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Cofnod y Trafodion The Record of Proceedings
Cynnwys Contents Datganiad gan y Dirprwy Lywydd Statement by the Deputy Presiding Officer 1. Cwestiynau i’r Prif Weinidog 1. Questions to the First Minister 2. Datganiad a Chyhoeddiad Busnes 2. Business Statement and Announcement 3. Cynigion i Ethol Aelodau i Bwyllgorau 3. Motions to Elect Members to Committees 4. Datganiad: Y Camau a Gymerwyd mewn Ymateb i’r Adroddiad Annibynnol ar Tawel Fan 4. Statement: Action Taken in response to the Independent Tawel Fan Report Cynnig am Ddadl Frys o dan Reol Sefydlog 12.69 Proposal for an Urgent Debate under Standing Order 12.69 5. Datganiad: Plant a Phobl Ifanc yn Gyntaf—Cyflawni ein Hymrwymiad i Gyfiawnder Ieuenctid yn Llwyddiannus 5. Statement: Children and Young People First—Successfully Delivering Our Commitments on Youth Justice 6. Datganiad: Y Diweddaraf am y Gronfa Buddsoddi i Arbed 6. Statement: Update on the Invest-to-save Fund 7. Datganiad: Adroddiad o Gynnydd Cronfeydd Strwythurol yr UE 2014-20 7. Statement: EU Structural Funds 2014-20 Progress Report 8. Datganiad: Cydlyniant Cymunedol—Cynnydd a Heriau 8. Statement: Community Cohesion—Progress and Challenges 9. Y Rheoliadau Di-fwg (Cerbydau Preifat) 2015 9. The Smoke-free (Private Vehicles) Regulations 2015 10. Gorchymyn Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru (Anghymhwyso) 2015 10. The National Assembly for Wales (Disqualification) Order 2015 11. Rheoliadau Rheoleiddio Tai Rhent Preifat (Gofynion Hyfforddiant Awdurdod Trwyddedu) (Cymru) 2015 11. The Regulation of Private Rented Housing (Licensing Authority Training Requirements) (Wales) Regulations 2015 12. Cynnig o dan Reol Sefydlog 26.36 i Amrywio Trefn Ystyried Gwelliannau Cyfnod 3 Bil Cymwysterau Cymru 12. Motion under Standing Order 26.36 to Vary the Order of Consideration of Stage 3 Amendments to the Qualifications Wales Bill 13. Cyfnod Pleidleisio 13. Voting Time
Cyfarfu’r Cynulliad am 13:31 gyda’r Dirprwy Lywydd (David Melding) yn y Gadair.
The Assembly met at 13:31 with the Deputy Presiding Officer (David Melding) in the Chair.
Y Dirprwy Lywydd / The Deputy Presiding OfficerBywgraffiadBiography
Order, order. The National Assembly is now in session.
Trefn, trefn. Dyma ddechrau trafodion y Cynulliad Cenedlaethol.
Datganiad gan y Dirprwy Lywydd
Statement by the Deputy Presiding Officer
Y Dirprwy Lywydd / The Deputy Presiding OfficerBywgraffiadBiography
It is my pleasure to welcome a new Member this afternoon, Janet Haworth, who is the new Conservative Member for the North Wales region. We’re very pleased to see you here, and we look forward to your contributions here in the Siambr and beyond. I would now like to invite you to say a few words.
Mae'n bleser gennyf groesawu Aelod newydd y prynhawn yma, Janet Haworth, sef yr Aelod Ceidwadol newydd dros ranbarth Gogledd Cymru. Rydym yn falch iawn o’ch gweld chi yma, ac edrychwn ymlaen at eich cyfraniadau yma yn y Siambr a thu hwnt. Hoffwn eich gwahodd nawr i ddweud ychydig eiriau.
Thank you. As this is my first opportunity to speak in the Chamber, I would like to extend my thanks to the Assembly staff and fellow Members, who are all helping me to settle in—you are. I’m very appreciative. My predecessor, Antoinette Sandbach MP—I do like saying that—is very much in my thoughts as I stand here picking up the baton she has passed to me. I aim to continue Antoinette’s good work, on behalf of the people of north Wales. The residents of Eddisbury are very fortunate to have her as their Member of Parliament.
