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Cofnod y Trafodion
The Record of Proceedings

Dydd Mercher, 11 Mai 2011
Wednesday, 11 May2011


Teyrnged er cof am Brynle Williams, cyn Aelod Cynulliad
Obituary Tribute to Brynle Williams, former Assembly Member

Ethol Llywydd o dan Reol Sefydlog Rhif 6
Election of the Presiding Officer under Standing Order No. 6

Ethol Dirprwy Lywydd o dan Reol Sefydlog Rhif 6
Election of the Deputy Presiding Officer under Standing Order No. 6

Enwebu Prif Weinidog o dan Reol Sefydlog Rhif 8
Nomination of First Minister under Standing Order No. 8

Yn y golofn chwith, cofnodwyd y trafodion yn yr iaith y llefarwyd hwy ynddi yn y Siambr. Yn ogystal, cynhwysir cyfieithiad Saesneg o gyfraniadau yn y Gymraeg.
In the left-hand column, the proceedings are recorded in the language in which they were spoken in the Chamber. In addition, an English translation of Welsh speeches is included.

Cyfarfu’r Cynulliad am 3 p.m. gyda’r Llywydd (Dafydd Elis-Thomas) yn y Gadair.
The Assembly met at 3 p.m. with the Presiding Officer (Dafydd Elis-Thomas) in the Chair.

The Record

Y Llywydd: Trefn yng nghyfarfod cyntaf y pedwerydd Cynulliad.

The Presiding Officer: Order in the first meeting of the fourth Assembly.

Teyrnged er cof am Brynle Williams, cyn Aelod Cynulliad
Obituary Tribute to Brynle Williams, former Assembly Member

The Record

Y Llywydd: Fy nyletswydd athrist cyntaf yw coffáu ein diweddar gyd-Aelod Cynulliad Brynle Williams, a fu farw yn y tresi, mor anhymig yn 62 oed yn unig, ychydig cyn diwedd y trydydd Cynulliad. Felly, gwahoddaf arweinydd yr wrthblaid, Paul Davies, i arwain teyrngedau.

The Presiding Officer: My first very sad duty is to commemorate our late former Assembly Member colleague Brynle Williams, whose untimely passing at the age of just 62 came when he was still in harness, shortly before the end of the third Assembly. I therefore invite the leader of the opposition, Paul Davies, to lead the obituary tributes.

The Record

The Interim Leader of the Welsh Conservative Group (Paul Davies): It is with a heavy heart that I stand here today to pay this tribute to our friend and colleague Brynle Williams. The Welsh Conservative Party is devastated by the loss of one of its most prominent political characters. Brynle was a loyal Member, a true friend and one of the greatest advocates of farming and the countryside that this institution has probably ever seen. Today, I would like to pay tribute to his legacy. It was a legacy that was constructive in the way in which he held the Welsh Assembly Government to account, but, at the same time, was always prepared to work constructively with Government Ministers, as I am sure Members will acknowledge. He always considered himself a man of the countryside, a man connected to the landscape. He considered himself to be a man of the countryside first and foremost, I think. Being a politician was secondary for Brynle. That was the nature of the man: people always came first with him. He cared passionately about people. Brynle was universally popular across the Assembly Chamber, and it is only right and proper that we pay tribute to him today. He will be remembered fondly for years to come by everyone who met him. Who can forget his sense of humour and unique style? He brightened up a room when he entered it and he always brought a smile to our faces.

Brynle’s loss is a huge loss to his family, a loss to the Welsh Conservative Party, a loss to the people of north Wales, a loss to this institution and a loss to this nation. It has been a privilege to have been a close friend of Brynle. Brynle will be universally mourned across our country and our thoughts and prayers continue to remain with his family at this time. Let me leave you with this poem, which sums up our loss:

'The loss cannot be measured now,

The void cannot be filled—

And though someday the grief may fade,

His mark will live on still.

For even with my heavy heart,

I know that I’ve been blessed

To have been one whose life he has touched

With warmth so infinite.’

Brynle will be sorely missed.

The Record

Arweinydd Llafur Cymru (Carwyn Jones): Mae’n dristwch mawr i mi sefyll ar fy nhraed y prynhawn yma i gofio Brynle Williams, cyfaill a chymeriad yn y Cynulliad hwn.

The Leader of Welsh Labour(Carwyn Jones): It is with great sadness that I stand before you this afternoon to commemorate Brynle Williams, a colleague and a character in this Assembly.

The Record

Brynle was someone who first came to national prominence following the protests at the Stanlow oil refinery and the impression given at the time was of someone who was a hard-line protestor, bringing the country to its knees, and someone quite unbending and unsmiling, yet nothing could be further from the truth when describing Brynle. It is right to say that he loved farming and rural Wales and he cared passionately about the future of the rural economy. He was a champion of farming and its traditions and remained, as always, passionately concerned about the future of rural Wales. He would talk of sheep farming, but he also talked passionately about his love of ponies and cobs and of breeding them. He also had great pride in his family, of whom he talked often.

Brynle was someone who never liked wearing a suit—he was a farmer at heart. He always used to say to me that he liked nothing better than taking off his collar and tie at the end of the afternoon, and he was often to be seen striding around the bay with his jacket and tie off and braces prominent. That summed up Brynle in many ways: a larger than life character and someone for whom a collar and tie was far too much of a stricture in terms of containing his marvellous personality. It is right to say that Brynle was well liked across this Chamber; he was a very sociable man and a very warm-hearted man. While it is, of course, right to say that his loss will be deeply felt by his family, it is also right to say that he will be deeply missed by all of us within this Chamber and without.

