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Legislation Committee

Review – The Scrutiny of Legislation following the 2007 Elections to the National Assembly

May 23

The Technical Scrutiny of Legislation by the National Assembly from May 2007

May 9

NAfW-Committees-Second Assembly-Legislation-Policy Reviews
Item 5: The Scrutiny of Legislation Following the 2007 Elections to the National Assembly
Consideration of the letter received from Nicholas Bourne AM
Letter from David Melding to AM Nicholas Bourne letter to David Melding (pdf, 40kb)
  The Technical Scrutiny of Legislation at Westminster
  Materials for consideration:

May 2

NAfW-Committees-Second Assembly-Legislation-Policy Reviews
Item 6: The Scrutiny of Legislation Following the 2007 Elections to the National Assembly. Video Conference with the Subordinate Legislation Committee of the Scottish Parliament

Scottish Subordinate Legislation Committee:
  Papers for Phase 2 of the inquiry into the regulatory framework in Scotland:

April 4

NAfW-Committees-Second Assembly-Legislation-Policy Reviews
Consideration of whether post-2007 looking at European legislation might be a possibility: Discussion with the National Assembly’s representative in the Brussels office, Anna Daniel Scrutiny of European Legislation in the Assembly
  Assembly Committees: scrutinising and engaging with the European Union’s decision making process

March 28

NAfW-Committees-Second Assembly-Legislation-Policy Reviews
Discussion with Mr David Lambert, Distinguished Research Fellow from Cardiff Law School, Cardiff University David Lambert – The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill
  David Lambert - Legislative Committee New Remits
  David Lambert and Marie Navarro - Discussion

March 21

NAfW-Committees-Second Assembly-Legislation-Policy Reviews

Terms of Reference
Scrutiny of secondary legislation: The situation in Ireland Scrutiny by Oireachtas Northern Ireland Assembly
  The role of the Examiner
Discussion with the Chair of the Business Committee, Mrs Jenny Randerson AM Presentation by Jenny Randerson AM

Other materials for consideration

Papers to note

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