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The Independent Panel on Financial Support for Assembly Members - Public Call For Evidence

We have been commissioned by the National Assembly for Wales Commission to undertake a review of the financial support provided for Assembly Members. Details of the remit of the review and the membership of the panel can be found on this website.

Our review will look at the resources and support Members require to perform their duties in serving those who have elected them, both within the Assembly and helping their constituents.

To help inform this work, we invite written evidence with views on any aspect of the allowances necessary for Members to fulfil their duties. In particular, we would welcome evidence on the following matters:

  • Are current salary levels appropriate for the roles which Members undertake?

  • The resources necessary (including staffing and accommodation) for undertaking Assembly duties beyond the range of services directly provided by the Assembly Commission

  • The resources necessary for engaging/communicating with constituents

  • How accommodation costs should best be provided for Members who cannot reasonably commute daily to Cardiff to undertake Assembly duties

  • What travel is required in undertaking AM duties and how this might best be reimbursed

It would be helpful if written evidence could be submitted by Friday 18 January 2008 in respect of salaries and Friday 22 February in respect of allowances. You may submit all your evidence by the first deadline if you so wish. Evidence should be sent either electronically to Pay&, or in hard copy to:

Pay and Allowances Review
c/o the Members HR & Allowances Team,
National Assembly for Wales,
Cardiff Bay,
CF99 1NA

Details of the salaries and allowances payable to Assembly Members. (206KB PDF)

Policy on treatment of written evidence.

The information below outlines how the Review Panel will deal with any information sent in response to calls for evidence and any subsequent correspondence.

We will publish relevant evidence that is submitted to us on our website. Therefore, if you wish your evidence to be treated as confidential, or for your evidence to be published anonymously, please contact the Secretariat to the Review Panel, before you submit your evidence, by e-mailing them at Pay&

We will require compelling reasons to treat evidence as confidential.There are a few situations where we do not publish all the evidence sent to us. This may be for practical reasons or for legal reasons.

Examples of practical reasons are where we receive a large number of submissions in very similar terms. In that case, we would normally publish only a list of the names of people who have submitted evidence.

In addition, there may be a few situations where we may not choose to publish your evidence or have to edit it before publication for legal reasons.  

When we publish your evidence, we will not publish your signature or your personal contact information (like your home telephone number or your home address).

We may also have to edit information which can identify another living person who has not specifically given their consent to have information about them made public, but in these situations, the Review Panel will have access to the full text of your evidence, even if it has not been published in full.

If you consider that evidence that you plan to submit may raise issues concerning the Data Protection Act, please contact the Secretary to the Review Panel before you submit your evidence.

Potentially defamatory material

The Review Panel will not publish defamatory statements or material. If we think your submission contains potentially defamatory material, typically, we will return it to you with an invitation to substantiate the comments or remove them. In these circumstances if the evidence is returned to us and it still contains material which we consider may be defamatory, it may not be considered by the Review Panel and it may have to be destroyed.

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