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The Independent Panel on Financial Support for Assembly Members - Terms of Reference

"To carry out a review of the Salaries, Pensions and Allowances available to Assembly Members".

The Review Panel will consider the following as part of this review:

  • What are the tasks expected of Assembly Members?

  • How is the role of an Assembly Member likely to change as a result of the implementation of the Government of Wales Act 2006?

  • How does the role of an Assembly Member compare with that of a Member of Parliament, a Member of the Scottish Parliament or Northern Ireland Assembly or other relevant public sector roles?

  • What are the appropriate levels of office-holders’ salaries that should be paid to:
    - The First Minister;
    - Welsh Ministers;
    - The Counsel General
    - Deputy Ministers
    - Presiding Officer
    - Deputy Presiding Officer
    - Leaders of Opposition Parties/Groups
    - Committee Chairs (and which Chairs should receive an additional salary)
    - Members of the Assembly Commission
    - Chief Whips/Business Managers of Parties/Groups
    - Any other office-holders identified by the panel

  • What are the tasks expected of party leaders and should there be a numerical qualification in terms of numbers of Members to qualify for payment, and if so, what should this be?

  • What resources are required to enable Assembly Members’ tasks to be undertaken effectively and efficiently on behalf of constituents and the Assembly?

  • What resources could be best provided centrally, or through other financial support mechanisms and what resources could be provided through Allowances?

  • How should the remuneration of Assembly Member Support Staff be organised?

  • What support should be provided to former Members on leaving?

The Review Panel shall invite evidence submissions from AMs and such persons, parties and other organisations as it deems appropriate, and shall otherwise conduct the review as it sees fit.

The Review Panel may consider comparators with other support mechanisms both within the United Kingdom and beyond.

The Review Panel shall prepare a report setting out its findings and recommendations with respect to salaries, with reasons, for submission to the Assembly Commission by around the end of January 2008. It is anticipated that the review of allowances will be completed by the end of April 2008.

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