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Special Assembly Procedure Orders

The Special Assembly Procedure, as set out in Standing Order 28, applies to the exercise by the Welsh Ministers (or, in exceptional cases, by the First Minister or the Counsel General) of any power to make or confirm subordinate legislation (referred to as a Special Procedure Order) which has to comply with the Special Assembly Procedure.

A Special Procedure Order is a piece of delegated legislation to which Special Assembly Procedures apply. The power to make Special Procedure Orders regarding devolved powers has been delegated by the Assembly or UK Parliament to Welsh Ministers or a body such as a local authority. If the power to make a Special Procedure Order has been delegated to a local authority or other similar body it can only become law if confirmed by Ministers. Special Procedure Orders are normally specific to a certain area of land.

Petitioning against Special Procedure Orders

Special Procedure Orders are specific to a certain area of land and they can only become law after the public who could be affected by the decision have been given the opportunity to petition the Presiding Officer against them under the Special Assembly Procedure.

The Presiding Officer must inform the Assembly of all petitions received.  If the Presiding Officer concludes that a petition(s) discloses a substantial ground of objection, the Presiding Officer will report his decision to the Assembly and a Committee will be formed to consider the petition(s).

The Presiding Officer has issued guidance to Assembly Members on the proper conduct of proceedings in relation to Special Assembly Procedure Committees.

  • Presiding Officer’s Guidance

The Presiding Officer has published guidance that explains the rules for presenting petitions against the draft special procedure Order and the associated actions taken by the Assembly.

This guidance relates only to petitions which can be presented under the Special Assembly Procedure, which is a means of objecting to a particular kind of delegated legislation (a "Special Procedure Order").

Members of the public wishing to submit petitions generally on any subject for consideration by the Petitions Committee should use an entirely different procedure set out in Standing Order 23.8.

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