November 2018

This blog post gives a quick overview of the key issues for Wales in the withdrawal agreement. 


Committee report: The implications of the withdrawal agreement for Wales

29 November 2018

The External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee has published its report looking at what the draft agreement means for Wales. 


Research Paper: Brexit update

16 November 2018

This paper is produced by the Research Service and includes the latest government, parliament, EU and other relevant announcements and reports on Brexit.


Committee session with the First Minister

5 November 2018

This was Carwyn Jones’s final appearance before the External Affairs Committee before he steps down as First Minister. In the session, Members quiz the First Minister on Brexit preparedness, the transition period and future relationships. 


Blog post: Brexit negotiations - the latest developments

2 November 2018

Read this blog post for a quick update on the current Brexit negotiations and what these mean for Wales. 


Statement by the Llywydd: Brexit arrangements and devolution settlements

23 October 2018

Read the Llywydd's comments as she welcomed members of the Interparliamentary Forum on Brexit, which met at the Assembly. 


Blog post: Welsh voices in preparing for a post-Brexit future

23 October 2018

This article outlines the latest on Wales's role in the work being done at a UK level to prepare for the future.


Blog post: Interparliamentary forum on Brexit meeting at the Assembly

23 October 2018

This article looks at the role of the forum and proposals for future interparliamentary working on Brexit. 


Brexit monitoring report

11 October 2018

This report provides an update on the UK Government's Brexit negotiations with the EU. It includes a summary of the latest developments, including the most recent documents and legislation published. 


Plenary statement: Update on European transition

18 September 2018

On 18 September, the Cabinet Secretary for Finance made an oral statement in Plenary on the latest Brexit developments. 


Blog post: What do the UK Government 'no deal' notices mean for Wales?

18 September 2018

On 13 September, the UK Government published its second batch of ‘no deal’ notices on how people and businesses should prepare for this eventuality.


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