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Find My Assembly Member

The Find my Assembly Member application tells you which Members represent each constituency and region in Wales by either entering the required postcode, selecting either the region or constituency on our interactive map, or by the selection of the role you are interested in.

Postcode Search

The postcode entry allows users to enter either the first half of a postcode (e.g. CF11) or the full postcode. This function can be accessed through the home page.

Interactive Map Search

The interactive map allows you to find  Assembly Members based either on the region or constituency they represent.  The default option presented is the constituency map, which can be changed by selecting the ‘Regions’ tab above the map. Clicking on a specific area on the constituency map will enlarge that area, making it easier to select a constituency. The constituency name will appear when the cursor is placed above it. Please note that the interactive map requires Flash viewer version 8 and above to use. You  can download Flash for free by visiting the Adobe website. A region or constituency can also be searched by using the ‘Search By’ drop down list to the right of the map. This function is described in more detail below. The results page for a constituency will show the constituency Member at the top of the page, followed by the regional Members representing the constituency. The results page for a region will show the regional Members at the top of the page followed by the Members representing each constituency within that region.

Role/Name Search

Users can find an Assembly Member by name, by role and other information:
  • Role – this option allows you to identify which members are currently performing which roles, for example which Member is the current Presiding Officer, or which Member chairs a Committee
  • Member Name – this allows you to select a specific member from a drop-down list. This option is also available on the homepage.
  • Party – this allows you to identify all Members of a specific party.
  • Constituency – this performs the same function as the interactive map, where users can view the Assembly Members representing a specific Constituency.
  • Region – this performs the same function as the interactive map, where you can view the Assembly Members representing a specific region.
Selecting one of these items and clicking the submit button will reveal a second list showing further options. You can then make a selection and all relevant results will be displayed.


The results page displays all the Assembly Members who meet the specified search criteria as detailed in the sections above.  These results are presented in a business card format, containing the Members’ name, party, constituency / region and roles they perform.   Each Member’s profile page can be viewed by selecting the Member’s name or picture. The results can also be ordered (depending on results returned) by either:
  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Region
  • Constituency
  • Party

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