The Record

Elin Jones: Ar ran Plaid Cymru, yr wyf yn estyn ein cydymdeimlad at deulu a ffrindiau agos Brynle Williams am golled a oedd yn rhy gynnar o lawer. Brynle oedd un o gymeriadau lliwgar a bywiog y Siambr hon. Os oedd unrhyw un yn meiddio herio cefn gwlad neu ffermio yn y Siambr, yr oedd Brynle ar ei draed yn syth, yn aml iawn cyn iddo feddwl beth i ddweud. Yr oedd yn amddiffynnydd cryf dros ben o’i gymdogaeth, ei ddiwydiant a’r ffordd o fyw yng nghefn gwlad. Fel y dywedodd y Prif Weinidog, dyn y ceffylau oedd Brynle—y cobiau a’r ferlen fynydd Gymreig—ac yr oedd beirniadu’r goreuon yn Sioe Frenhinol Cymru y llynedd yn un o binaclau ei yrfa ym myd ceffylau. Ffarmwr oedd Brynle yn parhau i fod, ac ni chollodd y cysylltiadau na’r gwreiddiau hynny hyd yn oed ar ôl cael ei ethol yn Aelod o’r Cynulliad.

Elin Jones: On behalf of Plaid Cymru, I extend our condolences to the family and close friends of Brynle Williams on their loss, which was much too early. Brynle was one of the colourful and lively characters in the Chamber. If anyone dared to challenge the countryside or farming in the Chamber, Brynle would be on his feet immediately, often before he had thought of what to say. He was a strong defender of his neighbourhood, his industry and the rural way of life. As the First Minister said, Brynle was a man of horses—cobs and Welsh mountain ponies—and judging the best in the Royal Welsh Show last year was one of the pinnacles of his career in that regard. Brynle remained a farmer, and he never lost touch with his roots and those connections even after being elected a Member of the Assembly.

Nid wyf yn gwybod a oedd ffermwyr ym mart Rhuthun neu mart yr Wyddgrug yn gwybod bod ganddynt ddylanwad uniongyrchol ar lywodraeth. Fodd bynnag, bob wythnos, byddai Brynle yn adrodd wrthyf fel Gweinidog pryderon a barn ffermwyr ym mart Rhuthun neu’r Wyddgrug yr wythnos honno. Ar bynciau anodd, fel gwaredu TB ar wartheg, ni ildiodd yn ei gefnogaeth i mi fel Gweinidog, ac yr oedd ei gefnogaeth y tu hwnt i wleidyddiaeth bleidiol. Wrth inni drafod a phleidleisio ar TB am y tro olaf yn y Cynulliad diwethaf dim ond ychydig wythnosau yn ôl, nid oedd llais nac angerdd Brynle i’w clywed, ond yr oedd ei ddylanwad yma o hyd arnaf fi, ac ar eraill yr wyf yn siŵr. Yr oedd ei gyfraniad fel aelod o’r Is-bwyllgor Datblygu Gwledig yn adeiladol a chyson drwy gydol ei gyfnod fel Aelod Cynulliad.    

I do not know whether famers in the Ruthin or Mold mart knew that they had direct influence on government. However, every week, Brynle would report to me as Minister exactly what the concerns and views of farmers in the Ruthin or Mold mart were that week. On difficult issues, such as the eradication of bovine TB, his support for me as a Minister was unyielding, and went beyond party politics. As we discussed and voted on TB for the last time in the last Assembly just a few weeks ago, Brynle’s voice and passion were not to be heard, but his influence on me and on others, I am sure, remained. His contribution as a member of the Rural Development Subcommittee was constructive and consistent throughout his time as an Assembly Member.

The Record

Sometimes, Brynle’s reference to me as 'our Minister’ was a bit too much for his group to take, and mine for that matter. [Laughter.] However, Brynle was one of those rare politicians whose work and views transcended party politics, although he was always a loyal Welsh Conservative. He was also a man who could call a Government Minister 'love’ or 'cariad’ and get away with it. Let us hope that some of Brynle Williams’s passion for rural Wales and Wales as a whole, as well as some of his decency and humour, have rubbed off on all of us who had the unique pleasure of working and living alongside him.

The Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats (Kirsty Williams): Brynle Williams was a warm, genuine, big-hearted and proud Welshman. A real character, his contribution to the National Assembly and to Welsh public life will be remembered for his personal charm, easy manner and passion for the causes that he espoused. He was, of course, a strong advocate for all of rural Wales, but north Wales in particular, and for the farming industry into which he was born, which was his way of life before he entered full-time politics. All of us in the Chamber will have our personal memories of Brynle. I will always remember the Valentine’s night when my husband and I were in Cardiff after an international match, seeking a rare romantic dinner for two. As we walked around the bay, Brynle—who was with his wife, Mary—spotted us; he called out and invited himself along. The two husbands then spent the rest of the evening locked in discussion about the price of stock, the relative merits of breeding bulls and, of course, Welsh mountain ponies and cobs. Neither Mary nor I had the Valentine’s evening that we had planned.

The esteem in which Brynle Williams was held was apparent from the large crowds that attended his funeral at the start of our election campaign. I will miss him greatly, as will the Welsh Conservative Party, rural Wales and the farming industry. On behalf of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, I send our heartfelt sympathy to Mary, to Brynle’s children and to his grandchildren.

