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Planning Decision Committee

The Planning Decision Committee decided:
  • Appeals under Section 78 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (in those cases where the Assembly has recovered jurisdiction to determine the appeal from the appointed Inspector);
  • Applications for planning permission which have been called in by the Assembly for decision under Sections 77 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990;
  • Applications to confirm an Order made under the Transport and Works Act 1992.
Code of Conduct for Members of the Planning Decision Panel Code of conduct for Assembly Members Consideration by Planning Decision Committee* Planning Decision Committees met in private and its members were under an obligation to observe the confidentiality of any discussion by the Committee and of any documents considered by the Committee with the exception of the Committee’s decision letter when adopted together with any documents to which it refers. The Committee’s functions ceased when the Chair signs a decision letter which the Committee has resolved to adopt, or before the date specified in the motion establishing the Committee. * See Standing Order 17.11 to 17.17 for further information on consideration by a Planning Decision Committee Disqualification A Member of the Panel was disqualified from being a member of a particular Planning Decision Committee if*: a) the appeal or application related to a site within the Member’s constituency or electoral region; or b) the Member had an interest in the subject matter of the appeal or application; or c) there were other circumstances which could be seen to call into question the ability of the Member to consider the appeal or application objectively and impartially. * See Standing Order 17 Annex A paragraph 2 for full list of disqualification criteria Membership The Planning Decision Committee comprised of four Members and was elected anew for each appeal or application (or group of appeals/applications). Members were selected from the Planning Decision Panel which comprised members of the Environment, Planning and Countryside Committee *. * see Standing Order 17 Annex A paragraph 1 for full details of qualification for membership of the Planning Decision Panel.

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