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Atebion i Gwestiynau nas cyrhaeddwyd yn y Cyfarfod Llawn Answers to Questions not reached in Plenary

Cyhoeddir atebion yn yr iaith y'u darparwyd, gyda chyfieithiad Saesneg o atebion yn y Gymraeg.
Answers are published in the language in which they are provided, with a translation into English of responses provided in Welsh.

[R] yn nodi bod yr Aelod wedi datgan buddiant.
[R]signifies that the Member has declared an interest.

[W]yn nodi bod y cwestiwn wedi'i gyflwyno yn Gymraeg.
[W]signifies that the question was tabled in Welsh.

Cwestiynau i'r Gweinidog Cyfoeth NaturiolPeilonau ar Ynys Môn
Questions to the Minister for Natural ResourcesPylons on Anglesey
Rhun ap IorwerthBywgraffiadBiography
9. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am y bwriad i godi peilonau ar Ynys Môn? OAQ(4)0401(NR)[W] Trosglwyddwyd i'w ateb yn ysgrifenedig gan Weinidog yr Economi, Gwyddoniaeth a Thrafnidiaeth
9. Will the Minister make a statement on the planned construction of pylons on Anglesey? OAQ(4)0401(NR)[W] Transferred for written answer by the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport
Edwina HartBywgraffiadBiographyGweinidog yr Economi, Gwyddoniaeth a Thrafnidiaeth / The Minister for Economy, Science and Transport
Mater i Lywodraeth y DU yw’r cyfrifoldeb am gysylltiadau â’r grid, ac mae hynny’n cynnwys codi peilonau.
Responsibility for connection to the grid, including construction of pylons, is a matter for the UK Government.
Cefnogaeth ar gyfer Ffermwyr yn Sir Benfro
Support for Farmers in Pembrokeshire
10. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am gefnogaeth Llywodraeth Cymru ar gyfer ffermwyr yn Sir Benfro? OAQ(4)0396(NR)
10. Will the Minister make a statement on the Welsh Government's support for farmers in Pembrokeshire? OAQ(4)0396(NR)
Rebecca EvansBywgraffiadBiographyY Dirprwy Weinidog Ffermio a Bwyd / The Deputy Minister for Farming and Food
Farmers in the Pembrokeshire area received over £20 million during the single paymenet scheme window of 2014-15 and have received over £1 million in the latest Glastir schemes payments windows. During the last Farming Connect programme, we supported 280 farm businesses in Pembrokeshire in the form of subsidised one-to-one services and its Agri-Academy had seven alumni from Pembrokeshire. We will continue to support farmers across Wales.
Atal Llifogydd yn y Dyfodol
The Prevention of Future Flooding Incidents
11. Pa drafodaethau y mae'r Gweinidog wedi'u cael gyda chynrychiolwyr y diwydiant ffermio i sefydlu cynlluniau a allai atal achosion o lifogydd yn y dyfodol? OAQ(4)0408(NR)
11. What discussions has the Minister had with farming industry representatives to establish schemes which could prevent future flooding incidents? OAQ(4)0408(NR)
Carl SargeantBywgraffiadBiographyY Gweinidog Cyfoeth Naturiol / The Minister for Natural Resources
Natural Resources Wales already hold discussions with farmers and rural landowners around schemes to lower flood risk. A recent example of a scheme utilising farmland to prevent flooding downstream is at Pontarddulais.
Y Cynllun Taliad Sylfaenol
The Basic Payment Scheme
Russell GeorgeBywgraffiadBiography
12. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am ganran y ffermwyr sydd wedi cael eu taliadau, yn llawn ac yn rhannol, o dan y cynllun taliad sylfaenol? OAQ(4)0404(NR)
12. Will the Minister make a statement on the percentage of farmers who have received their payments, in full and in part, under the Basic Payment Scheme? OAQ(4)0404(NR)
Within a payment window commencing 1 December 2015 and ending 30 June 2016, we have part-paid 80 per cent of farm businesses and are processing the remaining claims. Farmers who have not received payment will soon receive a letter updating them on progress and when they should expect payment. We will pay the remaining claims over the coming weeks, and pay the final instalments during April.
Swyddogion Cynllunio
Planning Officers
William PowellBywgraffiadBiography
13. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am hyfforddiant a safonau proffesiynol swyddogion cynllunio yng Nghymru? OAQ(4)0405(NR)
13. Will the Minister make a statement on the training and professional standards of planning officers in Wales? OAQ(4)0405(NR)