Edwina Hart: Brynle sat on the opposite side of the Chamber to me and we disagreed on many of the political issues of the day, but, in the Chamber, that was always done with courtesy and great humour. Afterwards, when we would go to the Members’ tea room, he would sit at the table—tie off, jacket off, as the First Minister said—and talk and joke, and he was a friend. He was a friend to many in this Chamber. He was a good, kind human being, and I will miss him for his common humanity. I will certainly miss his presence here and the fact that he was concerned about the outside world when, sometimes, we are concerned only about our world in this Chamber.

He bore his illness with courage and dignity. As Kirsty said, our hearts go out to his family, because he was very much a family man—and it was lovely to see Mary here. Brynle spoke about his children and grandchildren and, in our discussions with him, we all felt that we were a part of his life. Like everybody else, I will miss him greatly. He was a dear friend and a colleague, and the Assembly is a worse place without him.

Sandy Mewies: As a north Walian, I want to say a few words about a man whose passing leaves us all diminished—and my words will echo what many people have said. It is amazing that the same phrases are coming up again and again because we are remembering the real man. He was a real gentleman. He was courteous and kind to everyone he met. For Brynle, it was never a matter of what you were but who you were: his attitude was exactly the same to everyone. He was, first and foremost, a family man, and that was clear in any conversation you had with him. He always talked about his family, wherever you met him. He was, dare I say it, not someone who cared unduly for the cut and thrust of politics, but someone who always put people first.

He lived not too far away from me and his memory will burn bright locally, but I know that that applies across Wales and further afield, for I know that there have been tributes from everyone he met from far and wide. He was larger than life and brought his own distinct style to the Chamber, a style that was admired by all. He spoke passionately and with huge knowledge about farming and rural affairs, but whatever he talked about, his commitment was obvious. Outside the Chamber, he always had a story to share and, sometimes, a glass of red wine. Inevitably, the stories would bring a smile to your face, and I think that that is how he will be remembered. He was a big man with a big heart, who will be sadly missed not only by me but by everyone who met him.

Jeff Cuthbert: Of course, Brynle was a political opponent, but I believe that he was motivated by the truth as he saw it. I remember that, on one occasion, I had been interviewed on a lunchtime radio programme about the effects of drugs on young people in the south Wales Valleys and he made a point of seeking me out later that day to say how much he agreed with the points I had made. However, it was in my capacity as the Chair of the Committee on Standards of Conduct in the previous Assembly that I knew Brynle best. He represented the Conservative group on the committee, and he was able to put party politics aside when called upon to make a judgement. He based his decisions on the evidence before us, without favour, regardless of who the person accused was or what party he or she was from.

He was a gentleman and a character, but, above all, he was a fair man, and I will miss him very much.

Mark Isherwood: Brynle’s death is a huge loss to us all. I came into the Assembly with Brynle in 2003, from the same area, the same town and representing the same party. I had got to know Brynle previously after the fuel protests were over when he was doing the lecture circuits around Mold and north Wales, speaking to Round Table groups, Rotary clubs, 41 clubs and various other groups, giving the inside story of his experience but without any rancour or bitterness and always with a sense of humour and affection that we all came to know, respect and love. One thing I will always remember is that, no matter how old I was—even when I became a grandfather—he still referred to me as 'lad’. He will probably be the last person on this planet, after even my own father, who will refer to me as 'lad’.

3.15 p.m.

He did so even when I last spoke to him on the phone two weeks before he sadly left us. Like many others who have shared the great experience, I also remember being asked to reconnect his braces at the back when they popped out.

Suffice it to say, our thoughts are with Mary and his family. One of the greatest regrets for the rest of my life will be that I did not have a chance to say goodbye in person before he left us. Like you all, I will miss him, but I know that his memory and his spirit will be with us always.

The Presiding Officer: Thank you all. Diolch yn fawr ichi.

The Record

Dywedwn weithiau am ein cyfeillion a’n rhagflaenodd na welwn mo’u tebyg eto. Am Brynle, mae hyn yn sicr yn wir. Coffa da amdano. A gawn ni sefyll mewn parch i’w goffadwriaeth ac mewn cydymdeimlad â Mary a’r teulu?

We sometimes say of friends who have gone before us that we will not see their like again. This is certainly true of Brynle. Blessed be his memory. Can we stand as a mark of respect to his memory and in sympathy with Mary and the family?

Safodd Aelodau’r Cynulliad am funud o dawelwch.
Assembly Members stoodfor a minute’s silence.

Ethol Llywydd o dan Reol Sefydlog Rhif 6
Election of the Presiding Officer under Standing Order No. 6

The Record

Y Llywydd:Yr wyf yn gwahodd enwebiadau ar gyfer swydd y Llywydd, o dan Reol Sefydlog Rhif 6.

The Presiding Officer: I invite nominations for the post of Presiding Officer, under Standing Order No. 6.

Arweinydd Plaid Cymru (Ieuan Wyn Jones): Hoffwn gynnig enw Rosemary Butler i fod yn Llywydd. Ar adeg pan fo’r Cynulliad Cenedlaethol wedi sicrhau pwerau deddfu llawn, mae’n bwysig bod gennym Lywydd sydd â’r cymwysterau cywir i ymgymryd â’r swydd a’r cyfrifoldebau. Yn ogystal â’r ffaith bod Rosemary wedi dal swydd y Dirprwy Lywydd ers pedair blynedd, mae hefyd wedi cadeirio pwyllgorau craffu a deddfu ac yn gyn-Weinidog addysg. Felly, mae ganddi brofiad helaeth a’r cymwysterau priodol. Serch hynny, mae rheswm arall pam y mae’r swydd yn bwysig y tro hwn: os, fel yr ydym yn disgwyl, caiff Carwyn Jones ei ethol yn Brif Weinidog yn nes ymlaen, bydd gennym Lywodraeth heb fwyafrif. O dan y cyfryw amgylchiadau bydd tensiynau o bryd i’w gilydd a bydd yn rhaid i’r Llywydd gadw cydbwysedd rhwng dwy ochr y Siambr, sef y Llywodraeth a’r gwrthbleidiau. Yr wyf yn gwbl hyderus, felly, yn y cyd-destun newydd hwn, y bydd Rosemary Butler yn cwrdd â’r gofynion hynny. Mae’n bleser gennyf ei chymeradwyo a’i chynnig hi fel Llywydd.

