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Official Languages

English and Welsh are official languages of the Assembly, and the Assembly Commission gives strong and ambitious leadership through its delivery of bilingual services. The Assembly aims to be a truly bilingual institution. The Official Languages Scheme sets out what the Assembly currently delivers bilingually as well as setting out the services it aims to deliver. The Scheme was formally adopted by the Assembly in July 2013 and it is based on the National Assembly for Wales (Official Languages) Act 2012.

These are the main priorities of the Scheme:

  • to provide innovative, tailored support to enable people to use both languages in the context of Assembly business;

  • to make the most of technology as a way of transforming bilingual provision (see ‘Machine Translation’);

  • develop the Welsh-language skills and confidence of Assembly staff;

  • share our experience of delivering bilingual Services with other organisations in Wales and beyond.

The Official Languages Scheme (pdf: 2.13MB)



The Official Languages Scheme for the Fifth Assembly

The Official Languages Scheme describes the way that the Assembly introduces and operates Bilingual Services to the people of Wales, Assembly Members and their staff and to staff of the Assembly Commission. According to the National Assembly for Wales (Official Languages) 2012, the Assembly Commission must review its Official Languages Scheme after every Assembly general election. Accordingly, the Assembly Commission has published a draft of its Official Languages Scheme for the Fifth Assembly. 

Official Languages Scheme for the Fifth Assembly (draft)

The Assembly Commission must also consult with those persons the Commission considers appropriate in relation to the Scheme.

Therefore, as the Assembly is an organisation for the whole of Wales, you are invited to submit comments on any aspect of the new Scheme.

How to contribute
You may contribute to the consultation by submitting a written response on email or by post.

Send email responses to:
Send responses by post to:
The Official Languages Scheme Team
Floor 3A
Tŷ Hywel
The National Assembly for Wales
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1NA

The Assembly Commission welcomes responses in Welsh or English from individuals and organisations.

Before submitting your comments, please read the Assembly's policy on disclosure of information and the guidance to witnesses.

Please submit your responses by Friday 25 November 2016. It may not be possible to consider responses received after that date. The Assembly Commission will consider the responses to the written consultation. A copy of this letter has also been published on the Assembly's website alongside an open invitation to submit views. We have sent this letter to a wide range of organisations. However, the Commission would be grateful if you could forward a copy of the consultation letter to any individuals or organisations that you believe might wish to contribute to this consultation.



An annual report is compiled that outlines the Assembly’s compliance with the targets of the Scheme. It also notes any breaches of the Scheme. The report is submitted before the Assembly and is the subject of a Plenary debate.

Official Languages Scheme-annual compliance report 2014 (pdf: 3.02MB)
Official Languages Scheme annual compliance report 2015 (pdf: 5.75MB)

Bilingual Skills Strategy

In April 2015, the Assembly Commission published its first Bilingual Skills Strategy. The strategy outlines what the Commission will do in order to provide outstanding parliamentary support in both official languages. It notes four areas for action: raising awareness; existing skill levels; language skills for delivering bilingual services; and learning Welsh or improving Welsh language skills.

The strategy is reviewed annually.

 Bilingual Skills Strategy 2015 (pdf: 985KB)


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