Diolch yn fawr. Gan mai hwn yw fy nghyfle cyntaf i siarad yn y Siambr, hoffwn ddiolch i staff y Cynulliad a'm cyd Aelodau, sydd i gyd yn fy helpu i ymgartrefu—mi ydych chi. Rwy'n ei werthfawrogi’n fawr. Mae fy rhagflaenydd, Antoinette Sandbach AS—rwyf yn hoffi dweud hynna—yn flaenllaw iawn yn fy meddwl wrth i mi sefyll yma’n codi'r baton y mae hi wedi ei roi i mi. Rwy’n bwriadu parhau gwaith da Antoinette, ar ran pobl y gogledd. Mae trigolion Eddisbury yn ffodus iawn o’i chael hi fel eu Haelod Seneddol.
Foremost in my thoughts, of course, is the shadow environment and sustainability brief, which has passed to me. It seems to me we can’t have one without the other. They are the bedrock of the future of Wales. This is also an exciting time to be joining the Welsh Assembly: a time of change. Cicero once described politics as history on the wing. There is the opportunity in this Chamber to make history. An education service that offers equality of opportunity, and a national health service free at the point of need—these two services are admired across the world, and it is important we celebrate their successes. But we must not shy away from highlighting where they are failing. I will not be afraid to stand up for the concerns of my constituents in North Wales.
Yr hyn sydd flaenaf yn fy meddyliau, wrth gwrs, yw briff amgylchedd a chynaliadwyedd yr wrthblaid, sydd wedi trosglwyddo i mi. Mae'n ymddangos i mi na allwn ni gael yr un heb y llall. Maen nhw’n sylfaen i ddyfodol Cymru. Mae hwn hefyd yn amser cyffrous i ymuno â Chynulliad Cymru: cyfnod o newid. Disgrifiodd Cicero gwleidyddiaeth unwaith fel hanes ar yr adain. Ceir cyfle yn y Siambr hon i greu hanes. Gwasanaeth addysg sy'n cynnig cyfle cyfartal, a gwasanaeth iechyd gwladol sydd am ddim ar y pwynt angen—edmygir y ddau wasanaeth hyn ledled y byd, ac mae'n bwysig ein bod yn dathlu eu llwyddiannau. Ond mae'n rhaid i ni beidio ag osgoi tynnu sylw at ble maen nhw’n methu. Ni fyddaf i yn ofni sefyll dros bryderon fy etholwyr yng Ngogledd Cymru.
But I would like to finish on a lighter note. Colleagues, I know that you are all avid watchers of the Welsh news, and I know you would’ve seen the feature on the Girl Guides, where the girls were being asked to think about the opportunities for women to become more involved in politics. I was once a girl guide, and, if any of those girls are watching today, I would just like to say to them: ‘Come on in; you can do this’.
Ond hoffwn orffen ar nodyn ysgafnach. Gydweithwyr, gwn eich bod i gyd yn wylwyr brwd newyddion Cymru, a gwn y byddwch chi wedi gweld y darn ar y Geidiaid, pryd y gofynnwyd i’r merched feddwl am y cyfleoedd i fenywod gymryd mwy o ran mewn gwleidyddiaeth. Roeddwn i’n geid ar un adeg, ac, os oes unrhyw un o’r merched hynny’n gwylio heddiw, hoffwn ddweud wrthyn nhw: 'Dewch i mewn; gallwch chi wneud hyn'.
Thank you. [Applause.]
Diolch yn fawr. [Cymeradwyaeth.]
Y Dirprwy Lywydd / The Deputy Presiding OfficerBywgraffiadBiography
Thank you very much.
Diolch yn fawr iawn.
1. Cwestiynau i’r Prif Weinidog
1. Questions to the First Minister
Y Dirprwy Lywydd / The Deputy Presiding OfficerBywgraffiadBiography
Item 1: questions to the First Minister. Question 1 is from Aled Roberts.
Eitem 1: Cwestiynau i’r Prif Weinidog. Daw Cwestiwn 1 gan Aled Roberts.
