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Sustainability Committee

Inquiry into Planning in Wales

The Assembly’s Sustainability Committee is conducting an inquiry into Planning in Wales.

Terms of Reference

To look at how successful national and local land use planning policies are in delivering key Welsh Government policy objectives e.g. Climate Change, affordable housing, regeneration/economic development

The inquiry will focus on the following topic areas:

  • The use of UK and Welsh government policies and guidance in the development of Local Development Plans (LDP) – this would include the UK Government and the Infrastructure Planning Commission e.g.

    • how easy/difficult the high level policies and guidance are to interpret into policies at the local level;

    • how reactive the LDP production process is to new policies and guidance

    • what guidance policy/guidance gives on reconciling competing land uses such as renewable energy and landscape quality, affordable housing and design criteria/social concerns, climate change and economic growth;

  • The use of UK, Welsh government and LDP policies in determining planning applications e.g.

    • what weighting (if any) should be given to competing policies when planning applications are decided;

    • what weighting should be given to public opinion if it is in opposition to national and local policies;

  • How planning officials advise planning committees

Status: Reported Published


The Committee issued a written consultation on 29 April 2010.

This closed on 11 June 2010

Consultation Letter (PDF, 26KB)

Responses Received


The Committee has taken evidence from a range of witnesses on this issue.


The Committee published its report on 27 January 2011 (PDF, 645KB) The Minister's response to the report was published on 9 March 2011 (PDF)

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