Trwy barhau i ddefnyddio'r wefan, rydych yn cytuno i osod nifer fechan o gwcis. Polisi cwcis

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Nôl i'r rhestr dogfennau
Atebion i Gwestiynau nas cyrhaeddwyd yn y Cyfarfod Llawn Answers to Questions not reached in Plenary

Cyhoeddir atebion yn yr iaith y'u darparwyd, gyda chyfieithiad Saesneg o atebion yn y Gymraeg.
Answers are published in the language in which they are provided, with a translation into English of responses provided in Welsh.

[R] yn nodi bod yr Aelod wedi datgan buddiant.
[R]signifies that the Member has declared an interest.

[W]yn nodi bod y cwestiwn wedi'i gyflwyno yn Gymraeg.
[W]signifies that the question was tabled in Welsh.

Cwestiynau i Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet dros AddysgPolisi Absenoldeb ar gyfer Ysgolion
Questions to the Cabinet Secretary for EducationSchool Absence Policy
7. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet ddatganiad am y polisi absenoldeb ar gyfer ysgolion yng Nghymru? OAQ(5)0149(EDU)
7. Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on school absence policy in Wales? OAQ(5)0149(EDU)
Kirsty WilliamsBywgraffiadBiographyYsgrifennydd y Cabinet dros Addysg / The Cabinet Secretary for Education
The all-Wales attendance framework provides standards and guidance for practitioners to help reduce absence and improve attendance in Welsh schools.
Agenda STEM Llywodraeth Cymru
The Welsh Government's STEM Agenda
8. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet ddarparu manylion ynghylch agenda STEM Llywodraeth Cymru? OAQ(5)0154(EDU)
8. Will the Cabinet Secretary provide details of the Welsh Government's STEM agenda? OAQ(5)0154(EDU)
Kirsty WilliamsBywgraffiadBiography
Our approach to STEM is set out in our STEM in education and training plan. Education reforms will see practitioner-led and evidence-based changes to the STEM curriculum, with networks for excellence to support our teaching workforce. We are also enhancing computer coding in schools.
Pynciau STEM
STEM Subjects
Caroline JonesBywgraffiadBiography
9. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet amlinellu'r camau a gymerwyd gan Lywodraeth Cymru i gynyddu nifer y bobl ifanc sy'n astudio pynciau STEM ar lefel TGAU a Safon Uwch? OAQ(5)0156(EDU)
9. Will the Cabinet Secretary outline the actions taken by the Welsh Government to increase the number of young people studying STEM subjects at GCSE and A-level? OAQ(5)0156(EDU)
Kirsty WilliamsBywgraffiadBiography
Our overall approach is set out in our STEM in education and training plan. Actions include new rigorous STEM-related GCSEs and A-levels, which have been supported at unprecedented levels—over £10 million via our education consortia across all subjects—gaining very positive feedback from practitioners.
Ysgol Uwchradd Cwmbrân
Cwmbran High School
David J. RowlandsBywgraffiadBiography
10. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet ddatganiad am allu adran addysg Torfaen i gefnogi Ysgol Uwchradd Cwmbrân? OAQ(5)0146(EDU)
10. Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on the ability of Torfaen's education department to support Cwmbran High School? OAQ(5)0146(EDU)
Kirsty WilliamsBywgraffiadBiography
Torfaen County Borough Council have statutory responsibility for improvement in their schools. I expect them to work closely with Education Achievement Service consortium to provide support and challenge to the school. An agreed action plan is in place to address Estyn’s concerns and I understand progress is measured through monthly improvement meetings.
Addysg Perthnasoedd Iach
Healthy Relationships Education
11. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet ddatganiad am sut y mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn cefnogi staff ysgolion i ddarparu addysg perthnasoedd iach mewn ysgolion? OAQ(5)0150(EDU)
11. Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on how the Welsh Government is supporting school staff to deliver healthy relationships education in schools? OAQ(5)0150(EDU)
Kirsty WilliamsBywgraffiadBiography
The Welsh Government is committed to supporting the delivery of healthy relationships education. This is why Welsh Government has funded programmes such as, Hafan Cymru’s Spectrum Project, and the All Wales School Liaison Core Programme to ensure that appropriate support and resources are available for teachers.
Ffioedd Dysgu Prifysgolion
University Tuition Fees
12. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet ddatganiad am ffioedd dysgu prifysgolion yng Nghymru? OAQ(5)0148(EDU)
12. Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on university tuition fees in Wales? OAQ(5)0148(EDU)
Kirsty WilliamsBywgraffiadBiography
The maximum fee that may be charged by a Welsh institution is currently £9,000. I confirmed yesterday that, from 2018, I have agreed to return to the pre-2012 policy of an inflation-linked maximum tuition fee level for three academic years.
Recriwtio Athrawon Cyflenwi
The Recruitment of Supply Teachers
13. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet ddatganiad am recriwtio athrawon cyflenwi yng Nghymru? OAQ(5)0147(EDU)
13. Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on the recruitment of supply teachers in Wales? OAQ(5)0147(EDU)
Kirsty WilliamsBywgraffiadBiography
School governing bodies and local authorities have a statutory duty to ensure that they recruit sufficient numbers of individuals with the appropriate skills, qualifications and experience to meet the needs of the school. This includes the arrangements for deploying temporary supply teachers to cover staff absence as required.
Addysgu Ieithoedd
The Teaching of Languages
Rhun ap IorwerthBywgraffiadBiography
14. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet ddatganiad am addysgu ieithoedd yn ysgolion Cymru? OAQ(5)0145(EDU)[W]
14. Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on the teaching of languages in schools in Wales? OAQ(5)0145(EDU)[W]
Kirsty WilliamsBywgraffiadBiography
Mae pwys mawr yn cael ei roi ar addysgu ieithoedd yn ein hysgolion a dyna’r rheswm am gyhoeddi cynllun Dyfodol Byd-eang yn 2015. Nod y cynllun yw gwella addysgu ieithoedd tramor modern ar draws holl ysgolion Cymru a rhoi i bob person ifanc y cyfleoedd i ddysgu ieithoedd.
The teaching of languages is highly valued in our schools, which is why the Global Futures plan was published in 2015. The plan aims to improve the teaching of modern foreign languages across all schools in Wales, and aims to provide all young people with opportunities to learn languages.
Gweithio Rhanbarthol ym Maes Addysg
Regional Educational Working
15. A wnaiff Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet ddatganiad am weithio rhanbarthol ym maes addysg? OAQ(5)0144(EDU)
15. Will the Cabinet Secretary make a statement on regional educational working? OAQ(5)0144(EDU)
Kirsty WilliamsBywgraffiadBiography
We’ve made considerable progress towards a self-improving system in Wales and must build on these strong foundations. These gains have been driven by our national model for regional working, which is based on collaboration and school-to-school support, and is enabling us to plan together for the new curriculum.
Nôl i'r rhestr dogfennau

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