Bwrdd Iechyd Lleol Prifysgol Betsi Cadwaladr
Betsi Cadwaladr University Local Health Board
1. Pa gamau y mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn eu cymryd i fonitro ymateb Bwrdd Iechyd Lleol Prifysgol Betsi Cadwaladr i bwysau ar wasanaethau brys yng Ngogledd Cymru? OAQ(4)2305(FM)
1. What steps is the Welsh Government taking to monitor the response of Betsi Cadwaladr University Local Health Board to pressures on emergency services in North Wales? OAQ(4)2305(FM)
Carwyn JonesBywgraffiadBiographyY Prif Weinidog / The First Minister
Mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn gweithio gyda’r byrddau iechyd, gan gynnwys bwrdd iechyd prifysgol Betsi Cadwaladr, wrth gwrs, ac rydym ni’n gwneud hwnnw’n ddyddiol, i fonitro’r pwysau ar adrannau damweiniau ac achosion brys a gwasanaethau ambiwlans.
Welsh Government works with health boards including Betsi Cadwaladr university health board, of course, and we do that on a daily basis, to monitor pressures on A&E and ambulance services.
Diolch am yr ymateb.
Thank you for the response.
I was going to refer to a number of reports that I’ve had the misfortune of reading over the past week, as far as the performance of Betsi Cadwaladr is concerned, and I had thought that we would have the opportunity to consider that in a statement this afternoon, although I understand that now that has been withdrawn. I would therefore ask you to outline what steps the Welsh Government has taken with regard to unannounced inspection reports at the accident and emergency department at Wrexham Maelor Hospital in September and October, which led to an action plan being agreed by Betsi Cadwaladr in December 2014, an action plan that did not appear on the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales website until my office requested a copy on 28 May. That included a review being undertaken at A&E in Wrexham, which identified that it was understaffed by 15.81 whole-time equivalents, and had a budget deficit of £664,000. It also mentioned that that emergency department had not met any of the Welsh Government’s emergency targets either during or after the review. I can see no discussion of that report subsequent to January 2014. What have Healthcare Inspectorate Wales and the Welsh Government done to ensure that Betsi has actually responded to that one particular report, if none other?
Roeddwn i’n mynd i gyfeirio at nifer o adroddiadau i mi fod yn ddigon anffodus o orfod eu darllen dros yr wythnos ddiwethaf, cyn belled ag y mae perfformiad Betsi Cadwaladr yn y cwestiwn, ac roeddwn i wedi meddwl y byddem ni’n cael y cyfle i ystyried hynny mewn datganiad y prynhawn yma, er fy mod i’n deall bod hwnnw wedi ei dynnu'n ôl erbyn hyn. Byddwn yn gofyn i chi felly amlinellu pa gamau mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi eu cymryd o ran adroddiadau arolygu dirybudd yn yr adran damweiniau ac achosion brys yn Ysbyty Maelor Wrecsam ym mis Medi a mis Hydref, a arweiniodd at gynllun gweithredu y cytunwyd arno gan Betsi Cadwaladr ym mis Rhagfyr 2014, cynllun gweithredu na ymddangosodd ar wefan Arolygiaeth Gofal Iechyd Cymru tan i fy swyddfa i ofyn am gopi ar 28 Mai. Roedd hwnnw’n cynnwys cynnal adolygiad yn adran damweiniau ac achosion brys Wrecsam, a nododd ei fod yn brin o 15.81 o weithwyr cyfwerth ag amser cyflawn o ran staff, a bod diffyg o £664,000 yn y gyllideb. Soniodd hefyd nad oedd yr adran achosion brys wedi bodloni unrhyw un o dargedau brys Llywodraeth Cymru naill ai yn ystod nac ar ôl yr adolygiad. Ni allaf weld unrhyw drafodaeth ar yr adroddiad hwnnw ar ôl Ionawr 2014. Beth mae Arolygiaeth Gofal Iechyd Cymru a Llywodraeth Cymru wedi ei wneud i sicrhau bod Betsi wedi ymateb i’r un adroddiad penodol hwnnw, os nad unrhyw un arall?
