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Petitions under consideration

Petition number Petition title
P-05-852 Introduce a Licence to manage land for game bird shooting in an attempt to end raptor persecution.
P-05-851 Remove time restrictions on the layby to the east of Crickhowell
P-05-850 Protect the Gwent Levels and stop the proposed M4 motorway
P-05-849 All men in Wales should have access through the NHS to the best possible diagnostic tests for prostate cancer
P-05-848 Let Welsh Students have the opportunity to choose the best study option for them
P-05-847 Create water fountains in the centre of cities and towns to eliminate plastic waste
P-05-846 Save our Hospital at Prince Philip Llanelli
P-05-845 End Conflict of Interest in Local Authority Constitution
P-05-844 Immediate review of the Neath Port Talbot LDP
P-05-843 More Third party rights in planning appeals
P-05-842 Give young people a voice when commissioning local services in Wales
P-05-841 Include the alternative 3rd Menai Crossing proposal 'Pont Bendigeidfran' in the formal assessment process
P-05-840 Fair Funding for Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and all other Local Authorities
P-05-839 Adopt WHO guidelines for air pollution into Welsh law and introduce a new Clean Air Act for Wales
P-05-838 Support the M4 Relief Road Black Route
P-05-837 Green Energy for the Wellbeing of Future Generations in Wales
P-05-836 Gender Pay Gap Reporting
P-05-835 Allow Free Movement of Taxi Drivers to Carry Out Private Hire Work Anywhere in Wales
P-05-834 All Schools Should be Welsh Medium and Teach Welsh History
P-05-833 Improve rail services for Chepstow
P-05-832 To Amend the School Admissions Code Relating to Summer-Born Children
P-05-831 End the unfairness and discrimination in the financial support for victims of the contaminated blood scandals who were infected in Wales
P-05-830 Reopen St David’s Medical Centre, Pentwyn Full Time
P-05-829 Ban Single Use Plastic Items in Wales
P-05-828 Presumption in favour of rural schools
P-05-827 Roads surrounding Trago Mills/ Cyfartha Retail Park
P-05-826 Pembrokeshire says NO!! To the closure of Withybush A&E!
P-05-825 Protect children's lungs from harmful pollution whilst at school
P-05-824 Newtown Brimmon Oak Bypass
P-05-823 Reduce the speed limit on the A487 in Penparcau
P-05-822 Ban plastic straws (when drinking milk) in our schools
P-05-821 Reintroduce educational support funding for MEAS and the TES to local authorities
P-05-819 Welsh Place Names - Protection & Promotion Bill
P-05-818 Introducing a Register of Lobbyists in Wales
P-05-817 Specialist prosthetics for child amputees
P-05-816 Say ‘NO’ to pheasant shooting on Welsh public land
P-05-815 Control Rapidly Expanding Intensive Poultry Industry In Wales
P-05-814 All New Builds In Wales To Have Solar Panels
P-05-813 Ban the USE of LARSEN TRAPS (Multi Corvid Traps)
P-05-812 Implement the NICE guidelines for Borderline Personality Disorder
P-05-810 Give Welsh Fishing Clubs and Salmon and Sea Trout a Chance
P-05-809 Proposed New Fishing Bylaws and failings of NRW
P-05-808 Welsh should not be compulsory for children with dyslexia and special needs
P-05-807 Review and change the guidance for attendance awards in Welsh schools
P-05-806 We call for all premises in Wales to be awarded an Access Certificate number similar to the Food Hygiene Certificate.
P-05-805 Fair Deal For Supply Teachers
P-05-804 We need Welsh Government funding for play!!
P-05-803 Our natural world is being poisoned by single use’s time to introduce a tax!
P-05-802 Protecting Class Sizes in Design and Technology Classrooms and Workshops
P-05-801 Save the trees and ground in Roath Mill and Roath Brook Gardens before it's too late
P-05-800 Urgent Appeal for a Welsh Veterans Commissioner for the Health & Wellbeing of Wounded, Injured, Sick and Homeless veterans
P-05-799 Change the National Curriculum and teach Welsh history, from a Welsh perspective, in our Primary, Secondary and Sixth form Schools.
P-05-798 Male domestic violence victim support services to be independently run & funded
P-05-797 Ensure access to the cystic fibrosis medicine, Orkambi, as a matter of urgency
P-05-795 Causing Nuisance or Disturbance on NHS Premises
P-05-793 Hi speed broadband to Llangenny village
P-05-789 Review support for asylum seekers accessing further education
P-05-788 Remove the compulsory aspect of Welsh Baccalaureate
P-05-786 Save our Countryside - Revise TAN 1
P-05-784 Prescription drug dependence and withdrawal - recognition and support
P-05-783 Ensuring Equality of Curriculum for Welsh Medium Schools e.g. GCSE Psychology
P-05-781 Port Talbot Community Against the Super Prison
P-05-779 Compulsory scanning of domestic pets for microchips by councils
P-05-778 Protect the Razor Clams on Llanfairfechan Beach
P-05-775 Put an end to the Cross Border and Sub-contracting Taxi Licensing loophole.
P-05-774 Pass Wide and Slow Wales
P-05-773 Don't Fill Landfill!
P-05-771 Reconsider the closure of the Welsh Independent Living Grant and support disabled people to live independently
P-05-770 Reopen Crumlin Railway Station
P-05-765 Keeping Current Guidelines for Religious Assemblies
P-05-764 Better Mental Health Services for Adults
P-05-759 Re-open the Cwmcarn Forest Drive at Easter 2018
P-05-757 Remove the Obligation on Schools to Hold Acts of Religious Worship
P-05-754 Lack of Support for Children with Disabilities at Crisis
P-05-751 Recognition of Parental Alienation
P-05-750 For Single Use Items: Introduce a Deposit Return System for Drink Containers and Make Fast Food Containers and Utensils Compostable
P-05-748 School Buses For School Children
P-05-743 End the Exotic Pet Trade in Wales
P-05-738 Public Petition for the Dinas Powys By-Pass
P-05-736 To Make Mental Health Services More Accessible
P-05-732 Unacceptable Waiting Times for NHS patients in A & E Wrecsam/Wrexham Maelor Hospital.
P-05-731 Land & Access Lane Sale at Abercwmboi
P-05-724 Rights to Primary Health Care in Welsh
P-05-723 Establish Proportional Representation Voting System for Welsh Local Council Elections.
P-05-717 Establish Statutory Public Rights of Access to Land and Water for Recreational and Other Purposes
P-05-690 Resurfacing of the A40 Raglan-Abergavenny Road
P-04-667 A Roundabout for the A477/A4075 Junction
P-04-648 Unconventional Oil and Gas Planning Applications.
P-04-628 To improve access to Education and services in British Sign Language
P-04-606 Ensure schools exercise their statutory powers under regulation 7 of The Education (Pupil Registration) (Wales) Regulations 2010 without interference or bias.
P-04-576 Allow Children in Wales to Have a Family Holiday During Term Time
P-04-522 Asbestos in Schools
P-04-505 Eating Disorder Unit in Wales
P-04-481 Close the Gap for deaf pupils in Wales
P-04-477 Support for the Control of Dogs (Wales) Bill
P-04-433 CCTV in Slaughterhouses
P-04-408 Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder Service
P-04-399 Slaughter Practices

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