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Atebion i Gwestiynau nas cyrhaeddwyd yn y Cyfarfod Llawn Answers to Questions not reached in Plenary

Cyhoeddir atebion yn yr iaith y'u darparwyd, gyda chyfieithiad Saesneg o atebion yn y Gymraeg.
Answers are published in the language in which they are provided, with a translation into English of responses provided in Welsh.

[R] yn nodi bod yr Aelod wedi datgan buddiant.
[R]signifies that the Member has declared an interest.

[W]yn nodi bod y cwestiwn wedi'i gyflwyno yn Gymraeg.
[W]signifies that the question was tabled in Welsh.

Cwestiynau i Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet dros yr Amgylchedd a Materion GwledigDiogelwch Tân
Questions to the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural AffairsFire Safety
9. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet roi'r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am ddiogelwch tân yng Ngogledd Cymru? OAQ(5)0166(CC)[W]
9. Will the Cabinet Secretary provide an update on fire safety in North Wales? OAQ(5)0166(CC)[W]
Rydym yn parhau i gefnogi Awdurdod Tân ac Achub Gogledd Cymru i wella diogelwch tân. Rydym wedi rhoi £1.4 miliwn rhwng y tri awdurdod yng Nghymru at y diben hwnnw eleni. Mae’r canlyniadau’n siarad drostynt eu hunain. Mae achosion tân wedi mwy na haneru ers i’r cyfrifoldeb gael ei ddatganoli.
We continue to support the North Wales Fire and Rescue Authority to improve fire safety. We have provided £1.4 million between the three Welsh authorities for that this year. The results speak for themselves. Fires have more than halved since responsibility was devolved.
Rhaglen Cyfleusterau Cymunedol
Community Facilities Programme
Sian GwenllianBywgraffiadBiography
10. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet roi'r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am ariannu cynlluniau o dan y Rhaglen Cyfleusterau Cymunedol ar gyfer 2017-18? OAQ(5)0169(CC)[W]
10. Will the Cabinet Secretary provide an update on funding plans under the Community Facilities Programme for 2017-18? OAQ(5)0169(CC)[W]
Mae’n dda gennyf ddweud y byddaf yn cyhoeddi yfory y dyfarniadau o dan y rhaglen flaenorol ar gyfer cyfleusterau cymunedol. Byddaf yn lansio’r rhaglen wedi’i hadnewyddu cyn y toriad.
I am pleased to say that tomorrow I will be announcing awards under the previous community facilities programme. I will launch the refreshed programme before recess.
Cymunedau Ffydd
Faith Communities
11. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet roi'r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am ymgysylltiad Llywodraeth Cymru â chymunedau ffydd yng Nghymru? OAQ(5)0168(CC)
11. Will the Cabinet Secretary provide an update on Welsh Government engagement with faith communities in Wales? OAQ(5)0168(CC)
Faith leaders meet with me and the First Minister twice a year through the faith communities forum to discuss issues affecting the economic, social and cultural life of Wales. This reflects the Welsh Government’s commitment to working with faith groups at all levels to promote understanding and foster community cohesion.
Diogelwch Cymunedol
Community Safety
Janet Finch-SaundersBywgraffiadBiography
12. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet ddatganiad am gamau y mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi'u cymryd i wella diogelwch cymunedol? OAQ(5)0170(CC)
12. Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on steps the Welsh Government has taken to improve community safety? OAQ(5)0170(CC)
On 7 February I announced a review of the way public services work together to help make our communities safer. The Working Together for Safer Communities review is progressing well and I anticipate making a statement in the autumn outlining our ambitious shared vision for safer communities for future generations.
Cyfleusterau a Pharciau Lleol
Local Parks and Facilities
13. Pa gynlluniau Llywodraeth Cymru sydd ar gael i helpu grwpiau cymunedol sydd am wella cyfleusterau a pharciau lleol yng Nghasnewydd? OAQ(5)0158(CC)
13. What Welsh Government schemes are available to help community groups looking to improve local parks and facilities in Newport? OAQ(5)0158(CC)
The community facilities programme is a potential source of funding for projects aiming to improve local facilities, including parks. It is currently being refreshed and will reopen shortly for applications from across Wales. Priority will be given to applications from former Communities First clusters.