The Leader of Plaid Cymru (Ieuan Wyn Jones):I nominate Rosemary Butler to be Presiding Officer. As the National Assembly hassecured full legislative powers, it is important that we have a Presiding Officerwho has the right qualifications to undertake the job and its responsibilities. In addition to the fact that Rosemary has held the post of Deputy Presiding Officer for four years, she has also chaired scrutiny and legislation committees and is a former Minister for education. Therefore, she has extensive experience and the requisite qualifications. There is, however, another reason why the job is important this time: if, as we expect, Carwyn Jones is later elected to be the First Minister, we will have a Government without a majority. Consequently, there will be tensions from time to time and the Presiding Officer will have to maintain the balance between the two sides of the Chamber, namely the Government and the opposition parties. I am therefore absolutely confident that, in this new context, Rosemary Butler will meet those requirements. I am pleased to support her and nominate her to be Presiding Officer.

Y Llywydd:Diolch yn fawr i Ieuan Wyn Jones, arweinydd grŵp Plaid Cymru, am gynnig. Yn unol â’r Rheolau Sefydlog, a oes Aelod o grŵp gwleidyddol gwahanol i eilio’r enwebiad?

The Presiding Officer: I thank Ieuan Wyn Jones, the leader of the Plaid Cymru group, for his nomination. In accordance with Standing Orders, does any Member from a different political group second that nomination?

The Record

Paul Davies: It gives me great pleasure to second the nomination.

The Record

Y Llywydd:Diolch yn fawr i Paul Davies o grŵp y Ceidwadwyr Cymreig. A oes unrhyw enwebiadau eraill? Fel ym mhob priodas dda, nid oes enwebiadau eraill. Felly, yn unol â Rheol Sefydlog Rhif 6.8, cynigiaf fod Rosemary Butler yn cael ei hethol yn Llywydd. A oes unrhyw Aelod yn gwrthwynebu? Gwelaf nad oes. Felly, pleser arbennig iawn imi yw llongyfarch Rosemary Butler ar ei hethol yn Llywydd Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru, ac i ddatgan fy nghefnogaeth bersonol, lwyr iddi, a’i gwahodd i gymryd y gadair. [Cymeradwyaeth.]

The Presiding Officer: I thank Paul Davies from the Welsh Conservative group. Are there any other nominations? As in every good wedding, there are no further nominations. Therefore, in accordance with Standing Order No. 6.8, I propose that Rosemary Butler is elected as Presiding Officer. Does any Member object? I see that there are no objections. Therefore, it is my great pleasure to congratulate Rosemary Butler on her election as the Presiding Officer of the National Assembly for Wales, and to offer her my complete personal support, and to invite her to take the chair. [Applause.]

Daeth y Llywydd (Rosemary Butler) i’r Gadair am 3.19 p.m.
The Presiding Officer (Rosemary Butler) took the Chair at 3.19 p.m.

The Record

The Presiding Officer (Rosemary Butler): Thank you very much for the great honour that you have conferred upon me this afternoon. I am aware of the huge responsibility that comes with this post. We are at the start of a new era and this is an exciting and challenging time for Wales, as Ieuan Wyn Jones indicated earlier. We have been given a vote of confidence in the recent referendum, and with our new powers we must meet the expectations of the people of Wales. I promise to continue to be fair and unbiased in defending the rights of all Assembly Members and I look forward to working closely with you all. I will defend the rights of backbenchers, as well as the rights of some Ministers. [Laughter.]  

I wish to take this opportunity to place on record my personal thanks to Dafydd Elis-Thomas for his kindness. [Applause.] I thank him personally for his kindness and the support that he gave to me during my term as Deputy Presiding Officer. He has led this institution with passion, determination and great pride, and also with intelligence and wit, which I am sure that you would agree is a unique formula. It was something that took a little getting used to on occasion, but will be quite something to follow.  

During the last 12 years as Presiding Officer, his vision has helped to shape the development of the Assembly as a parliamentary institution and has helped to change the constitutional landscape fundamentally. He has led the transformation of the Assembly into a true legislature and he is a real champion for Wales. He is a man who has played, and I am sure will continue to play, a unique role in the history of Wales and we are privileged to have had him as our Presiding Officer. I will arrange for an item to be put on next week’s agenda when appropriate and well-deserved tributes can be paid to Dafydd Elis-Thomas. Diolch, Dafydd.

Paul Davies: I take this opportunity on behalf of my party to congratulate Rosemary on her appointment. Rosemary did a sterling job in the previous Assembly as the Deputy Presiding Officer and I am sure that she will continue to do so in her new job. I am sure that she will continue to thrive in her new role and I wish her every success as she takes on these new responsibilities. I have no doubt that she will pick up Dafydd Êl’sbaton.

The Presiding Officer: Thank you very much, Paul.

