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​Assembly business search

Advanced Assembly Committee business search.


Promoted by the National Assembly for Wales Commission, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff CF99 1NA.


You can use this search to look through all documents relating to Plenary or any Plenary-related business. For help with how to use this search (including a brief description of all available categories) please visit the search guidance page.


Laid Documents key: CR – Committee Report; GEN - General; LCM – Legislative Consent Motion; SICM – Statutory Instrument Consent Motion; PRI – Primary Legislation; SUB – Subordinate Legislation; AGR – Auditor General Reports; LCO – Legislative Competence Orders. 




The search found more than 50 results. Showing the latest 50 results.

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TitleSort By TitleCategorySort By CategorySizeSort By SizeDateSort By Date
Named Day Motions Motions and Amendments6860867KB28/06/2017
Environment and Communities Oral Questions7577674KB28/06/2017
Written Assembly Questions Written Questions6758466KB28/06/2017
Named Day Motions Motions and Amendments6451263KB27/06/2017
First Minister Oral Questions6963268KB27/06/2017
Written Assembly Questions Written Questions7065669KB27/06/2017
Written Assembly Questions Written Questions6758466KB26/06/2017
Written Assembly Questions and Answers Written Questions6963268KB23/06/2017
CR-LD11081 - Report on the inquiry into the future of regional policy - what next for Wales?Laid Document10485761MB22/06/2017
Closure of Tesco House in CardiffWritten Statements201728197KB22/06/2017
Publication of ‘Information and Guidance on Domestic Abuse: Safeguarding Older People in Wales’Written Statements169984166KB22/06/2017
No Named Day Motions Motions and Amendments6553664KB22/06/2017
Written Assembly Questions and Answers Written Questions7168070KB22/06/2017
GEN-LD11080 - Welsh Government response to the recommendations of the Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee Report on Future of Land Management in WalesLaid Document200704196KB21/06/2017
Taking Forward Wales’ Sustainable Management of Natural Resources – Consultation PaperWritten Statements201728197KB21/06/2017
The Trunk Road Network in North WalesWritten Statements232448227KB21/06/2017
Named Day Motions and Amendments Motions and Amendments7680075KB21/06/2017
Economy and Health Oral Questions7680075KB21/06/2017
Y Cofnod Drafft (Dydd Mercher) - The Draft Record (Wednesday)Record of Proceedings231424226KB21/06/2017
Record of Proceedings Record of Proceedings10485761MB21/06/2017
Written Assembly Questions and Answers Written Questions6963268KB21/06/2017
Business Statement and Announcement Business Statements6758466KB20/06/2017
Named Day Motions Motions and Amendments6451263KB20/06/2017
First Minister Oral Questions6963268KB20/06/2017
Y Cofnod Drafft - The Draft RecordRecord of Proceedings225280220KB20/06/2017
Record of Proceedings Record of Proceedings10485761MB20/06/2017
Answers to Questions not reached in Plenary Record of Proceedings8089679KB20/06/2017
OPIN-2017-0042 Co-operatives Fortnight 2017 Statements of Opinion6451263KB20/06/2017
Written Assembly Questions and Answers Written Questions6553664KB20/06/2017
CR-LD11079 - The Great Repeal Bill White Paper: Implications for WalesLaid Document674816659KB19/06/2017
Cracking the code – a plan to expand code clubs in every part of WalesWritten Statements217088212KB19/06/2017
Interpreting Welsh Law – considering an interpretation Act for WalesWritten Statements201728197KB19/06/2017
SUB-LD11078-EM - Explanatory Memorandum to the Marketing of Fruit Plant and Propagating Material (Wales) Regulations 2017Laid Document226304221KB16/06/2017
SUB-LD11078 - The Marketing of Fruit Plant and Propagating Material (Wales) Regulations 2017Laid Document455680445KB16/06/2017
National Adviser for Violence against Women, other forms of Gender-Based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence to Step DownWritten Statements200704196KB16/06/2017
CR-LD11077 - Public Accounts Committee Report - Natural Resources Wales: Annual Report and Accounts 2015-16Laid Document749568732KB15/06/2017
Local air quality management in Wales – policy guidanceWritten Statements201728197KB15/06/2017
Medium Term Planning UpdateWritten Statements8704085KB15/06/2017
Brexit and DevolutionWritten Statements168960165KB15/06/2017
GEN-LD11074 - Written Response by the Welsh Government to the report of the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee entitled “I used to be someone”: Refugees and asylum seekers in WalesLaid Document332800325KB14/06/2017
GEN-LD11075 - The Budget Process Protocol between the Assembly and the Welsh GovernmentLaid Document322560315KB14/06/2017
CR-LD11076 - Business Committee - Amending Standing Orders: Standing Orders 16, 19, 20 and 27 – Budget Process and Finance ProceduresLaid Document367616359KB14/06/2017
Named Day Motions Motions and Amendments6656065KB14/06/2017
Education and Counsel General Oral Questions7065669KB14/06/2017
Record of Proceedings Record of Proceedings974848952KB14/06/2017
Record of Proceedings (English)Record of Proceedings679936664KB14/06/2017
Answers to Questions not reached in Plenary Record of Proceedings7065669KB14/06/2017
Written Assembly Questions and Answers Written Questions7065669KB14/06/2017
Information Further to Written Assembly Question 73655Written Questions310272303KB14/06/2017
Business Statement and Announcement Business Statements6758466KB13/06/2017

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