Carwyn JonesBywgraffiadBiographyY Prif Weinidog / The First Minister
Yes, we’ve been very clear with Betsi that patient flow has to improve at the Maelor emergency department. The health board itself has provided assurance that it will be focusing on the four-hour target specifically over the coming months and, of course, focus is being placed on actions to prevent patients from being admitted to hospital, where that’s appropriate, including the use of a pharmacy pilot in the emergency department itself. There are other examples of what has happened since. New hospital directors have taken up post. There’s been increased integration with social services for timely discharge, and implementation of updated discharge policy to provide patients and carers with information on choice. There is a Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust pathfinder project that’s been put in place to show how to redirect triage category blue patients to alternative pathways, and outreach from the emergency department to care homes to maintain patients in their normal place of residence, other than having to come into hospital. That’s specific to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, I should mention. We know that emergency services are an issue across the whole of the UK, in terms of increasing demand. Nevertheless, much has been done in the Maelor in order to seek to improve the service.
Ydym, rydym ni wedi bod yn eglur iawn gyda Betsi bod yn rhaid i lif cleifion wella yn adran achosion brys Maelor. Mae'r bwrdd iechyd ei hun wedi rhoi sicrwydd y bydd yn canolbwyntio ar y targed pedair awr yn benodol dros y misoedd nesaf ac, wrth gwrs, mae pwyslais yn cael ei roi ar gamau gweithredu i atal cleifion rhag cael eu derbyn i'r ysbyty, pan fo hynny'n briodol, gan gynnwys defnyddio cynllun arbrofol fferylliaeth yn yr adran achosion brys ei hun. Ceir enghreifftiau eraill o’r hyn sydd wedi digwydd ers hynny. Mae cyfarwyddwyr ysbyty newydd wedi dechrau yn eu swyddi. Bu integreiddio cynyddol â gwasanaethau cymdeithasol ar gyfer rhyddhau cleifion yn amserol, a gweithredu polisi rhyddhau wedi’i ddiweddaru i roi gwybodaeth am ddewis i gleifion a gofalwyr. Ceir prosiect braenaru Ymddiriedolaeth GIG Gwasanaethau Ambiwlans Cymru a roddwyd ar waith i ddangos sut i ailgyfeirio cleifion categori brysbennu glas i lwybrau amgen, ac allgymorth o'r adran achosion brys i gartrefi gofal i gadw cleifion yn eu mannau preswyl arferol, yn hytrach na gorfod dod i mewn i'r ysbyty. Mae hynny'n benodol i Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, dylwn i ddweud. Gwyddom fod gwasanaethau brys yn broblem ar draws y DU gyfan, o ran y galw cynyddol. Serch hynny, mae llawer wedi ei wneud ym Maelor er mwyn ceisio gwella'r gwasanaeth.
First Minister, following the critical report on the out-of-hours GP services, especially from Glan Clwyd Hospital, I think, at the time, I raised the issue about the fact that there are many issues that many people will turn up at A&E for, without having to. Part of that problem is the out-of-hours service not functioning as they correctly believe it should. The other problem, of course, is GPs and people not being able to get appointments at a GP. I remember a time when somebody once—
Brif Weinidog, yn dilyn yr adroddiad beirniadol ar y gwasanaethau meddygon teulu y tu allan i oriau arferol, yn enwedig o Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, rwy’n credu, ar y pryd, i mi godi'r mater ynghylch y ffaith bod yna lawer o faterion y bydd llawer o bobl yn troi i fyny mewn adrannau damweiniau ac achosion brys o’u herwydd, heb fod angen. Rhan o'r broblem honno yw'r ffaith nad yw’r gwasanaeth y tu allan i oriau arferol yn gweithredu fel maen nhw’n credu’n gywir y dylai. Y broblem arall, wrth gwrs, yw meddygon teulu a’r ffaith nad yw pobl yn gallu cael apwyntiadau gyda meddyg teulu. Rwy’n cofio adeg pan ddywedodd rhywun wrthyf unwaith—
Y Dirprwy Lywydd / The Deputy Presiding OfficerBywgraffiadBiography
Question now, please.
