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National Assembly for Wales: Public Attitudes 2008

1. Scope of the Research

The Institute of Welsh Politics (IWP) was commissioned by the National Assembly for Wales Commission (Assembly Commission) in April 2008 to conduct research into public attitudes towards, and public knowledge of, the National Assembly for Wales.

The research sought to address a number of specific topics including:

  • The measurement of broad public attitudes towards the National Assembly and Devolution, and towards giving greater powers to the National Assembly;

  • The levels of public interest in, and knowledge of, the National Assembly; and

  • Exploring sources of public knowledge about politics in general, and the National Assembly in particular.

For all of these matters, the research team was asked to generate data that would be disaggregated by region or by other methods of classification such as age groups of survey respondents.

With this in mind, initial discussions between the IWP and officers of the National Assembly Commission agreed that a substantial telephone survey of a representative sample of the Welsh public would be the most cost-effective means to achieve the goals of the research.

The final sample achieved – over 2,500 respondents – was, to the best knowledge of the research team, the largest survey on public attitudes to politics ever conducted in Wales. This permits far more robust estimates of sub-samples, such as by electoral region, than in a more typical sample of circa 1000 respondents.

Other Sections:

Executive Summary

2. Conduct of the Survey

3. Public Attitudes towards the National Assembly and Devolution

4. Levels of Public Interest in, and Knowledge of, the National Assembly and Devolution

5. Sources of Public Knowledge and Information

6. Conclusions

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