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Assembly powers tracking notes (May 2007 - March 2011)

Field 14: Public administration

Schedule 5 to the Government of Wales Act 2006 could be amended to add specific 'matters' to broad subject 'fields', thereby extending the legislative competence of the Assembly and providing more policy areas in which it was possible to make Measures.

This tracking note provides an updated log of amendments, both proposed and enacted, to Field 14 of Schedule 5. This field relates to public administration.

Field 14 | NAFW



[proposed matter 14.1]  The following provision relating to the Auditor General -

(a) the following aspects of the Auditor General’s terms of appointment

    (i) the period of the appointment;

    (ii) salary, allowances and superannuation benefits;

    (iii) pensions and gratuities payable after a person has ceased to be Auditor General;

(b) the number of times a person may be appointed as Auditor General;

(c) restrictions on the other offices and positions which may be held by the Auditor General;

(d) activities of a person who has been (but no longer is) Auditor General;

(e) provision requiring the Auditor General -

    (i) to aim to do things efficiently and cost-effectively;

    (ii) to have regard, as the Auditor General considers appropriate, to the standards and principles that an expert professional provider of accounting or auditing services would be expected to follow;

(f) the authorisation of persons to exercise functions of the Auditor General on the Auditor General’s behalf (including during a vacancy in the office);

(g) the oversight or supervision of the Auditor General or of the exercise of the Auditor General’s functions;

(h) the provision or use of resources for the purposes of the Auditor General’s functions including (in particular) -

    (i) the employment and use of staff;

    (ii) the procurement and use of services;

    (iii) the holding of documents or information;

    (iv) the keeping of records;

(i) the charging of fees or other amounts in relation to functions of -

    (i) the Auditor General, or

    (ii) auditors appointed by the Auditor General under an enactment;

(j) the restatement of any law relating to the Auditor General.

Proposed by the Budget Responsibility and National Audit Bill [HL]


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