Cwestiwn nawr, os gwelwch yn dda.
Somebody once said to me that they would wait until after 6 o’clock and turn up at the A&E. What’s your Government doing to ensure that we have that seamless transfer through, for people to get those appointments, so they don’t have to attend A&E?
Dywedodd rhywun wrthyf unwaith y byddai’n aros tan ar ôl 6 o'r gloch a mynd i’r adran damweiniau ac achosion brys. Beth mae eich Llywodraeth yn ei wneud i sicrhau bod y trosglwyddiad di-dor hwnnw gennym, i bobl gael yr apwyntiadau hynny, fel nad oes rhaid iddyn nhw fynd i adrannau damweiniau ac achosion brys?
Carwyn JonesBywgraffiadBiographyY Prif Weinidog / The First Minister
Well, we have, of course, increased the percentage of surgeries that are open at least one evening a week. The Member will know, of course, our manifesto pledge with regard to that and weekends. It’s more difficult, of course, because GPs are private contractors. They technically don’t work for the health service in that sense. To an extent, they operate as independent contractors—those that are part of the independent contractor model.
Wel, rydym ni wedi, wrth gwrs, cynyddu canran y meddygfeydd sydd ar agor o leiaf un noswaith yr wythnos. Bydd yr Aelod yn gwybod, wrth gwrs, ein haddewid maniffesto o ran hynny ac ar benwythnosau. Mae'n anoddach, wrth gwrs, gan fod meddygon teulu yn gontractwyr preifat. Nid ydynt yn gweithio i’r gwasanaeth iechyd yn dechnegol yn yr ystyr hwnnw. I raddau, maen nhw’n gweithredu fel contractwyr annibynnol—y rhai sy'n rhan o'r model contractwyr annibynnol. 
In terms of diverting people away from A&E when they don’t need to attend A&E, I know that Betsi Cadwaladr have an active Choose Well campaign highlighted on their web page. They also host an all-Wales, 24-hour telephone advice line for mental health, called CALL Helpline, which offers both a listening and directional support service for those who are in need.
O ran dargyfeirio pobl oddi wrth adrannau damweiniau ac achosion brys pan nad oes angen iddyn nhw fynd i adrannau damweiniau ac achosion brys, gwn fod gan Betsi Cadwaladr ymgyrch Dewis Doeth weithredol wedi’i hamlygu ar eu gwefan. Maen nhw hefyd yn cynnal, llinell gyngor 24 awr Cymru gyfan ar gyfer iechyd meddwl, o’r enw Llinell Gymorth CALL, sy'n cynnig gwasanaeth gwrando a chymorth cyfeirio i’r rhai hynny sydd mewn angen.
First Minister, one critical part of our unscheduled care system, of course, is that GP out-of-hours service, but we know from the report that was published by the Betsi Cadwaladr health board that there are some serious failings in the governance arrangements around that service. As a result of those, 84 per cent of the people who work within it feel that the service is not always safe, and that the information that’s flowing back to the Welsh Government is that that service is failing on every measure for the people of north Wales. Given that it’s being reported back to you on a weekly basis, what action is your Government going to take to improve the situation in GP out-of-hours services in north Wales, so that people can have confidence when they use them?
Brif Weinidog, un rhan hanfodol o'n system gofal heb ei drefnu, wrth gwrs, yw’r gwasanaeth meddygon teulu y tu allan i oriau hwnnw, ond gwyddom o'r adroddiad a gyhoeddwyd gan fwrdd iechyd Betsi Cadwaladr bod rhai methiannau difrifol yn y trefniadau llywodraethu ynghylch y gwasanaeth hwnnw. O ganlyniad i’r rheini, mae 84 y cant o'r bobl sy'n gweithio yn y gwasanaeth yn teimlo nad yw bob amser yn ddiogel, ac mai’r wybodaeth sy'n llifo yn ôl i Lywodraeth Cymru yw bod y gwasanaeth hwnnw yn methu o ran bob mesur ar gyfer pobl y gogledd. O ystyried bod hyn yn cael ei adrodd yn ôl i chi’n wythnosol, pa gamau mae eich Llywodraeth yn mynd i'w cymryd i wella'r sefyllfa mewn gwasanaethau meddygon teulu y tu allan i oriau yn y gogledd, fel y gall pobl fod yn hyderus pan fyddant yn eu defnyddio?
