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National Assembly for Wales: Public Attitudes 2008

2. Conduct of the Survey

The initial draft of the questionnaire was prepared by the IWP in close consultation with officers of the Assembly Commission. The draft was then further developed in discussion between the IWP and GfK NOP, sub-contracted by IWP to conduct the survey.

The sample for the telephone survey was generated by random digit dialling (RDD), taking in all possible landline numbers in Wales. The sample was stratified by postcode sector across the five electoral regions and potential respondents were screened to check for eligibility. The survey was carried out using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI).

In order to allow for an appropriate sample for reasonable regional comparisons, the time allocated for each interview was kept relatively brief at approximately 15 minutes.

Following a successful pilot of 22 test interviews over two nights, a total of 2,538 interviews were conducted across Wales in June and early July 2008. To ensure the sample was representative of the adult population, quotas were set on Age, Gender within working status, Assembly Electoral Region and party identification.

Survey data was weighted to correct for minor differences between the sample and the population profile. All respondents were offered the choice of being interviewed in Welsh or in English.

Documentation of summary results for all survey questions, as well as breakdowns by Gender, Age, Social Class and Assembly Region, was prepared by GfK NOP, and is appended to this report.

Other Sections:

Executive Summary

1. Scope of the Research

3. Public Attitudes towards the National Assembly and Devolution

4. Levels of Public Interest in, and Knowledge of, the National Assembly and Devolution

5. Sources of Public Knowledge and Information

6. Conclusions

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