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TABLED ON 28/03/17

R Signifies the Member has declared an interest


OPIN-2017-0036 - The relocation of Department for Work and Pensions jobs

Raised By:

Lynne Neagle
Dawn Bowden
Jayne Bryant
John Griffiths
Julie Morgan
Hefin David

Vikki Howells
Steffan Lewis 29/3/17
Neil Hamilton 29/3/17
Mike Hedges 29/3/17
Eluned Morgan 29/3/17
Simon Thomas 29/3/17
Jenny Rathbone 30/3/17
Rhianon Passmore 31/03/17
Mark Reckless 31/03/17
This Assembly:

­Strongly opposes the UK Government's proposals to relocate jobs and offices in Wales as part of their plans for the future of the Department for Work and Pensions estate;

­Regrets the lack of consultation with Welsh Government when considering these proposals which could have a devastating impact on local communities in Wales;

­Notes the importance of spreading employment and prosperity throughout the country in line with the Better Jobs, Closer to home campaign;

­Calls on Welsh Government to oppose the proposals and to work with the UK Government to find alternatives to the closure of local offices.

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