Carwyn JonesBywgraffiadBiographyY Prif Weinidog / The First Minister
We expect the local health board, of course, to take cognisance of the report and to act upon it. It’s important that, where people feel that out-of-hours is not providing as it should, the LHB takes such steps in order to ensure that it does. It’s not always as easy as it sounds, because it does depend on the goodwill of GPs. As I said, they don’t work for the health service. Nevertheless, it is important that GPs feel supported when it comes to them wishing to work out of hours. I expect the LHB to take steps as quickly as possible to ensure the situation is as it should be.
Rydym yn disgwyl i'r bwrdd iechyd lleol, wrth gwrs, gymryd sylw o'r adroddiad a gweithredu arno. Mae'n bwysig, pan fo pobl yn teimlo nad yw’r gwasanaeth y tu allan i oriau’n cyflawni fel y dylai, bod y BILl yn cymryd camau o'r fath er mwyn sicrhau ei fod yn gwneud hynny. Nid yw bob amser mor hawdd ag y mae'n swnio, gan ei fod yn dibynnu ar ewyllys da meddygon teulu. Fel y dywedais, nid ydynt yn gweithio i'r gwasanaeth iechyd. Serch hynny, mae'n bwysig bod meddygon teulu yn teimlo eu bod yn cael eu cefnogi pan eu bod yn dymuno gweithio y tu allan i oriau arferol. Rwy’n disgwyl i'r BILl gymryd camau cyn gynted â phosibl i sicrhau bod y sefyllfa fel y dylai fod.
Un o’r pethau sy’n cyfrannu, wrth gwrs, at beth o’r pwysau sydd ar y gwasanaeth iechyd yw’r ffaith nad oes yna ddigon o wlâu yn y system a bod gwlâu’n cael eu blocio o fewn y drefn, a bod yna oblygiadau wedyn, wrth gwrs, i ryddhau pobl o’r unedau brys a damweiniau. A fyddech chi’n cytuno â mi bod y ffaith ein bod ni wedi colli cymaint o ysbytai cymunedol wedi cyfrannu at y broblem yna?
One of the things that contributes, of course, to some of the pressures on the health service is the fact that there aren’t enough beds in the system and that bedblocking happens, which then has implications, of course, in terms of discharging people from accident and emergency units. Would you agree with me that the fact that we have lost so many community hospitals has contributed to this problem?
Carwyn JonesBywgraffiadBiographyY Prif Weinidog / The First Minister
Na, nid wy’n credu bod hynny’n wir yn gyfan gwbl. Beth sy’n bwysig yw bod yna ffordd o sicrhau bod pobl yn gallu mynd tua thref pan maen nhw’n gallu. Rydym ni’n gweld, wrth gwrs, fod trosglwyddiadau o ofal—sef ‘transfers of care’—wedi lleihau yng Nghymru yn ddiweddar. Mae hwnnw’n rhywbeth i’w groesawu, ond beth sy’n bwysig yw bod pobl yn gallu mynd tua thref mor gynted ag sy’n bosibl. A hefyd, wrth gwrs, mae yna lot fawr o driniaethau nawr sydd ar gael lle o’r blaen roedd pobl yn mynd i’r ysbyty, efallai dros nos; nid oes eisiau iddyn nhw wneud hynny. Ond beth sy’n bwysig yw bod awdurdodau lleol yn gweithio gyda’r byrddau iechyd er mwyn sicrhau bod pobl yn gallu mynd tua thref pan maen nhw’n barod i wneud hynny.
No, I don’t believe that that is entirely the case. What’s important is that we ensure that there is a way for people to go home when they can. We’ve seen, of course, that the number of transfers of care has reduced in Wales recently. That is something to be welcomed, but what is important is that people can go home as quickly as possible. And also, of course, there are a great many treatments available now where previously people had to go to hospital, perhaps overnight; there is no longer any need for them to do so. But what’s important is that local authorities work with the health boards to ensure that people can go home when they are ready to do so.