'Adeiladu ar gyfer y Dyfodol'
'Building for the Future'
Huw Irranca-DaviesBywgraffiadBiography
14. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet roi'r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am y ceisiadau a gaiff eu hystyried ar gyfer y gronfa 'Adeiladu ar gyfer y Dyfodol'? OAQ(5)0163(CC)
14. Will the Cabinet Secretary provide an update on the consideration of bids for the 'Building for the Future' fund? OAQ(5)0163(CC)
My officials are working with partners across Wales in order to offer advice and guidance on the development of the detailed business cases required to allow appropriate scrutiny of proposals seeking ‘Building for the Future’ funding.
Tai Cyngor
Council Housing
15. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet roi'r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am adeiladu tai cyngor yng Nghymru? OAQ(5)0159(CC)
15. Will the Cabinet Secretary provide an update on the building of council housing in Wales? OAQ(5)0159(CC)
Since April 2015, local housing authorities are able to build their own council homes and have committed to deliver 1,000 new council homes under our housing pact with the WLGA and Community Housing Cymru. In your area, Swansea council are developing two sites which will be built to Passivhaus standards.
Cwestiynau i Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet dros Gymunedau a PhlantAnsawdd Dŵr
Questions to the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and ChildrenWater Quality
11. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet ddatganiad am ansawdd dŵr yng Nghanolbarth a Gorllewin Cymru? OAQ(5)0163(ERA)[W]
11. Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on water quality in Mid and West Wales? OAQ(5)0163(ERA)[W]
Lesley GriffithsBywgraffiadBiography
Yng Nghymru, mae gennym ansawdd dŵr sydd gyda’r gorau yn Ewrop, ac ansawdd ein dyfroedd ymdrochi yw’r gorau ar dir mawr Prydain, gyda 45 o faneri’n cael eu dyfarnu bob blwyddyn. Mae gennym gynlluniau yn yr arfaeth hefyd i wella ansawdd ein nentydd a’n hafonydd ymhellach dros y 4 blynedd nesaf.
In Wales we have some of the best water quality in Europe, with our bathing waters having the highest quality in mainland Britain with 45 blue flags awarded this year. We also have plans in place to further improve the quality of our streams and rivers over the next 4 years.
12. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet ddatganiad am ganllawiau a roddwyd i awdurdodau lleol mewn perthynas â materion cynllunio? OAQ(5)0162(ERA)
12. Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on guidance issued to local authorities in relation to planning matters? OAQ(5)0162(ERA)
Lesley GriffithsBywgraffiadBiography
‘Planning Policy Wales’ and technical advice notes provide a robust policy framework to inform land use planning decisions in Wales. These are supplemented with practice and procedural guidance and information when appropriate. We keep our planning policies up to date through regular reviews, informed by relevant evidence and consultation.
Effeithlonrwydd Ynni
Energy Efficiency
Mark IsherwoodBywgraffiadBiography
13. Sut y mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn cynyddu effeithlonrwydd ynni yng Nghymru? OAQ(5)0165(ERA)
13. How is the Welsh Government increasing energy efficiency in Wales? OAQ(5)0165(ERA)
Lesley GriffithsBywgraffiadBiography
We are supporting domestic, business and public sector consumers with a range of measures to increase energy efficiency. Support includes our Welsh Government Warm Homes programme, the Welsh quality housing standard, Green Growth Wales support for the public sector and support to businesses through Business Wales.
Mynediad i Gefn Gwlad
Access to the Countryside
Rhianon PassmoreBywgraffiadBiography
14. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet ddatganiad am gynlluniau Llywodraeth Cymru i gynyddu mynediad i gefn gwlad yn ne-ddwyrain Cymru? OAQ(5)0156(ERA)
14. Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on the Welsh Government's plans to increase access to the countryside in south-east Wales? OAQ(5)0156(ERA)
Lesley GriffithsBywgraffiadBiography
The Welsh Government recently published for consultation ‘Taking Forward Wales’ Sustainable Management of Natural Resources’. This paper includes proposals on improving opportunities for public access to the outdoors. The consultation was launched on 21 June. It will run for 12 weeks and close on 13 September.
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