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Bill-010 - Peter Black - Park Homes (Wales) Bill

Pre-ballot Information

 A Member must provide ‘pre-ballot information’ to set out the intended purpose of their proposed Bill before it is entered into the Presiding Officer's ballot. This information is set out below.

Policy Objectives of the Bill

The purpose of this proposed Bill is to regulate more fairly the process by which residential caravans and mobile homes are managed and sold in Wales. The Bill will ensure that negotiations between site owners and park home owners are independently monitored and that there will be a system of arbitration for owners who have cause for concern about the process. We will also establish a requirement that the owners of park operators must pass a “fit and proper” persons test as part of a licensing system.


Park (Mobile) Home owners, like any home owners, have a right to sell their homes. Unfortunately, a minority of unscrupulous park operators are able to use loopholes in current legislation to deter potential buyers from buying previously-owned homes on the site. At the "the approval of the buyer" stage, park operators meet with prospective purchasers and, allegedly, deter prospective purchasers with negative comments intended to deter the sale. Subsequently, many park home owners are left only able to sell to the site owners for an amount which is usually a figure considerably lower than the market value.

Such incidents occur in a minority of transactions, but can cause considerable distress, as well as financial loss to park home owners due to a loophole in the legislation designed to protect them. Likewise, there are a number of similar incidents where next of kin have been denied access to a fair market due to the actions of some site owners. Finally this also damages the reputation of the whole industry (which is significant in many parts of Wales) and tarnishes the reputation of the majority of good site owners,

The Bill ensures that meetings between potential buyers and site owners are independently monitored and to establish a system of arbitration for park home owners who feel that they have lost money as a result of this problem.

The Bill also would develop a “fit and proper” persons test for park home site owners, acting as a licensing system, so that park home owners can be confident that their park home site is effectively managed.

Support received

I have received support from many constituents.


I have begun consulting with stakeholders about this Bill.

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