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Assembly powers tracking notes (May 2007 - March 2011)

Field 9: Health and health services

Schedule 5 to the Government of Wales Act 2006 could be amended to add specific 'matters' to broad subject 'fields', thereby extending the legislative competence of the Assembly and providing more policy areas in which it was possible to make Measures.

This tracking note provides an updated log of amendments, both proposed and enacted, to Field 9 of Schedule 5. This field relates to health and health services.

Field 9 | NAFW



9.1  Provision for and in connection with the provision of redress without recourse to civil proceedings in circumstances in which, under the law of England and Wales, qualifying liability in tort arises in connection with the provision of services (in Wales or elsewhere) as part of the health service in Wales.

National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Conversion of Framework Powers) Order 2007

Came into force 25/05/07

9.2  Assessment of mental health and treatment of mental disorder.

This matter does not include any of the following—(a) subjecting patients to—(i) compulsory attendance at any place for the purposes of assessment or treatment, (ii) compulsory supervision, or (iii) guardianship; (b) consent to assessment or treatment; (c) restraint; (d) detention.

For the purposes of this matter, “treatment of mental disorder” means treatment to alleviate, or prevent a worsening of, a mental disorder or one or more of its symptoms or manifestations; and it includes (but is not limited to) nursing, psychological intervention, habilitation, rehabilitation and care.

National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Health and Health Services and Social Welfare) Order 2010

Came into force 11/02/10


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