Kirsty Williams: On behalf of the Welsh Liberal Democrat group, I congratulate you on your appointment. It is a great pleasure to see a woman finally fulfil this role in Welsh political life. I assure you of the support of the Welsh Liberal Democrat group in assisting you in your role as you try to keep Members to time, which shows the great attention to detail that you seek from Assembly Members. Before we pay formal tributes next week, I wish to thank the former Presiding Officer for his hard work and the personal support that he has given to me and the Welsh Liberal Democrat group over the last 12 years.We look forward to working with you in the future.   

The Presiding Officer: Thank you very much.

Ethol Dirprwy Lywydd o dan Reol Sefydlog Rhif 6
Election of the Deputy Presiding Officer under Standing Order No. 6

The Record

The Presiding Officer: I invite nominations for the post of Deputy Presiding Officer under Standing Order No. 6.6.

Jocelyn Davies: I nominate William Graham.

The Presiding Officer: Do we have a Member from a different political group to second that nomination?

Peter Black: I second the nomination.

The Presiding Officer: Are there any other nominations?

The Record

Simon Thomas: Enwebaf David Melding.

Simon Thomas: I nominate David Melding.

The Record

The Presiding Officer: Is there a Member to second the nomination?

Christine Chapman: I second the nomination.

The Presiding Officer: As I have had more than one nomination, a secret ballot will be held under Standing Order No. 6.8. We will now adjourn the meeting to allow the secret ballot to take place. Members will have 30 minutes to cast their vote, and voting will take place in the briefing room at the rear of the Chamber. Ushers are on hand to direct Members to the room. Guidance on procedure is outlined in the document on Members’ desks and the bell will be rung in around five minutes to indicate that the voting booths are open. The Clerk will be responsible for supervising the voting and for counting the votes. Following the secret ballot, I will arrange for the bell to be rung so that we can reconvene in the Siambr where I will announce the result. We may reconvene before 30 minutes have elapsed if all Members have voted before then.

Gohiriwyd y Cyfarfod Llawn rhwng 3.24 p.m. a 3.52 p.m.
Plenary was adjourned between 3.24 p.m. and 3.52 p.m.

The Record

The Presiding Officer: Order. I have the result of the election. David Melding received 46 votes, William Graham received 12 votes and there was one abstention. That is a total of 59 votes. I therefore declare that David Melding has been elected as the Deputy Presiding Officer of the National Assembly for Wales. [Applause.]

Paul Davies: I am delighted to see an Assembly Member from the Welsh Conservative Party move into the role of Deputy Presiding Officer and it is good to see that we have such talent on the Conservative benches, given that the two candidates were from our group. I am sure that you will agree that William Graham’s talents will be utilised elsewhere within this institution.

I believe that David’s election to this distinguished office is long overdue. There is no-one better qualified to take on the role of Deputy Presiding Officer than David with his wit and eloquence. We will miss his questions regarding fine Welsh foods and wines, but I am sure that he will encourage such questions from the Chair. Once again, my congratulations, David, on being elected to the role of Deputy Presiding Officer.

Kirsty Williams: On behalf of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, I congratulate David sincerely for his election to the office of Deputy Presiding Officer. David has been not just a political opponent for the last 12 years, but a good personal friend of mine. I can think of no-one more qualified or more deserving of the accolade that he has been given this afternoon. I look forward to working with you over the next five years, David.

The Record

Simon Thomas:Hoffwn hefyd longyfarch David. Er fy mod yn Aelod newydd, yr wyf wedi ei adnabod ers sawl blwyddyn bellach ac yr wyf yn gwybod bod ganddo enw da ymysg yr holl bleidiau yn y Siambr. Bydd yn ddiduedd, yn deg ac yn dipyn o gymeriad gyda’i steil yn y Gadair. Yr wyf yn edrych ymlaen yn fawr, fel nifer o Aelodau newydd, i wasanaethu oddi tanoch, Lywydd, ac o dan David fel y Dirprwy Lywydd.

Simon Thomas: I would also like to congratulate David. Although I am a new Member, I have known him for several years and I know that he has a fine reputation among all parties in the Chamber. He will be unbiased, fair and quite a character with his own style in the Chair. I look forward very much, as do several new Members, to serving under you, Presiding Officer, and under David as the Deputy Presiding Officer.

The Record

The Deputy Presiding Officer (David Melding): Presiding Officer, it is fair to say that this is an election that no-one expected, but I think that it is right that, when people really want to go for an office, we do not hide our differences and that we have an election. I congratulate William on pursuing his ambition. We will continue to sit next to each other, so we will certainly remain friends; otherwise my life would be very uncomfortable.

When I first stood for office, a sensible agent told me, as I was about to make a speech to the party faithful, to keep it short, saying 'It does not matter what nonsense it is—if it is short, everyone will love you’. Therefore, I will not make a long speech today. I will just say that I am immensely proud of my membership of this institution, that I will serve you all faithfully and impartially and that I am looking forward to being Rose’s deputy and to supporting her in every way as we face the great challenges that lie ahead. [Applause.]

Enwebu Prif Weinidog o dan Reol Sefydlog Rhif 8
Nomination of First Minister under Standing Order No. 8

The Record

The Presiding Officer: In accordance with Standing Order No. 12.11, the proposal is to bring forward nominations for First Minister. Does any Member object? I see that there are no objections. Therefore, we will proceed to nominations for First Minister under Standing Order No. 8.

