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Ref: MB-043

Proposed Adult Education Measure

Pre-ballot Information

Eleanor Burnham

Policy Objectives of the Proposed Measure

To grant every adult of working age the right to have their first attempt at up to a level three qualification paid for by the government.

This would allow anyone of working age to have the government pay for their first a-level or equivalent (or under), regardless of their current financial circumstances or employment status. This right may be taken at any stage in a person’s life and could be used for any level three (or under) formal qualification.

This would not include anyone who has already gained a level three qualification while at school age, as the government has already funded their first.

Currently anyone over the age of 25 has to pay for their course, as well as their exam entry. The objective of this measure would be to prevent people from having to pay for either of these fees upfront.

Those over working age would not be entitled to having their qualification paid for due to the fact that they would not then use this to improve their employment, which is the aim behind providing this support.

Helping people to increase their level of qualification will improve their chances of gaining better employment or promotion, helping themselves out of poverty, gaining confidence and improving their opportunities in life.

Support received/Consultation

None at this stage.

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