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Senedd Research

Senedd Research is an expert, impartial and confidential research and information service designed to meet the needs of Assembly Members and their staff. We have a substantial knowledge of policy in Wales and an unrivalled expertise in understanding the information needs of Assembly Members.


You can search for our research briefings by category, by date range or by entering a keyword into the search term box. You can view our briefings and additional topical articles on our blog, In Brief, which you can also sign up to for regular alerts to our publications. Our briefings are primarily aimed at Assembly Members, but may also be of interest to external stakeholders.

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Land Transaction Tax and Anti-avoidance of Devolved Taxes (Wales) Bill Budgets and Finance10485761MB10/01/2017
16-063-Web-EnglishBudgets and Finance10485761MB05/12/2016
Tax Collection and Management (Wales) Act 2016Budgets and Finance857088837KB27/07/2016
Sources of Constituency and Regional Statistics - Reading ListBudgets and Finance776192758KB11/05/2016
Tax Collection and Management (Wales) Bill - Summary of changes at Stage 2Budgets and Finance172032168KB26/02/2016
Welsh Government Final Budget 2015-2016Budgets and Finance192512188KB02/12/2014
Welsh Government Draft Budget 2015-2016Budgets and Finance195584191KB21/11/2014
Second Supplementary Budget 2013-14 (February 2014) - Research paperBudgets and Finance615424601KB06/03/2014
Economic and fiscal forecasts - Research noteBudgets and Finance264192258KB18/02/2014
Draft Budget Proposals 2014 -15 - Research paperBudgets and Finance822272803KB06/11/2013
Supplementary Budget 2013-14 (June 2013) - Research paperBudgets and Finance621568607KB12/07/2013
Budget Series-Funding Welsh devolutionBudgets and Finance10260481002KB20/06/2013
Budget Series 2-The budget process in WalesBudgets and Finance995328972KB20/06/2013
Budget Series 4: Budget GlossaryBudgets and Finance10444801020KB20/06/2013
Budget Series 3-Scrutiny of the budgetBudgets and Finance1013760990KB20/06/2013
Economic and fiscal forecastsBudgets and Finance257024251KB22/03/2013
Second Supplementary Budget 2012-13 (February 2013) - Research paper Budgets and Finance687104671KB28/02/2013
Economic and fiscal forecasts - Research noteBudgets and Finance254976249KB11/12/2012
Final Budget 2013-14 - Research paperBudgets and Finance710656694KB03/12/2012
Draft Budget Proposals 2013-14 - Research paper Budgets and Finance961536939KB12/11/2012
Supplementary Budget 2012-13 (June 2012) - Research paperBudgets and Finance666624651KB12/07/2012
Public Sector Employment - Research noteBudgets and Finance516096504KB28/03/2012
Economic and fiscal forecast - Research noteBudgets and Finance245760240KB22/03/2012
Public Spending in Wales - Research noteBudgets and Finance451584441KB13/03/2012
Supplementary Budget 2011-12 (Laid February 2012) - Research paperBudgets and Finance584704571KB23/02/2012
Final Budget 2012-13 - Research paperBudgets and Finance782336764KB02/12/2011
Autumn Statement 2011 - Quick guideBudgets and Finance183296179KB29/11/2011
Economic and fiscal forecasts November 2011Budgets and Finance250880245KB29/11/2011
The Silk Commission - Research paperBudgets and Finance351232343KB22/11/2011
Draft Budget Proposals 2012-13 - Research paperBudgets and Finance565248552KB08/11/2011
The road to the Independent Commission on devolution in Wales - Research paperBudgets and Finance452608442KB06/09/2011
Supplementary Budget 2011-12 (Laid June 2011) - Research paperBudgets and Finance409600400KB27/06/2011
Chancellor’s Budget 2011 - Research paperBudgets and Finance675840660KB29/03/2011
Supplementary Budget 2010-11 (Laid February 2011) - Research paperBudgets and Finance693248677KB25/02/2011
Final Budget 2011-12 - Research paperBudgets and Finance583680570KB04/02/2011
Draft Budget 2011-12 - Research paperBudgets and Finance679936664KB11/01/2011
Spending Review 2010 - Impact on Wales - Quick guideBudgets and Finance208896204KB22/10/2010
Final Report of the Independent Commission on Funding and Finance for Wales (Holtham Commission) - Quick guideBudgets and Finance150528147KB14/07/2010
‘Emergency’ Budget 2010 - Quick guideBudgets and Finance176128172KB08/07/2010
Supplementary Budget 2010-11 (Laid June 2010) - Research paperBudgets and Finance10485761MB08/07/2010
Impact of UK Spending Reductions on Wales - Quick guideBudgets and Finance189440185KB25/05/2010
Strategic Capital Investment Framework - Quick guideBudgets and Finance193536189KB06/05/2010
Chancellor’s Budget 2010 - Research paperBudgets and Finance10485761MB19/04/2010
Supplementary Budget 2009-10 (Laid February 2010) - Research paperBudgets and Finance818176799KB11/03/2010
Pre Budget Report 2009 - Quick guideBudgets and Finance261120255KB14/12/2009
Final Budget 2009 - Research paperBudgets and Finance801792783KB07/12/2009
Draft Budget 2009 - Research paperBudgets and Finance890880870KB11/11/2009
First Report of the Independent Commission on Funding and Finance for Wales (Holtham Commission) - Quick guideBudgets and Finance212992208KB20/08/2009
The Chancellor’s Budget 2009 - Research papersBudgets and Finance585728572KB28/04/2009
Supplementary Budget 2008-09 - Research paperBudgets and Finance326656319KB16/03/2009

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