Janice Gregory: It gives me great pleasure to nominate Carwyn Jones to be First Minister of Wales. I have had the privilege of working closely with Carwyn as a neighbour since we were elected to the first Assembly in 1999. We share the county borough of Bridgend and have worked together on many local issues. Carwyn has huge vision for the future of Wales, but I know, having seen him at work locally, that he also has immense concern and care for individuals. That is a winning combination. I know that people of all political backgrounds in our area have taken great pride in Carwyn’s role as First Minister and look forward to doing so again. Even closer to home, I know that Carwyn’s wife, Lisa, his children, Seren and Ruairi, his father, his grandmother and his wider family are as proud of him as they are supportive; we all got a glimpse of that during the campaign.

Thanks to Carwyn’s leadership in the last Assembly and to his ability to work successfully with a broad range of people from other political parties and wider civil society, we are now moving forward into a new era for the Assembly as a legislative body. In Carwyn, we will have a First Minister whose legal expertise means that he will have no fears about technical issues and who will be able to focus on the substance of legislation. He is, if you like, trilingual: fluent not only in English and Welsh, but also in the language of the law. I was proud of Carwyn’s leadership in the last Assembly, when the Government that he led delivered so much on health, education and regeneration and with measures to shield Wales from the worst effects of the international economic crisis. As a Labour candidate, I was proud of the election campaign that he led, which resulted in Welsh Labour’s highest ever share of the vote. Most of all, I have been proud of the role that he has played in the past few days: his acceptance of the responsibility to lead, as a result of Labour’s 30 seats, combined with his recognition that this is no time for party triumphalism or tribalism. We have serious work to do in difficult times for Wales. In Carwyn Jones, we have a leader who understands and accepts the challenges of leadership, including the need to win support and build consensus on the key issues that we face. I am proud to nominate him to be First Minister of Wales.

The Presiding Officer: Are there any other nominations? I see that there are none. I therefore declare that Carwyn Jones is nominatedto be appointed First Minister of Wales. In accordance with section 47(4) of the Government of Wales Act 2006, I will recommend to Her Majesty that Carwyn Jones be appointed First Minister of Wales. I invite Carwyn to address the Assembly.

The Record

The First Minister Elect (Carwyn Jones): Mae’n fraint ac yn anrhydedd i dderbyn yr enwebiad hwn i fod yn Brif Weinidog Cymru unwaith eto. Yr wyf yn deall y dyletswyddau sy’n dod gyda’r swydd hon ac edrychaf ymlaen at dderbyn y swydd am y pum mlynedd nesaf.

Y Prif Weinidog Etholedig (Carwyn Jones): It is an honour and a privilege to accept the nomination to be, once again, First Minister of Wales. I understand the duties involved and I look forward to accepting the post for the next five years.

4.00 p.m.

The Record

I thank Janice, first, for her kind words in proposing me for the Assembly’s nomination to Her Majesty the Queen. I congratulate you, Llywydd, on your election as Presiding Officer of the National Assembly, and David on his election as Deputy Presiding Officer. Over the years I have often been the recipient of his questions on the need for a Welsh wine strategy. [Laughter.]

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Talaf deyrnged hefyd i Dafydd Elis-Thomas am ei waith dros y blynyddoedd fel Llywydd, wrth i’r Cynulliad dyfu o fod yn gorff newydd yn 1999 i fod yn Senedd a fydd yn gallu symud ymlaen i lunio deddfwriaeth gyflawn yn y dyfodol.

I also pay tribute to Dafydd Elis-Thomas for the work that he has done over the years as Presiding Officer, as the Assembly has developed from being a new body back in 1999 to being a Senedd that can legislate fully in future.

The Record

I thank my colleagues for their support, not just since I became First Minister for the first time in December 2009, but for their support during the election campaign, and for their continuing support. It gives me great pleasure to see so many colleagues sitting behind me, and to have got such a large share of the vote in the election.

The Record

Hoffwn ddweud gair o ddiolch i fy nheulu am y gefnogaeth y maent wedi ei rhoi i mi dros y blynyddoedd: fy ngwraig, Lisa; fy mhlant, Seren a Ruairi; fy nhad, Caron, sy’n gwylio rhywle ym Mhen-y-bont ar Ogwr ar hyn o bryd; a fy mam-gu, Rhona. Talaf deyrnged hefyd i fy mam am ei chefnogaeth; bu farw chwe diwrnod ar ôl i mi dderbyn yr enwebiad cyntaf yn ôl ym mis Rhagfyr 2009.

I would also like to thank my family for the support that they have given me over the years: my wife, Lisa; my children, Seren and Ruairi; my father, Caron, who is watching somewhere in Bridgend at the moment; and my grandmother, Rhona. I also pay tribute to my mother for her support; she passed away six days after I was nominated for the first time, back in December 2009.

The Record

It is inevitable in a democracy that there should be scrutiny, and that there should be detailed scrutiny. That was never more true than now, as we gather together to use the new powers that we received following the referendum in March. It is inevitable that Government will be held to account, and I very much welcome that. However, I hope that there will be many occasions when we can find common ground between the parties, and move forward together to pass legislation and develop policies that work for the good of the people of Wales. You will have heard me say yesterday that now is not a time for triumphalism or for any kind of tribalism; I am fully aware of the arithmetic in the Chamber, and of the need to work with other parties to deliver the best for the people of Wales. That is an invitation that I reiterate today, and I will continue to do so over the course of the next weeks, months and years.

The Record

Yr wyf yn edrych ymlaen at y pum mlynedd nesaf, ac yr wyf yn addo gwneud fy ngorau dros bobl Cymru. [Cymeradwyaeth.]

I look forward to the next five years and pledge to do my best for the people of Wales. [Applause.]

