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OPIN-2012-0117 – CCTV in Slaughterhouses

Raised By:

Rebecca Evans


David Rees 03/10/2012

Lynne Neagle 03/10/2012

Mike Hedges 03/10/2012

Julie James 03/10/2012

Byron Davies 04/10/2012

Jocelyn Davies 04/10/2012

Christine Chapman 09/10/2012

Mark Drakeford 12/10/2012

Vaughan Gething 17/10/2012

Lindsay Whittle 22/10/2012

Darren Millar 23/10/2012

Mick Antoniw 23/10/2012

Eluned Parrott 30/10/2012

Leanne Wood 30/10/2012

Mark Isherwood 14/11/2012

Simon Thomas 21/11/2012

Suzy Davies 22/11/2012

Peter Black 22/11/2012

Paul Davies 23/11/2012

Jenny Rathbone 26/11/2012

William Graham 27/11/2012

David Melding 28/11/2012

Nick Ramsay 29/11/2012

Gwyn Price 29/11/2012

Julie Morgan 03/12/2012

Joyce Watson 03/12/2012

Ken Skates 06/12/2012

Llyr Huws Gruffydd 07/01/2013

Bethan Jenkins 07/01/2013

Mohammad Asghar 16/01/2013

Angela Burns 18/01/2013

Ann Jones 19/02/2013

Keith Davies 07/03/2013

CCTV in Slaughterhouses

This Assembly:

Joins the Food Standards Agency and animal welfare organisations in recognising the positive role that CCTV can play in protecting and monitoring animal welfare in slaughterhouses;

Notes that CCTV also provides other benefits, including acting as a security measure, acting as a tool for training for slaughter staff, vets and meat hygiene inspectors, and helping prevent workplace bullying;

Welcomes the high consumer confidence in our excellent Welsh produce, both at home and abroad; and

Believes that CCTV in slaughterhouses can play a role in safeguarding and further developing that confidence.

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