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Bill-017 - Bethan Jenkins AM - Restoration of Opencast Sites in Wales Bill

Pre-ballot Information

A Member must provide ‘pre-ballot information’ to set out the intended purpose of their proposed Bill before it is entered into the Presiding Officer's ballot. This information is set out below.

Policy Objectives of the Bill

1. To place a financial responsibility upon opencast operators that can be used to pay for the restoration of opencast sites in Wales that they operate.

2. To safeguard the unique beauty of the Welsh countryside for the benefit of the people who live in it and for the local economies that depend upon it.

3. To oblige opencast operators to place a high premium on their environmental obligations.

4. Any monies would be paid into a fund prior to work beginning on site, or on an agreed year-by-year basis. This fund would be administered independently of operators.

5. The amounts paid in will be sufficient to remunerate a third party to carry out full restoration opencast sites in the event that the operator cannot complete the work.

6. The Bill would allow operators no more than six months’ inactivity on a site before restoration work would be started and their monies used for the remedial work.

7. Any monies paid into the fund would be returned to the operator, with any interest, if it is not used.

Support received

Friends of the Earth Cymru, opencast campaign group PACT.


Friends of the Earth Cymru, Opencast campaign group PACT, Assembly Commission Research Service, Assembly Commission Legal Services.

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