The Record

Paul Davies: First, I congratulate Carwyn on being nominated to be First Minister for the fourth Assembly, and his party for increasing their number of seats at last week’s Assembly election. As leader of the largest party, it is only right that he has the opportunity to govern. As the second largest party, we will be committed to holding his Government to account and to scrutinising his Ministers’ policies. We will be a constructive opposition, and will do our job as the the people of Wales’ watchdog. We have helped to deprive the Labour Party of their overall majority by winning certain constituency seats, like my own, but it is not our intention to prevent your from governing—it is our intention to ensure that you deliver better outcomes in health, improved attainment in our schools and a more prosperous economy here in Wales. That is what the new First Minister elect has promised. He wants to concentrate on delivery and outcomes. The people of Wales said during the election campaign that they want their politicians to deliver, and that is what we, as the official opposition, will press the new Assembly Government to do over the course of this Assembly.

The Record

Ieuan Wyn Jones: Yn naturiol, hoffwn longyfarch Carwyn Jones ar ei enwebu’n Brif Weinidog. Gwn ei fod yn ei ystyried yn fraint ac yn anrhydedd i fod yn Brif Weinidog Cymru, ac yr wyf innau a’m plaid yn dymuno pob llwyddiant iddo yn y swydd.

Ieuan Wyn Jones: Naturally, I would like to congratulate Carwyn Jones on his nomination to be First Minister. I know that he considers it an honour and privilege to be the First Minister of Wales, and my party and I wish him every success in the office.

Mae’n briodol ein bod hefyd yn llongyfarch y Blaid Lafur ar ei pherfformiad yn yr etholiadau. Fel y dywedodd Paul, gan mai’r Blaid Lafur yw’r blaid fwyaf, mae’r prif gyfrifoldeb o ffurfio Llywodraeth yn disgyn ar ei hysgwyddau. Wedi dweud hynny, mae pobl Cymru wedi bod yn gyndyn iawn, unwaith yn rhagor, am y pedwerydd tro o’r bron, i roi mwyafrif clir i unrhyw blaid. Mae Carwyn Jones wedi gwneud araith heddiw sy’n datgan yn glir ei fod yn chwennych consensws wrth lywodraethu ac mae wedi cynnig trafod gyda’r pleidiau eraill. Byddwn, yn naturiol, yn barod i drafod ag ef. Yr wyf yn siŵr eich bod yn ymwybodol, Carwyn, na fydd eich swydd yn un hawdd yn ystod y cyfnod sydd o’n blaenau. Hoffwn hefyd longyfarch y pleidiau i gyd ar eu perfformiad yn yr etholiadau, ac yr ydym i gyd, fel Aelodau’r Cynulliad, yn edrych ymlaen yn eiddgar at drafodaethau’r pedwerydd Cynulliad.

It is right that we also congratulate the Labour Party on its performance in the elections. As Paul said, as the Labour Party is largest party, the main responsibility of forming a Government falls upon its shoulders. Having said that, the people of Wales have been very reticent, once again, for the fourth time in succession, to give any one party a clear majority. Carwyn Jones has made a speech today that makes it clear that he will seek consensus when governing and has offered to hold discussions with the other parties. Naturally, we will be willing to discuss these matters with him. I am sure that you realise, Carwyn, that your job will not be an easy one in the ensuing period. I also wish to congratulate all parties on their performance in the elections. We, as Assembly Members, look forward eagerly to the deliberations of the fourth Assembly.

Ar nodyn personol, hoffwn anfon fy nymuniadau gorau at Nick Bourne. Yr oedd yn arweinydd effeithiol ar ei blaid ac yr oedd bob amser yn gwrtais ac anrhydeddus. Yr wyf wrth reswm yn drist ein bod wedi colli rhai cyn Aelodau Cynulliad o Blaid Cymru yn yr etholiadau, ond gwn y bydd ganddynt gyfraniad pwysig i’w wneud i wleidyddiaeth Cymru yn y dyfodol. Fodd bynnag, mae Aelodau newydd yma yn ein rhengoedd a gwn fod ganddynt hwythau gyfraniad pwysig i’w wneud, nid yn unig yn y Cynulliad ond hefyd wrth edrych ar ôl buddiannau eu hetholwyr.

On a personal note, I would like to send my best wishes to Nick Bourne. He was an effective leader of his party and he was always courteous and honourable. I am naturally sad that we have lost some former Plaid Cymru Assembly Members in the elections, but I know that they will have an important contribution to make to the politics of Wales in future. However, there are new Members here in our ranks and I know that they have an important contribution to make, not only in the Assembly, but also in looking after the interests of their electors.

The Record

Carwyn Jones will know that he made a speech today that was similar, in many respects, to the speeches that his predecessor made into 2003 and 2007, which were then described as very consensual speeches. I wish you well, Carwyn, as you seek to lead a Government without a clear majority, but I must remind you that the experiences of minority Governments have not always been happy ones in this institution. We must also remember that, as we have heard from the Llywydd and others, this Assembly will be even more challenging for a Government without a majority because of its powers to legislate. Even the previous Government, which had such a large majority that I cannot even remember what it was, had trouble getting legislation through this Chamber on occasion. I am sure that the First Minister will recognise that there will be opportunities for the opposition to inflict defeats on the Government. While that is good for democracy, as it is for the morale of opposition parties, it has serious implications for the Government’s programme.

