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TABLED ON 8/11/16

R Signifies the Member has declared an interest

OPIN-2016-0023 Support for Bashir Naderi
Raised By:

Jenny Rathbone


Vikki Howells 8/11/16
Neil McEvoy 8/11/16
Bethan Jenkins 8/11/16
Lynne Neagle 8/11/16
Rhianon Passmore 8/11/16
David Rees 8/11/16
Mike Hedges 8/11/16
Julie Morgan 8/11/16
Hefin David 8/11/16
Dai Lloyd 8/11/16
Simon Thomas 8/11/16
Steffan Lewis 8/11/16
John Griffiths 8/11/16
David Rowlands 9/11/16
Angela Burns 9/11/16
Huw Irranca-Davies 10/11/16
Hannah Blythyn 10/11/16
Dawn Bowden 11/11/16
Joyce Watson 14/11/16
Llyr Gruffydd 14/11/16
Support for Bashir Naderi

This Assembly:

  • Welcomes the Order to stay the UK Government's decision to forcibly remove Bashir Naderi to Afghanistan, an unsafe area of conflict, and the Judicial Review now underway.


  • Acknowledges that Bashir fled from Afghanistan aged 10 following his father's murder, has spent half his life in Wales, grown up in Cardiff with a foster family, gained 9 GCSEs, and is now studying at Cardiff and Vale College.


  • Notes Bashir has made a valuable contribution to the community that has offered him refuge, and has the support of his Welsh family, and thousands of people in Wales.

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