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Academic Fellows 2019



Dr David Dallimore (Bangor University) is undertaking research to inform a number of briefing papers and a report on the integration of early childhood education and care. The project focuses on addressing a number of key questions

  • How has Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) developed in Wales?
  • What are the current conceptual, policy and legislative foundations of ECEC?
  • How does ECEC in Wales compare with systems in other countries?
  • What legislative, regulatory, structural and conceptual barriers exist to further developing access to ECEC in Wales?

Dr Dallimore produced the first in a series of Research Papers, 'Early Childhood and Care in Wales: an introduction' (PDF, 1134KB) in May 2019. This was followed by a second Research Paper, 'Early Childhood Education and Care: Quality Matters' (PDF, 875KB) in July 2019.




Dr Alec Dauncey (Bangor University) is working on a scoping of latest policy relevant evidence on ecosystem services in relation to a suite of woodland scenarios. Woodlands provide a range of ecosystem services including; carbon sequestration, water quality, managing flood risks, seasonal water flow, soil conservation, and managing diffuse pollution. Scenarios include:

  • Management of existing coniferous and native woodland, including farm woodland, under even-aged or continuous cover systems.
  • Restoration of planted ancient woodland sites and open habitat.
  • New woodland; broadleaved, coniferous, and mixed; by planting or by natural colonisation.

The evidence relating to each scenario will be considered in terms of risks, and win-win or 'no regrets' opportunities, together with their place in land sharing and land sparing approaches at landscape scale.



Dr Lucy J Griffiths (Swansea University) will produce a paper on the Welsh Government's draft Healthy Weight: Healthy Wales plan for the Children, Young People and Education Committee, focusing on how well it meets the challenges of getting more children and young people active in Wales. Lucy will also write a briefing on physical activity levels and behaviours in this population, using data from the Millennium Cohort Study, to help the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee's plenary debate on this subject.

Dr Griffiths produced the article 'Measuring up: the Movement of Children in Wales' with Professor Gareth Stratton of Swansea University in June 2019.



Dr Sarah Nason (Bangor University) will examine, and make recommendations to enhance, the Assembly's role in scrutinising the developing Welsh system of administrative justice.  This system is made up of various different bodies (including tribunals, complaint handlers, commissioners, courts and more), it is concerned with the laws surrounding public body decision-making, the resolution of disputes between individuals and public bodies, and how these can be learnt from to improve public services provision.

The four objectives of the fellowship are to:

  • improve awareness of administrative justice and its connection to the constituency work of Assembly Members
  • research and report on options for ensuring greater accountability of administrative justice institutions to the Assembly
  • research and report on how a consistent approach can be taken to matters of administrative justice in Assembly legislation
  • examine connections between administrative justice principles and human rights in Wales informing discussions around a developing Welsh human rights law and Assembly oversight of human rights issues.


Dr. Filippos Proedrou (University of South Wales) will be producing a report addressing the climate policy gap in Wales.  In particular, this will frame climate policy within the overall Welsh public policy, strategy for the future and legal framework of the Future Generations Act.  It will bring evidence and best cases from around the world, and recalibrate current proposals to maximise their input into future bold and successful carbon budgets. He will also scrutinise some of the repercussions Brexit will have to bear on Welsh climate policy.

Dr Proedrou published a Research Briefing on Addressing the climate policy gap in Wales in July 2019.



Dr Roiyah Saltus (University of South Wales) will gather evidence on:

  • conceptualisations of, and interventions to reduce loneliness among older migrant and/or minority ethnic population groups. and
  • interventions (programmes, initiatives or projects) that tackle loneliness, both those tailored explicitly to the target populations, and generic interventions that include minority and migrant older people).

 This is rooted in the National Assembly's wider focus on wellbeing, improved public health, and community cohesion – with a more specific (but not exclusive) need to add value to both the development of the Welsh Government's loneliness strategy and its subsequent rolling-out.



Dr Helen Taylor (Cardiff Metropolitan University) will be undertaking research into the expansion of legal duties around homelessness in relation to the Housing (Wales) Act 2014. She will be analysing the proposal for the inclusion of 'rough sleeping' as a priority need category and will gather data on the impact that this might have on individuals who are sleeping rough. Helen's PhD research was on approaches to vulnerability within the Act and she currently lectures in Housing Studies; specialising in policy, research methods, and homelessness.




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