Adeiladu Tai Newydd
Building New Homes
Mark IsherwoodBywgraffiadBiography
2. Sut y mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn cynyddu nifer y tai newydd sy’n cael eu hadeiladu yng Nghymru? OAQ(4)2297(FM)
2. How is the Welsh Government increasing the number of new homes being built in Wales? OAQ(4)2297(FM)
Carwyn JonesBywgraffiadBiographyY Prif Weinidog / The First Minister
A number of measures: Help to Buy—Wales, the social housing grant programme, reforming the planning system, and a new housing finance grant.
Ceir nifer o fesurau: Cymorth i Brynu—Cymru, y rhaglen grant tai cymdeithasol, diwygio'r system gynllunio, a grant cyllid tai newydd.
Mark IsherwoodBywgraffiadBiography
Thank you. Well, how will the Welsh Government be responding to the two new reports completed by NLP Planning for the house-building industry in Wales, which confirm the link between market supply and housing market affordability, but which stated that Wales will need 11,660 new homes built a year, and that new-house building in Wales is currently more than 50 per cent down on what is needed, even excluding catch-up for those who’ve been waiting for the opportunity to form their own households and economic factors?
Diolch yn fawr. Wel, sut bydd Llywodraeth Cymru yn ymateb i'r ddau adroddiad newydd a gwblhawyd gan NLP Planning ar gyfer y diwydiant adeiladu tai yng Nghymru, sy’n cadarnhau'r cysylltiad rhwng cyflenwad y farchnad a fforddiadwyedd y farchnad dai, ond a nododd y bydd angen adeiladu 11,660 o gartrefi newydd y flwyddyn yng Nghymru, a bod gwaith adeiladu tai newydd yng Nghymru yn fwy na 50 y cant yn is na’r hyn sydd ei angen ar hyn o bryd, hyd yn oed heb gynnwys mesurau dal i fyny i’r rhai sydd wedi bod yn aros am y cyfle i ffurfio eu haelwydydd eu hunain a ffactorau economaidd?
Carwyn JonesBywgraffiadBiographyY Prif Weinidog / The First Minister
Well, recent figures show an increase of 31 per cent in the number of new houses started in Wales during October to December of last year, compared to the same quarter in 2013-14. The number of new dwellings completed also increased, up by 12 per cent on the same quarter the previous year. We know that, during 2013-14, the number of new houses started in Wales was up 9 per cent on the previous year, and National House-Building Council figures for 2014 as a whole show that new housing registrations in Wales were up by a third, which is the largest increase reported of any nation or region in the UK. So, I don’t recognise the figures that the Member has put forward as being representative of housing in Wales.
Wel, mae ffigurau diweddar yn dangos cynnydd o 31 y cant i nifer y tai newydd a ddechreuwyd yng Nghymru rhwng mis Hydref a mis Rhagfyr y llynedd, o'i gymharu â'r un chwarter yn 2013-14. Cynyddodd nifer yr anheddau newydd a gwblhawyd hefyd, cynnydd o 12 y cant ar yr un chwarter y flwyddyn flaenorol. Rydym yn gwybod, yn ystod 2013-14, bod nifer y tai newydd a ddechreuwyd yng Nghymru 9 y cant yn uwch na’r flwyddyn flaenorol, ac mae ffigurau’r Cyngor Adeiladu Tai Cenedlaethol ar gyfer 2014 yn ei chyfanrwydd yn dangos bod cofrestriadau tai newydd yng Nghymru wedi cynyddu o draean, sef y cynnydd mwyaf a adroddwyd o unrhyw wlad neu ranbarth yn y DU. Felly, nid wyf yn cydnabod bod y ffigurau y mae’r Aelod wedi eu cyflwyno yn gynrychiadol o dai yng Nghymru.
One thing we will not do, I can promise, is sell off social housing stock, as his party wants to do in England—will do in England—and wants to do in Wales. That is the equivalent of trying to fill up a bath with the plug out. So, we will make sure that affordable housing is available in Wales, even as his party reduces the amount of affordable housing available in En