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Ref: MB-050

Proposed Assessing the Demand for Welsh Medium Education Measure

Pre-ballot Information

Janet Ryder

Policy Objectives of the Order

In September 2006 the Assembly Government published Circular 05/2006 – Children and Young People: Rights to Action. Single Education Plans 2006-08. The requirements included the following:

‘LEAs need to have in place arrangements to assess demand for Welsh medium provision.’

There is reference is also made to assessing the demand in other documents by the Assembly Government, Circular 31/2007 ‘Shared Planning for Better Outcomes’ (Planning Guidance and Regulations for Local Authorities and their Partners on Planning for Children and Young People) and Circular 060/2008 (School Organisation Proposals).

Although these documents recommend that counties measure the demand for Welsh education, it seems there is no statutory requirement for them to do so. Indeed, there are recent examples of LEAs deciding to conduct a survey of the need for Welsh education.

The aim of this Measure is to improve the process of planning Welsh medium education by placing a statutory requirement on each LEA to conduct surveys amongst parents to discover the need for Welsh medium education, and respond positively to the demand.

There is support for the Measure amongst educators and parents groups.

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