Professional planners who are members of the Royal Town Planning Institute must obtain an accredited postgraduate qualification and undertake at least 25 hours of continued professional development a year to maintain and develop their skills and expertise.
Dympio Gwastraff yn Anghyfreithlon
Illegal Dumping of Waste
14. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am y camau y gall Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru eu cymryd os caiff gwastraff ei ddympio yn anghyfreithlon? OAQ(4)0402(NR)
14. Will the Minister make a statement on the action that Natural Resources Wales can take following the illegal dumping of waste? OAQ(4)0402(NR)
NRW can take a range of actions including prosecution, and notices on the occupier or landowner to require them to reduce the risk of pollution or to remove the waste. If the person served with a notice fails to comply, NRW can undertake the actions and recover any costs incurred.
Yr Adolygiad o MTAN2
The Review of MTAN2
15. A wnaiff y Gweinidog roi'r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am yr adolygiad manwl o MTAN2? OAQ(4)0410(NR)
15. Will the Minister provide an update on the work of the focused review of MTAN2? OAQ(4)0410(NR)
Work is in hand to update MTAN2. I expect to launch a draft of the revised document in March for consultation purposes.
Cwestiynau i’r Gweinidog Cymunedau a Threchu TlodiMynd i’r Afael â Gwrth-Semitiaeth
Questions to the Minister for Communities and Tackling PovertyAddressing Anti-Semitism
12. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am y camau a gaiff eu cymryd i fynd i'r afael â gwrth-Semitiaeth yng Nghymru? OAQ(4)0416(CTP)
12. Will the Minister make a statement on action being taken to address anti-Semitism in Wales? OAQ(4)0416(CTP)
Lesley GriffithsBywgraffiadBiographyY Gweinidog Cymunedau a Threchu Tlodi / The Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty
The Welsh Government is implementing our hate crimes and incidents framework to tackle all racially and religiously motivated hate crimes. The Welsh Government funds the National Hate Crime Report and Support Centre, and educational resources have been provided for schools in partnership with the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.
Y Sector Wirfoddol (Gogledd Cymru)
The Voluntary Sector (North Wales)
13. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am flaenoriaethau Llywodraeth Cymru ar gyfer y sector wirfoddol yng Ngogledd Cymru? OAQ(4)0419(CTP)
13. Will the Minister make a statement on the Welsh Government's priorities for the voluntary sector in North Wales? OAQ(4)0419(CTP)
Lesley GriffithsBywgraffiadBiography
The Welsh Government has continually acknowledged the importance of voluntary efforts within our communities. My priority is to ensure the contribution of volunteers is recognised and to continue to do what we can to support voluntary organisations continue their important work and thrive.
Cymunedau yn Gyntaf
Communities First
14. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am yr effaith y mae Cymunedau yn Gyntaf yn ei chael ar gymunedau yn Aberafan? OAQ(4)0424(CTP)
14. Will the Minister make a statement on the impact Communities First is having on communities in Aberavon? OAQ(4)0424(CTP)
Lesley GriffithsBywgraffiadBiography
Communities First works intensively with people in Aberavon, helping improve their skills, providing employment support, learning opportunities and encouraging healthier lifestyles. For example, NSA Afan, the lead delivery body, reported 589 people benefited from employment projects and 263 children engaged in learning projects, leading to improved behaviour and school attendance.
Trechu Tlodi (Blaenoriaethau)
Tackling Poverty (Priorities)
15. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am ei blaenoriaethau ar gyfer trechu tlodi am weddill tymor y Cynulliad hwn? OAQ(4)0425(CTP)
15. Will the Minister make a statement on her priorities for tackling poverty for the remainder of this Assembly term? OAQ(4)0425(CTP)
Lesley GriffithsBywgraffiadBiography
Increasing people’s employability and improving outcomes in the early years is our focus. In addition, last week I asked officials to write to local authorities setting out the actions we will take to further align our tackling poverty programmes.
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