Let me make it clear that Plaid Cymru will be a constructive opposition. We will agree with the Government where we can, but we will be robust in terms of holding the Government to account, and where we think that the Government is going in the wrong direction, we will say so robustly and vote accordingly. There are major challenges ahead, particularly with regard to cuts in public spending, and challenges relating to the economy, standards in education, health, transport, climate change and in a whole host of other areas. The Assembly should take an early opportunity, although it is far too early to do so this week, to have a full debate on the Government’s programme, as a result of a Government motion, so that the Assembly can have an opportunity to set out some of the challenges facing our nation. You have a great responsibility as First Minister, which I know that you accept, in grappling with some of the great issues that face the nation. The Assembly should have an early opportunity to discuss that. My party is now ready for the challenges that lie ahead and I am sure that we all look forward to taking part in the deliberations of the fourth Assembly.

The Record

Llongyfarchiadau, Carwyn, ar gael eich enwebu heddiw.

Congratulations, Carwyn, on your nomination today.

The Record

Kirsty Williams:I begin by congratulating all Assembly Members across the Chamber for their successful election, particularly those Members who are joining us for the first time. I trust that your time here in the National Assembly for Wales will be happy and productive. I also acknowledge, and put on record my thanks for, the contribution that past Members have made to this institution, particularly those who were unsuccessfulin their attempts to be re-elected.

Carwyn, I congratulate you on your nomination to be First Minister and I wish you and your Government well in your forthcoming work. I look forward particularly to the return of our Tuesday afternoon sparring sessions when questions to the First Minister begin. I welcome the approach that you took in your speech yesterday and in your speech this afternoon. The stability that you seek in Government will only be possible if the parties work together, and if we put aside our differences and seek to find consensus where we can. That means that there will have to be give and take from all parties at the National Assembly. The priority for the Welsh Liberal Democrat group will be to work to advance the policies on which we fought the elections. It is clear to us that we need to strengthen our economy and improve outcomes for our schoolchildren and patients.

Carwyn, where your Government proposes serious answers to problems in those areas, you will have our support. It is clear that the people of Wales will not be served well if the opposition parties do not actively hold the Government to account and scrutinise its decisions. The Welsh Liberal Democrats will judge each issue on its merits. We will not be afraid to support the Government or to oppose it where we feel that that is in the best interests of the people of Wales. I congratulate you once again and I look forward to working with you and colleagues across the Chamber over the next five years.

The Presiding Officer: I see that there are no other speakers. In accordance with Standing Order No. 12.8, I will ensure that Members are informed of the date and time of the next meeting. That brings today’s proceedings to a close.

Daeth y cyfarfod i ben am 4.11 p.m.
The meeting ended at 4.11 p.m.

Aelodau a’u Pleidiau
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Andrews, Leighton (Llafur - Labour)
Antoniw, Mick (Llafur - Labour)
Asghar, Mohammad (Ceidwadwyr Cymreig - Welsh Conservatives)
Black, Peter (Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru - Welsh Liberal Democrats)
Burns, Angela (Ceidwadwyr Cymreig - Welsh Conservatives)
Butler, Rosemary (Llafur - Labour)
Chapman, Christine (Llafur - Labour)
Cuthbert, Jeff (Llafur - Labour)
Davies, Alun (Llafur - Labour)
Davies, Andrew R.T. (Ceidwadwyr Cymreig - Welsh Conservatives)
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Davies, Keith (Llafur - Labour)
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Drakeford, Mark (Llafur - Labour)
Elis-Thomas, Yr Arglwydd/Lord Dafydd (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Evans, Rebecca (Llafur - Labour)
Finch-Saunders, Janet (Ceidwadwyr Cymreig - Welsh Conservatives)
George, Russell (Ceidwadwyr Cymreig - Welsh Conservatives)
Gething, Vaughan (Llafur - Labour)
Graham, William (Ceidwadwyr Cymreig - Welsh Conservatives)
Gregory, Janice (Llafur - Labour)

Griffiths, John (Llafur - Labour)
Griffiths, Lesley (Llafur - Labour)
Gruffydd, Llyr Huws (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Hart, Edwina (Llafur - Labour)
Hedges, Mike (Llafur - Labour)
Hutt, Jane (Llafur - Labour)
Isherwood, Mark (Ceidwadwyr Cymreig - Welsh Conservatives)
James, Julie (Llafur - Labour)
Jenkins, Bethan (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Jones, Alun Ffred (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Jones, Ann (Llafur - Labour)
Jones, Carwyn (Llafur - Labour)
Jones, Elin (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Jones, Ieuan Wyn (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Lewis, Huw (Llafur - Labour)
Melding, David (Ceidwadwyr Cymreig - Welsh Conservatives)
Mewies, Sandy (Llafur - Labour)
Millar, Darren (Ceidwadwyr Cymreig - Welsh Conservatives)
Morgan, Julie (Llafur - Labour)
Neagle, Lynne (Llafur - Labour)
Powell, William (Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru - Welsh Liberal Democrats)
Price, Gwyn R. (Llafur - Labour)
Ramsay, Nick (Ceidwadwyr Cymreig - Welsh Conservatives)
Rathbone, Jenny (Llafur - Labour)
Rees, David (Llafur - Labour)
Roberts, Aled (Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru - Welsh Liberal Democrats)
Sandbach, Antoinette (Ceidwadwyr Cymreig - Welsh Conservatives)
Sargeant, Carl (Llafur - Labour)
Skates, Kenneth (Llafur - Labour)
Thomas, Gwenda (Llafur - Labour)
Thomas, Rhodri Glyn (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Thomas, Simon (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Watson, Joyce (Llafur - Labour)
Whittle, Lindsay (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)
Williams, Kirsty (Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru - Welsh Liberal Democrats)
Wood, Leanne (Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales)

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