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Research Service

The Research Service is an expert, impartial and confidential research and information service designed to meet the needs of Assembly Members and their staff. We have a substantial knowledge of policy in Wales and an unrivalled expertise in understanding the information needs of Assembly Members.


You can search for our research briefings by category, by date range or by entering a keyword into the search term box. You can view our briefings and additional topical articles on our blog, In Brief, which you can also sign up to for regular alerts to our publications. Our briefings are primarily aimed at Assembly Members, but may also be of interest to external stakeholders.

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Autism (Wales) Bill SummaryHealth and Social Care954368932KB11/01/2019
The Red Meat SectorEnvironment and Sustainability10485761MB20/12/2018
An Overview of REF Impact Case Studies that refer to Engagement with the AssemblyAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB18/12/2018
Outcomes-Based Land Management Schemes A Case StudyEnvironment and Sustainability10485761MB27/11/2018
Environment - Brexit Monitoring ReportEnvironment and Sustainability20971522MB22/11/2018
Renting Homes (Fees etc.) (Wales) BillHousing, Communities and Social Justice10383361014KB02/11/2018
Summary of changes made at Stage 2 of the Childcare Funding (Wales) BillEducation and Culture897024876KB26/10/2018
The Farming Sector in WalesEnvironment and Sustainability20971522MB25/10/2018
The Poultry SectorEnvironment and Sustainability10485761MB10/10/2018
Environment - Brexit Monitoring ReportEnvironment and Sustainability20971522MB27/09/2018
The Water Industry in WalesEnvironment and Sustainability730112713KB27/09/2018
Public service reform in post-devolution Wales: a timeline of local government developmentsEducation and Culture610304596KB21/09/2018
Autism (Wales) Bill - Bilingual GlossaryHealth and Social Care6860867KB13/09/2018
School Funding in WalesEducation and Culture10485761MB29/08/2018
Funding for adult and post-graduate learners 2018/19Education and Culture950272928KB02/08/2018
Research Briefing: Brexit Monitoring Report: Environment 19 May - 12 July 2018Environment and Sustainability637952623KB20/07/2018
Common LandEnvironment and Sustainability945152923KB13/07/2018
Financial support for students in further education 2018/19Education and Culture868352848KB10/07/2018
Financial support for undergraduate students in Higher Education 2018/19Education and Culture974848952KB10/07/2018
Research Paper The Dairy SectorEnvironment and Sustainability10485761MB26/06/2018
A New Perspective on UK Common Frameworks: the opportunities for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in WalesEnvironment and Sustainability10485761MB22/06/2018
Low Carbon HeatEnvironment and Sustainability10485761MB20/06/2018
Brexit Monitoring Report: EnvironmentEnvironment and Sustainability20971522MB24/05/2018
Business rates: Frequently asked questionsEconomy and Transport10485761MB15/05/2018
The Well-being of Future Generations ActEnvironment and Sustainability10485761MB14/05/2018
A quick guide to post-16 education fundingEducation and Culture581632568KB05/04/2018
The Planning Series: 17 - Consenting energy generation infrastructure Environment and Sustainability10485761MB29/03/2018
Public Services Ombudsman (Wales) BillAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB16/03/2018
Act Summary: Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Act 2018Education and Culture10485761MB13/03/2018
The Counsel GeneralAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB12/03/2018
The First Minister and Cabinet Members Assembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB09/03/2018
Public Health (Minimum Price for Alcohol) (Wales) BillHealth and Social Care863232843KB08/03/2018
Bill Summary: Law Derived from the European Union (Wales) BillAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB07/03/2018
Assembly Acts and the Legislative ProcessAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB07/03/2018
Presiding Officer and Deputy Presiding Officer Assembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB28/02/2018
Access to dementia services for bilingual (Welsh and English) residents Health and Social Care31457283MB22/02/2018
A Global and National Perspective on DementiaHealth and Social Care31457283MB22/02/2018
Key Stage 4 Attainment DataEducation and Culture628736614KB21/02/2018
The Assembly CommissionAssembly, Governance and Constitution20971522MB15/02/2018
Regulation of Registered Social Landlords (Wales) BillHousing, Communities and Social Justice10485761MB09/02/2018
Air QualityEnvironment and Sustainability861184841KB09/02/2018
Emergency Bills Assembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB01/02/2018
Bovine TB in Wales: governance and risk Economy and Transport862208842KB11/01/2018
Brexit implications for Bovine TB in Wales Environment and Sustainability386048377KB09/01/2018
The Planning Series: 05 – Call-in of Planning applicationsEconomy and Transport603136589KB08/01/2018
The Planning Series: 16 – Habitats Regulations Assessment Economy and Transport561152548KB18/12/2017
By-elections to the AssemblyAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB12/12/2017
Marine Spatial PlanningEnvironment and Sustainability10485761MB12/12/2017
Abolition of the Right to Buy and Associated Rights (Wales) Bill - Summary of changes at Stage 2Housing, Communities and Social Justice52428805MB23/11/2017
Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Bill - Summary of changes at Stage 2Education and Culture31457283MB13/11/2017

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