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Ref: LCO-077

Proposed Major Development Travel Plans Legislative Competence Order

Jenny Randerson

Pre-ballot Information: Outline Proposed Legislative Competence Order

Outline of proposed Order

The proposed Order would allow the National Assembly for Wales to legislate to require all major land use developments to publish and implement a ‘travel plan’ as a condition of planning permission.

Pre-ballot Information: Explanatory Memorandum

Policy Objectives of the Proposed Order*

The way we think about transport will play an ever larger role as we make the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Currently, too many residential and commercial developments are built with cars in mind, and as a result, access to these developments by public transport or by foot is difficult. This does little to ease dependence on the car.

It is essential that all new, large, planning developments take account of people's transport habits and adopt a transport plan within the development that could, among other things, ensure that there is adequate scope for accessible public transport provision, adequate parking provision, integrated cycling links as well as ensuring that the development is accessible by foot.

This Legislative Competence Order seeks the powers to introduce a requirement that all new, major land use developments over a certain size publish and implement a travel plan as a condition of planning permission.

Support received

I have received broad support for this proposal from Sustrans.

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