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Ref: MB-031

Proposed Recycling Measure

Pre-ballot Information

Nerys Evans

Policy Objectives of the Proposed Measure

A measure to require that local authorities consider and report on inter alia, the environmental and social impact of the end use and final destination of the recyclable materials collected by local authorities.

Explanatory  Memorandum

Recent research conducted by Plaid has shown that many councils in Wales knowingly ship some of their waste to be processed in countries outside the EU such as China India and Brazil.  Seven local authorities admitted that some of their waste is exported while seven others either did not know or accept it was possible that the waste they collected as recycling is exported to countries outside the UK.

There is concern that this trade is being done without knowledge of the environmental or social costs both here and abroad, including the use of child labour.   Little consideration has been given to the quality of the recycling that takes place.

This measure falls within Matter 12.5 (a) of the Government of Wales Act 2006 and therefore is within the legislative competence of the Assembly.

Support received/Consultation

No support received or consultation carried out.

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